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Looking for professional graphic designers to turn your concrete business ideas into creative visualization? No worries! We have tons of creative graphic designers who can transform your raw ideas into graphical goldmines at an affordable rate.

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Professional Graphic Designers on Hire for Creative Works

Whether your idea entails the brand logo, illustrations, layouts, or any other creative work, you can hire the required number of designers from our pool of graphic artists. Even if you lack business ideas but need innovative visuals & artwork for your business promotion & branding, our graphic designers can tailor it for you too.
Hire Freelance Graphic Designer
We have a pool of expert and experienced graphic designers and you can hire them on a freelance basis for your project. They have the art and craft to produce design masterpieces for you with appeal & accuracy.  Regarding the payment, you have a choice to pay project-wise or hourly, depending on what your order suits the best.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

On-demand Graphic Designers

Part-Time Graphic Designers  

Dedicated Fulltime Graphic Designers


  1. Allows for making a fixed monthly payment for unlimited services
  2. Offers fast turn-around time for every design request 
  3. Ensures optimum service quality through the involvement of an entire graphic design team 
  4. Provides design ideas that resonate with your brand message


  1. A cost-effective solution as compared to hiring full-time designers 
  2. Less burnout for designers, bringing out higher quality output
  3. Creates a diverse workforce of designers with varying skill sets
  4. Provides you the ease of managing your team of designers with greater flexibility


  1. Provides services with more commitment & loyalty
  2. Higher productivity with more daily clocked hours 
  3. An opportunity for training & development, resulting in long-term benefits
  4. Easy to approach and communicate longer about all your visual needs

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Hire a Graphic Design Team
If you have a big project or a series of small to medium projects and a few freelance graphic designers can’t do the job, fret not! We also have the option for you to hire a full-fledged graphic design team at a low cost to get your creative design tasks (logo, marketing illustrations, & artwork) done professionally and promptly.

Project-Based Graphic Designers

Dedicated Graphic Design Team


  1. Enables you to choose the right-fit designers based on current needs, resulting in enhanced adaptability
  2. Lets you cut down monthly costs associated with full-time designers
  3. Provides access to versatile talents, ensuring the right professionals take up the right projects
  4. These professionals show extra motivation & engagement than the full-timers 


  1. Offers services with extra care & commitment 
  2. Higher throughput with more daily clocked hours 
  3. A scope for training & development, resulting in long-term perks 
  4. Easily approachable and affable for all your visual needs

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Hire by Software Skills
Do you wish to hire graphic designers based on professional software skills? Worry not! We boast a wealth of graphic artists who have a knack for pro design software programs, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Lightroom that allow them to craft designs as per your preferences.

Adobe Suites

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Illustrator


Capture One


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

DxO PhotoLab

ON1 Photo RAW


PaintShop Pro

Skylum Aurora HDR

ACDSee Photo Studio


Davinci Resolve

Topaz Studio

Skylum Photolemur

Alien Skin Exposure

Phase One 

Capture One Pro


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Graphic Design

1What sorts of graphic design services do you offer?
We offer graphic design services under different categories, including advertising design and corporate identity design. Our advertising design services include designing printable ad banners, outdoor ads, catalog ads, promotional ads, digital ads, Google Ads, social media ads, video ads, and so forth. Corporate identity design services encompass designing product catalogs, brochures, flyers, book covers, company profiles, digital brochures, social media graphics, infographics, packaging & labeling, letterheads, notepads, custom logos, etc.
2How do your professional graphic designers ensure design quality?
Our pro graphic designers individually and also as a team follow a multi-step quality control process to output flawless designs, regardless of design intricacies. They verify project briefs and understand clients’ requirements, ensure perfect use of branding elements, check for color consistency, and finally fix the detected issues meticulously.
3Do you charge hourly or project-wise?
Regarding the payment, you have a choice to pay project-wise or hourly, depending on what your order suits the best.
4Should I choose freelance, part-time, or full-time graphics designers for my project?
There isn’t any outright answer for it. It depends on your project type and size. If you have a short & simple design project freelance or part-time graphic designers can work for you. However, if your project is complex & long, hiring full-time graphic designers will do the trick as you need dedicated professionals for such projects.
5How can I hire my preferred type of graphic designer through your company?
All you have to do is reach out to us through our “Contact Us” page. Fill up the “Contact Form” by writing your message clearly and send us the form right away. We will help you with your needs. You can also contact us through the mailing address “info@colorexpertsbd.com”