Video Editing Service

Professional Video Editing Services

W elcome to Color Experts International, Inc. We will turn your video clips and personal recordings into full phase Hi-quality films, quickly and effortlessly through our video editing service. You have to just send the video to us and our professional video editor will take care from here. We edit, organize, fix, add effects, caption, background music, and whatever else you like. We will handle all the works for you. Some people ask to create a story about their latest trip, some want to create a story about their child’s birthday and someone wants promo about their business, you tell us which story you want to see. In 3 to 5 business day’s you can have your video viewable on your computer.

Our Video Editing Services

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Green Screen videos background replacement

With a view to removing movie background, screen replacement, adding VFX, motion tracking, retouch corporate presentation videos, etc. green backgrounds are used and later the video editors or VFX specialists remove the green screens and manipulate it. Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effect, etc. are utilized to work with green screen video.

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Adding cool transition effects

Transition is required while changing movie scenes. Different types of transitions are applied as project demands. Adding cool or soft transition effects will increase the aesthetics of videography and it soothes viewers’ eyes. We apply transitions into movie clips, product promotional videos, intro and outro video, etc.

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Remove object and people from video

During video shooting, many unwanted objects or people may have inside the frame and they may reduce video quality. As a part of video editing, we remove these objects and people and nicely fill up that blank spaces to achieve reality. We use the latest technologies to provide 100% professional-quality video editing services.

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Add title animation in Video

Title animation in a video is an important part and widely taken editing service. We provide cinematic title animation services for product presentation videos, advertising videos, wedding video clips, and more. Our video editing experts use Premiere Pro and After Effect for adding motions, sound effects, lightings, etc. in the video title.

Video Color correction and Color fixing

Color grading, video color correction, color enhancement improve video quality. Our video editing team edits video utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. The purpose of video color correction is to fix black shedding, highlighting, mid-tone, color balance, tint, over or underexposure, etc.

Cut and stitch video footage

We remove useless parts of your video clips and stitch different footages to create one full movie. Small video retouching, transitions, adding effects, color grading, adding slow-mo and timelapse, background loop, etc. are applied to get attractive and engaging videos. We provide all types of video editing and retouching services.

Add Effect on videos

Various types of effects like blur & sharpen, gradient ramp, noise & grain, black & white, sparks, zooming, optical flares, reflection, etc. are applied for creating special charm into the videos. We add high-end VFX in the videos. We have an experienced video editing team and the latest tools for creating these effects.


It is a technique of removing video background that helps to trace the background properly and provide the animators an advantage to withdraw backdrop professionally with the help of the latest animation tools. However, we provide rotoscoping video editing service by the experienced video editing team.

Add subtitle

Subtitle in the video is a vital part. It increases the acceptance of that particular video to all. Subtitle helps those who do not understand the speaker’s word by listening. It is a modern trend to add video subtitles in the lower part. Educating videos, movie clips, corporate presentation clips, etc. usually take video subtitles and we offer this service.

Audio correction (Noise reduction)

Audio is a part and parcel of video. Without audio, can you appreciate a video? But sometimes audio gets various noises that ruin the quality of audio and also videos. Noise destroys the purpose of adding audio in a video. We have been providing audio correction or noise reduction services professionally using the latest technologies.

Audio mixing

We provide audio mixing service while video editing. Our experts blend two or more sound together, adding audio, normalize or maximize audio sounds, maintain audio ratio and frequency, remove vague sounds, and make a clean sound. For audio mixing, we utilize the latest audio mixing tools for the best output.

Audio sync with video

Sometimes the movie makers shoot video without sound and later they add sound produced from a different studio for better sound quality. Then our video editors sync audio sound with the speakers’ lip properly. To do that we use Adobe Audition. Sometimes we utilize AfterEffect for adding extra effects.

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Add lower third, intro/outro

Adding lower third in a video is used to add more information, link, and call-to-action. Video intro and outro are used for increasing the aesthetics of video. It also draws the attention of the viewers. We have been offering world-class lower third, intro, and outro creating and adding under video editing services. So, try us for it.

Add Music in the video

Music plays a vital role in videos, especially in movie clips, music videos, educational videos, animation movies, etc. For the perfect mingle of sound and music in the videos, we can help you. Our experts will collect movie clips and music, and they work on it to achieve ultimate perfection for an engaging video. So, try us.

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Want to create a kick ass video? No matter if it is for professional purposes or your own personal project, we can make that happen for you. Video Color Correction, Adding Cool Transition Effects, Remove Object And People, Rotoscoping, Green Screen Videos Background Replacement, Audio Correction (Noise Reduction), Audio Sync With Video, Mixing are some of our video production services. If you can’t find your desired service, smash the “Contact Us” button. Otherwise gently press the “Request For a Quote” button.

Motion Graphics

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Intro/outro animation

Basically intro comes after greetings or at the very first in a video and the outro comes at the end of the video. Both are used to draw the attention of the viewers and definitely intro/outro animation increases the beauty of any video. We provide video intro/outro animation to our clients according to their demands at the best prices.

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Promo video

It is for products or services promotion becomes longer than ex-plainer video. Its purpose is for products’ marketing and company’s branding. Promo videos mainly highlights features of product and company. However, we create, edit, and enhance promo videos utilizing text & character animation by the skilled motion graphics experts.

