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1How to fill up the free trial form
  • You can upload up to two files for free trial
  • Please note that the combined size of the two files should not exceed 250 MB. (e.g. It can be 125MB for a single file, or 125MB +125MB for two files)
  • If your image file size exceeds this limit, please go to "upload file" and mention "Free trial" on the subject field, including your full contact details and working instruction on the message box. Then select files from your hard drive and send us.
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  • Check your 2 X file size does not exceed the limit of 250 MB in total
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Upload & Download FAQ:

1How many final images do I get for your Free Image Editing Service?

We usually provide 2 free trials. This free trial is offered for your first order only. However, if you have any bulk image editing project, we can offer additional free trials. For each free image editing service, we do not charge anything, but personal image editing works will not fall under free trial offer. In that case, you can send us a quote request instead.

2What types of customers do you serve?

We are mostly a bulk image editing company that serves for other companies (B2B) that need image editing at large scale. This includes: professional photographers (product photographers, event photographers, fashion photographers, real estate photographers, etc.), photography studios, graphic designers, graphic design agencies, web development agencies, ecommerce site owners (with large product invetories), print media publishers (newspaper publishers, magazine publishers, etc.), prepress companies, and many more.

However, for some specialty services, like: Photo Restoration, Wedding Retouching, and some other services, we do offer personal (B2C) projects.

3Can I be charged for the final output of the images I sent?

We usually do not charge anything for our free photo editing service. However, some of the free trials take hours of works and can be quite complected. In that case, we might request you to pay for extra time required for making the image editing complete. However, in some cases, we might do partial image editing for you for free.

4What type of files do you accept?
We accept all format images including RAW, TIFF, JPEG, and PSD.
5Do you offer free photo culling?

Yes, but usually for bulk orders we offer absolutely free photo culling service. Upload your files to our server, and we will choose the best files for editing.

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