50 best Free Cursive fonts for the graphic designers

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Here are 50 best free cursive fonts that can make your graphic designs extraordinary and eye-catching. You can select different cursive fonts for your different designs from the array below.

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  1. Blacksword Font: The name itself refers to the typeface of this cursive font. This sword-like font is very popular with graphic designers. It can be used best for the logotype, poster, banner, T-shirt, packaging design, tags, and more. For designing book cover pages, this cursive font can be very suitable. However, you can use this font free for personal use, if you wanna use commercially, just purchase it for getting the full package.
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  1. Bryana Shara Font: This cursive font has upright various popular types. It is created by Situjuh Nazara. This font is completely free for personal, non-commercial, and commercial uses. So, the designers can use this font for any purpose. It can be used for designing a logo, banner, poster, icon & symbol, book cover page, CD cover design, writing various types of formal or informal letters, and many more. You can try this font for your stunning designs.
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  1. Bungasai Font: The very word Bungasai is used to call someone beautiful or handsome. So, the name of this cursive font itself refers to the beauty of this font. The graphic designer can use this font to make their design outstanding that helps them to emerge as great designers. Anyway, this font is 100% free for personal, non-commercial, and commercial uses. So, you can try and make your designs fantastic.
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  1. Carolina Hill Font: This font is also created by Billy Argel and it is not free for commercial uses unless it is a personal purpose. This very font is fabulous to graphic designers globally. This bent forward typical cursive font characters are linked internally with each other that has made the font suitable for card design, wedding card, visiting card, T-shirt design, product packet design, the tag design, and many more.
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  1. Carolina Mountain Font: This font is almost the same as the Carolina Hill because the author of this font is also Billy. It also fulfills the same purposes as the previous one. The designers also can use this font for designing various invitation cards, product packages, T-shirt typography, etc. This font is also free for personal use. So, you can try it.
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  1. Christmas Time Font: This font is also from Billy Argel. It is free for personal use only. To use commercially, you should purchase the license. Graphic designers can use this for designing Christmas cards, Christmas product packaging, Christmas service offer, and so on. You may use this font in your graphical use to make your holy designs more engaging and stunning.
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  1. Congrats Script Font: Graphic designers can take these cursive fonts to design various cards especially invitation cards like birthday cards, wedding cards, visiting cards, wallpaper, wall mates, calendar, and many such things. Though this font is free for only personal use, you can buy its license to use commercially so that you can increase your graphic design business by using this feminine typeface cursive font.
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  1. Damion Font: The font is made by Vernon Adam. Its typeface is derived from some typical mid-C20 casual typeface. It has a web font that is supported by most of the modern web browsers. This font is free for any kind of use like personal or commercial. The designers can use this cursive font for designing various cards, T-shirts, book cover pages or CD cover pages, calendars, magazines, etc. This font has the capability to provide an outstanding looking for your designs.
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  1. Darleston Font: Youssef Habchi has created this great looking cursive typical font. It is only free for personal use. The graphic designers can use this font to provide a perfect feminine feel to the designs. This font is best for various card designs. The shirts or T-shirts that take typographical design can receive this font proudly. However, to use commercially, you need to buy a license from the author.
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  1. Dattermatter Font: Billy Argel has created this font. It is a free font for personal use only. This sword-like font-face is extremely fabulous that can add a special charm in your designs. It is a popular font for the graphic designers and one of the most used fonts as well. You can use this font in your designs to create a special flavor. For commercial use, you have to purchase this font.
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  1. Digory Doodles Font: This cursive typeface is completely free for commercial and personal use. Graphic designers can use this font for any uses. This Digory doodle has made the font popular with graphic designers. This cursive font face can be used in various designs like wedding cards, visiting cards, gift cards, T-shirts, and more. This playful and loyal cursive font can make any design enjoyable.
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  1. Electricity Font: This excellent cursive font is very popular for designing various works. It is free for personal use and you need to purchase it before commercial use. Graphic designers can use this font for creating cards, creative designs, wallpaper, calendar, and many more.
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  1. Dynalight Font: It is a high dynamic cursive font that is designed by a vintage language tag. The font is loaded with curves and soft angles. It has the capability to grab potential attention. This Dynalite font is fully free for both personal and commercial uses. So, graphic designers can use this font for any kind of graphic design. It can make their designs pop.
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  1. Emily Brush Font: It is created by Monofonts. This cursive font is a Brush handwriting typeface. Its font face will give you an informal feel. This font is suitable for advertisings, posters, greeting cards, and many more. As a designer, you can use this font for personal use only and buy for commercial uses.
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  1. Miss Neally Font: This font is also free for only personal use. This feminine look typeface can be used for various kinds of designs such as various cards, poster, CD cover page, calendar, etc. As a designer, you can use this font in any personal design, but if you like to use it commercially, you should buy this font. Its letter, character, symbol, etc. can add a special attraction in your designs.
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  1. Breetty Cursive Font: It is created by Situjuh Nazara. It is a very funny and playful cursive font with smart variations. It has a wide range of glyphs and characters. This feature has made this font versatile that can be used in many different projects. You can use this font in many of your graphic designs like various cards, posters, banner, T-shirts, calendars, book cover pages, etc.
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  1. Javacom Font: It is a wonderful and eye engaging font that can add a charm to your designs. It is free for personal use and to use it commercially, you have to buy. You can use this font in your card designs. Various cards like wedding cards, visiting, greeting cards, posters, banners, etc. can take this font nicely and your designs may get enormous popularity.
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  1. South Gardens Font: It is one of the most popular fonts of Billy Argel. Thousands of graphic designers have been using this font in their designs to make them stunning. As a designer, you can also use this cursive font. It has a bold masculine look that can make your designs vigorous. Anyway, this font is not free for commercial use.
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  1. Felipa Font: It is a carefully written font. It is created based on a traditional Italian chancery cursive. Here, it is reinterpreted with a contemporary feeling. This font is completely free for personal and commercial uses. You can use it in any of your graphic designs. This is very suitable for various cards, wedding cards, T-shirts, book cover, magazine cover, etc.
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  1. Cherry & Kisses Font: This is also another fantastic cursive font. It is also a very used and popular font for graphic designers. As a designer, you can also use this font for designing cards, Christmas cards, wedding cards, T-shirts, posters, CD cover, book cover, magazine cover, and so on. This font is free only for personal uses and for using commercial purposes, you have to buy its license.
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