Lower third animation

Lower third animation is used at the bottom of the video to convey contact information, brand name, social media links, etc. Our tem creates pro quality lower third animation applying various sound effects (SFX), different motions, colorful designs, etc. Getting motion graphics, you must be satisfied and appreciate us.

Logo animation

Logo animation is a widely taken service under motion graphics. Basically corporate companies take this services from us. Our motion graphic experts apply various techniques, sounds, and effects using Adobe AfterEffect to create exciting logo animation. Logo animation is used somewhere at the beginning or ending of the videos.

Typography animation

As a part of motion graphics animation, we have been offering typography animation. It will make typography in your video more attractive and can draw the attention of the audience. Our team of animators will utilize latest animation tools and various trendy sounds & effects to create outstanding typography animation.

Title animation

Every content that may be advertising or marketing elements, wedding or personal videos, etc. should have a title. You can use the title making animated with sounds, music, and different effects. Professional title animation will make attractive you brand name, content title, message, etc. and draw other’s attention.

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2D Motion Graphics

2D motion graphics or 2D animations are used for many purposes like product promotion, marketing, branding, ex-plainer video, and more. 2D characters are used here instead of real human characters that reduce overall marketing cost. Color Experts International, Inc. is providing all types of motion graphics & animation services. Try us.

Ex-plainer video

This type of videos are basically educational. It helps to increase knowledge of anything. Various graphical elements including human characters are used here to explain any topic or service through the medium of animation. Our company has been offering all types of ex-plainer video editing and creating services at the best prices.

parallax background

Do you really want to push the boundary with your creative thoughts? We say “just do it”, do it now. No matter what you want to create, we will do everything to make that exist for you. Wanna make an Intro/Outro Animation, Logo Animation, Ex-Plainer Video, 2D Motion Graphics, Promo Video, Title Animation, what ever it is, we are here for you. Let us know your thoughts. Hit “Request For a Quote” button or “Contact Us” button, either way, we will guarantee you to have a great conversation with us at the least.

As We Work

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Company logo intro video

Logo intro animation increases the aesthetic of company’s branding and marketing, product promotional or service promo videos. You can nicely present your company logo having animated logo attached with presentation videos. CEI has been offering company logo intro video and animation by the most skilled video and animation experts.

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Camera Tracking

If you use camera rail and move your video camera while shooting professional videos for creating moving effects, later you need camera tracking service in After Effects. By this service, we add, stabilize, and adjust still or moving objects and effects with your videos. It will allow to create a realistic camera moving video.

Company promotion Video (2D)

2D Company promotion videos are widely used to reach the audience and to inform about the company’s services and products. This type of videos are cost effective instead of using real human characters. You will get 2D animation videos for your company promotion from us. We have experts video editing and animating personnel.

Wedding videos

Video shooting is an integral part of wedding, but the videos lose quality having unwanted objects & people, lighting problem, over & under exposure, improper perspective due to camera setting, etc. We have professional team of video editors who are well capable to remove flaws from wedding videos and make those gorgeous to watch.

Party videos

Party videos are also most desirable and like wedding videos, they get many contaminating elements. Sometimes they contain poor sound quality, lighting full of black shedding, inappropriate focus, awkward gesture, etc. To improve party video quality, you can contact us. We are experienced to edit all types of videos at the best fare.

Videos logo remove

You may need to use repurpose videos which may have logo, watermarks, intro/outro, lower third, etc. Before using such videos, you should remove the identity marks and set your own corporate identity. So, contact us. Our skilled video editing and retouching team will remove logo from videos and improve their overall quality at the lowest price.

YouTube Video Editing

If you desire to publish video in YouTube, you may require video editing services like color correction, stabilization, noise removing, intro & outro adding, and more. So, you can contact us to receive any type of video editing work that we have been providing utilizing the latest video editing tools and most experienced video editors.

Motion Tracking

Under motion tracking service, we add, stabilize, and adjust still or moving objects and effects with your moving video elements. This motion tracking allows us to generate real effect adding any objects or video clips. Our experienced motion tracking experts use modern motion tracking tools to achieve the best quality video.

Video Stabilization

Due to inexperienced cameraman, inappropriate video shooting gear, and many other inevitable reasons, your video clips may contain bad shakes which ball up the video quality. At our video editing production house, we stabilize shaky video clips and movie clips. Our skilled video editing experts improve video quality at the best prices.

Infographic Animation

Infographics are basically to present information about products and services to the potential customers. The best looking infographic images are the best actionable marketing elements. However, we provide infographic animation service to our worldwide customer at the most reasonable prices. If you need, contact us for best graphic design services.

Very Easy and Simple Process

You’ve got raw footage. You need great looking, great sounding video for your website, social media, and online campaigns that are fully integrated with the quality, tone, promote your brand. We have a big team of experienced, business-focused video editors who are always ready to transform your raw footage into a final video that you’ll be proud to show off to the world. Our professional, business and home video editing service is also incredibly simple:

  1. Send video: You can easily send videos to us in a number of ways. Upload your video online using our FTP, Dropbox or any other secure server.
  2. Select a video editing package: We offer a number of video editing service packages with most competitive price and the level of production values, for your company’s blog.
  3. Receive final video: When your video is complete, we’ll deliver your finished video by online, but if you want we can send a CD/DVD by courier service.