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I mage masking has many types of uses. For soft edges of an image like human hair, furry clothes, doll etc. photo masking technique is applied in combination with the clipping path technique to remove or replace image background. For hard edges, clipping path technique is used; for the furry or soft edge, masking is used. In the situation, where it is not possible to grab more accurate details of soft edges with the clipping path technique alone, photo masking method is called upon to isolate the object from the background.

This is another method we apply for the product or object that has the closest colored background to that of object color. To separate the product from background with natural soft edges, we use Pen Tablet (Wacom). With this method, we can easily blend the hard area and the soft area. Accuracy of the product edge blending depends on the airbrush size and sketching pressure.

These are perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!!! As always, a job well done and executed with excellence!!!”

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This is another method we apply for the product or object that has the closest colored background to that of object color. To separate the product from background with natural soft edges, we use Pen Tablet (Wacom). With this method, we can easily blend the hard area and the soft area. Accuracy of the product edge blending depends on the airbrush size and sketching pressure.

layer masking beforelayer masking

Layer Masking

High quality manual Photoshopping by hand. Masks are applied directly to layer using soft & refined edge with pen tablet. Use it to remove background or isolate object. Price may vary based on complexity & time needed.

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$ 1.49



alpha chennel maskingalpha chennel masking after

Alpha channel Masking

Separating object from background, we save it as Alpha Channel to edit brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. later. Its file size is lighter for uploading/downloading. Single colored background is perfect for photo masking.

Starts From

$ 1.50



fur and hair masking beforefur and hair masking

Fur & Hair Masking

When clipping path technique is insufficient to refine an image containing fur and hair, we make use of the image masking technique. Fur and hair being smooth having soft edge, we apply masking to isolate these from image background. In order to sharpen the image, we also resolve the exposure issues touching right from color, contrast, and brightness to bring the natural appearance.

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$ 4.50



refine edge masking beforerefine edge masking

Refine Edge Masking

When it comes to perfect selection, especially of objects with soft and smooth edge, refine edge is the go-to tool. But for initial selection, we use one of Photoshop’s selection tools like the Pen tool or Quick Selection tool. Then, we create a layer mask, modify the layer mask and finally, refine the edge mask. The tool enables us to represent stuff like fur, hair, blanket, doll, tree, etc. of an image more naturally.

Starts From

$ 2.99



transparent object masking beforetransparent object masking

Transparent object Masking

For transparent objects like glasses, bottles, glass jars, pure water, and lenses, selection with pen tool doesn’t ensure perfection. To isolate the transparent subject from image background and use it in a compatible background, transparent image masking technique is second to none.

Starts From

$ 1.50



translucent masking beforetranslucent masking after

Translucent object Masking

The difference between transparent and translucent object lies in the clarity and visibility of the materials. We apply translucent image masking in images containing frosted glass, sunglasses, tinted window, wax paper, etc. to segregate the subject from the backdrop retaining the maximum quality.

Starts From

$ 2.90



object masking beforeobject masking after

Object Masking

In Object masking, the unsuitable part of an image is selected with the quick selection tool and then removed by applying masking using the layer mask. Object masking is very much useful for removing deformations of images.

Starts From

$ 2.49



color masking beforecolor masking

Color Masking

To avoid the hollow line, cutting an image just across the edge or outline instead of 1 or 2 pixels inside is color mask. The designers later apply various effects like color & exposure correction, retouching, etc.

Starts From

$ 4.50



Disclaimer: The before/after photos are used as a sample of services we offer. The actual price of displayed images might be higher than the mentioned Starting Price. For accurate prices, please Request a Quote


simple image maskingsimple image masking after
Simple Image Masking


compound image masking beforeimage masking compound after
Compound Image Masking


complex image maskingcomplex image masking after
Extra-compound Masking


extra complex image maskingextra complex image masking after
Complex Image Masking


Methods We Apply to Image Masking

There are multiple ways available of image masking. To get an idea about both these methods, don’t leave without skimming through the segments below-

Photoshop Alpha Masking process

Alpha channel is used to create a selection in Photoshop. While making a selection with a regular brush, you need to apply the same color to it as well as its transparency factor (alpha). If any part of the selected area is transparent, it won't be visible on screen.

In order to create this alpha channel in Photoshop, we need to convert our current layer into a filled transparent layer first by going under Layer>Create new fill or adjustment layer. You can also do this by selecting Layer>New fill or adjustment layer from your menu bar. The new layer will be created below this original layer and it will have no transparency factor.


Images Standard Layer Masking

In Photoshop, when you want to mask an image, you can use Photoshop's standard layer masking feature. This means that you will be masking similar layers on your image.

Layer masks are great for retouching images, but they can also be used for more creative purposes. For example, if you have a background image that needs to be superimposed over your photo (or vice versa), it might be more effective to place an image layer directly on top of another image layer rather than using a mask. This allows you to edit the original layer directly without affecting the mask itself.


We offer a wide variety of on-demand image editing services including background removal, high-end photo retouching, color correction, photo blending, and many more. Since the beginning of our journey in the image editing world, many of the international brands like Apple, Sony, Samsung, Adidas, Philips, Nike, and many more have already kept faith in us. Browse through our popular services shown underneath.


1What is image masking?
Ans: Image masking is a method of removing unwanted objects or areas from an image. For example, you can use this service to remove people from images, or even use it for your business.
2How does image masking work?
Ans: Image masking is the process of applying an image to another image, which is then adjusted to be a better fit. For example, if you have a photograph that has been taken in low light conditions and requires a lot of editing, you can use an image masking service to create an overlay that will fit your needs.
3What if my image isn't clear enough after adding filters? Can I modify them myself?
Ans: Yes! You can edit any of your filtered images after they're processed by our team.
4Can you provide me background remove service for soft edge product images like a blanket, hairy doll, etc.?
Ans: Yes, we can. We are a professional image editing company. Our experienced designers will apply image masking technique and remove unwanted background.
5How about the price?
Ans: The price for the image masking services is reasonable and cost-effective. Visit our price page and have an idea.
6Which images require image masking?
Ans: Image masking is an alternative to the clipping path selection process. Where the clipping path fails, image masking works there. The images that have a soft edge such as model hair, furry doll, blanket, muslin, or chiffon-like clothes take image masking services.
7Is image masking a timesome work?
Ans: Yes! The amateur photo editor cannot bring professional quality. Only experienced image editing experts can do quality image masking work and remove background from the soft-edge images.


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    I use Color Experts on a regular basis to clip my images and place them on a white background ready for use on my website. I am always impressed by the quality of the work which helps to show my website at its best. The quick “turn around” time is vital in helping us to keep our online product catalogue fresh and up-to-date.

  • Kith Wig Seratch , AB Kajpromenaden, Helsingborg Sweden

    CEI has been providing me clipping path services for a long time. The quality and turnaround time are second to none. I recommend CEI for superior Clipping Path and top-notch Image Manipulation Services at very very reasonable cost.

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    As a digital photographer, I’ve relied on color Expert many times for high quality clipping path, completed and delivered overnight. My clients demand fast service and Color Expert help me deliver it.

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    I had shot some peewee league football players and was going to select them all out – individually and make one big team collage… Color experts clipping service was awesome!! Saved me MANY hours of work – especially since that is not typically what I do and selecting out takes me longer than an expert :)

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    Caroline, Dropshipping Suppliers

    Hello to you and your wonderful staff! You and your company has provided excellent service to me at an excellent price for many years. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your professionalism and excellence in the quality of work you provide.



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