50 best Free Cursive fonts for the graphic designers

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It’s a part of the series content. We have posted the first article containing download links for cursive, calligraphy, and casual script fonts all together that must be useful for the graphic designers. The second article contains only the script font (non-cursive) that will give relieve the designers form killing their valuable time by searching a lot. Regarding the same issue, we have developed this content to provide the designers with only the cursive fonts.

Here are 50 best free cursive fonts that can make your graphic designs extraordinary and eye-catching. You can select different cursive fonts for your different designs from the array below.

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Take a pen/pencil and select the fonts you desire, while the above video plays. You can fast forward to save time.


  1. Deftone Stylus Font: This cursive font is free for personal and commercial uses. It is now a more updated and improved font. It allows less chaotic all caps use. This font supports all languages and cross-browser compatibility.
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  1. Scribble Font: Commercially you cannot use this font free unless it is personal. It is a hilarious font. Some musicians have used this font for their brands. It looks fantastic on the CD cover. You can use this font on various cards like invitation cards, visiting cards, book cover, etc.
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  1. Alisandra Font: This font is free for personal use, but if you want to use it for commercial use, you have to purchase and you will get all Open Type features. It can be very useful for graphic designers to make their works fabulous.
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  1. ALS Cursive Font: This cursive font will provide the designers with a classic feel when they would use it in their graphical works. They can use this font totally free for commercial uses. Its linked characters are something poetic. For creating gift cards, invitation cards, etc. the font can be the best part.
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  1. Affectionately Your Font: This font is free for personal use only. Its bold typeface with colorful strokes will add a lovely flavor. Such kind of cursive font is very perfect for love story book cover page and can add a feminine look.
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  1. Preside Font: It provides a fresh, hand-painted typeface, round curves, and soft shapes. This cursive font has created Mans Greenback. It contains Open Type functions and comes in two styles like Light and Bold. Its letters and characters are supported by hundreds of languages. Anyway, the Preside font is free for only personal use.
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  1. Destiny Font: Destiny cursive font is also free only for personal use. You have to buy to use it commercial purposes. It is a very lovely font including hundreds of letters, characters, symbols, etc. This font can add an extra charm to all of your graphic designs.
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  1. Molluca Font: This cursive is created by Gratis. It is made by the handwriting concept wider. Its letters are clearer and create a beautiful impression in the designs. It provides regular and italic styles. It has the capability to add a feminine look into the designs. This font is also not free for commercial use.
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  1. Fad Cursive Font: This Fed cursive font is 100% free for both personal and commercial use. It is created by Nur Anisa. This very font can increase the beauty of the designs of graphic experts. It best suits the various card designs, posters, digital and print media, and more.
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  1. Saturday Night Font: This font is created by Billy Argel. It is also free for personal use only. This sword-like fonts and characters are fabulous on various graphic designs. You can download this font and use it in your design to go beyond other competitors.
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  1. Laughing & Smiling Font: It is also free for personal use and it is created by Cat.B who urges to show respect to his font by not using in any sexual content. However, this cursive font can be the best part of the graphic designs. It can add a jolly impression into any designs like a birthday card, invitation cards, wedding card, and many more.
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  1. MJ Alghifari Font: This cursive font is created by Mikrojihad. It is free for personal use only. It is made inspiring from the brush pen stroke lettering. Its personality is a tight shape, smooth, and a bit upright style & sharp edge. You can use it for multipurpose works because of its big logotype to a small text typeface. The graphic designers can use this font for poster, banner, wedding invitation card, book or magazine cover design, T-shirt design, and many more.
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  1. Aguafina Font: Another fantastic cursive font is Aguafina that is absolutely free for personal and commercial use. It has a semi-formal and eye-catching elegant look. It is knowledgeable, artistic, graceful, but yet not too casual. Its narrow lowercase allows you to add extra charm in the designs. You can use this font for product packaging, glossy magazine work, and book covers.
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  1. Andara Font: This font is one of the most attractive cursive fonts you have ever experienced in any graphical works. It is a manual lettering font with two different style types- soft and sans. Such a font is very suitable for product packaging and business cars as well as a vintage design, classic design, company branding design, logo, poster, banner, etc. By the way, this font is free only for personal use.
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  1. Shabby Font: This font contains a fabulous bold typeface. It has rough and wide brush strokes shapes that are slightly rounded in corners. It will give the designers a feel of real handwritten casual cursive font. However, it is not free for commercial use. Still, you can use it for personal use.
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  1. Aulyars Font: 7NTypes has created this cursive font. It possesses a gorgeous feminine look and the letters are interconnected with each other.  This type of fonts is perfect for various card designs, book cover design, wall mate and wallpaper design, etc. It is enriched with enough numbers, symbols, icons, etc. that you can use if you buy the license.
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  1. Austie Bost Font: This font is free for personal use only. It has a soft feminine look typeface as if it is written using a fountain pen. It’s interlinking between the characters reminds the user of the love letter, gift card, book cover page, product packaging, and more. As a graphic designer, if you use this font in your designs, it will increase the beauty of your work and helps to make a profit.
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  1. BeadWork Font: EvasUniqueFonts has created this font. It has a fantastic dotted cursive typeface. Such a font is very useful for some specific graphical works. It works best on various T-shirts, product packets, and book pages for the children, especially for teaching alphabets, cartoon pictures, etc. The graphic designers can use this font in their works to provide special comic flavor. Anyway, it is not free for commercial uses.
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  1. Bikinis Personal Font: The font is created by Billy Argel. It is one of the most popular fonts for graphic designers. Its linking character bent towards will add a charm in your design. Its bold typeface creates a masculine effect in the design. This font is also free for personal use only.
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  1. Blackfat Font: It is a new retro cursive free font for personal use. This sword-like typeface font can add a special attraction to your graphic designs. It is very popular for its bold typeface that is suitable for heading like a text line. The font is used best for logotype, typographic poster, banner, T-shirt, insignia or vintage packaging design, product tags, and many more. If you want to use this font commercially, you have to buy a premium version that will give you a lot more characters than the demo personal use.
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