50 best Script (Non-cursive) Fonts for the graphic designers

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50 Best Free Script (Non-cursive) Fonts 50 Best Free Calligraphy Fonts
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Earlier we have posted an article entitled List of 100 best free & public domain calligraphy, script, and cursive fonts for graphic designers. It contains the fonts of all categories. There are download option that lets the designers to get needed fonts. But, we realize the problem of searching specific category of the fonts because here we have posted all types of fonts together. So, in this content, we take an effort to make the searching easier, creating content on the specific category like cursive, calligraphy, script, etc.

Okey, here is the collection of script fonts that you can choose and download as you desired.

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Hope you’ll enjoy the video above. It lists all the fonts you see in this blog post. Sit back, relax, and grab a pen/pencil and write down the fonts you like best.


  1. Burlingto Script: It is a true type script font. This is a lovely and old fashioned font. You can use this hand written font on the invitation cards, wedding cards, visiting cards, banner, poster, and more. This font can be used for personal use, but if you want to use commercially, you have to purchase it.
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  1. Fell French Canon: Igino Marini has created this font. It is a rival font and free for both personal and commercial use. The designers can use this font various purposes. This font is also available at google web font and so, the web developer also can use this font.
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  1. Aramis Font: You can use this font free for both commercially and personally. It can be used setting in Time Roman. The designers can collect this beautiful chancery typeface for information. It would be wonderful to use the sterile default font.
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  1. Fawn Script Font: It is a very lovely font. It has six different handwriting scrip fonts worth to be used in different designs. It can be popular to the designers as it is usable for card design, banner, poster, web template, and more. However, the designers can use this font for commercial use. You can also use it personally.
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  1. Litos Script: It is all right reserved font family. But, yet the designer can use this font free for commercial use. You can use it for any types of designs. This font is created by Dacio Guanabario.
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  1. Marck Script: Marck Fogel has created this font. It is based on freehand lettering with felt-tip pen. There is no connection between the characters and this allows a wide variety of letter spacing. This font is best for logotypes, headlines, and many types of formal or informal writings. This Marck Fogel is readable, comfortable, and clear to read.
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  1. Mistress Script: Apostrophic Lab has created this font. It is free for commercial and personal use. It has a lovely famine look that makes it worthy of utilizing on the various cards, web templates, poster, banners, and for many such types of works.
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  1. Oleo Script: It is legible non-connected script type font. It has a great look and you can utilize this font free for commercial and personal use. The font is suitable for using in writing captions, headlines, packaging, invitations, posters, advertising, various cards, book cover, etc.
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  1. Romande Script: It is a sans sheriff script font with a very suitable space between the characters. It is a free font face. The designers can use for their various designs. It will add an extra charm to the design works.
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  1. Terry Script Font: The font is created using a font creator. You can use this font free. It has the capability to make your design outstanding adding a masculine flavor.
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  1. Trumpit Script: This font is also free for commercial and personal use. It has a masculine typeface. That is why, you can apply this text on various designs like invitation cards, banner, poster, web template, etc. The font can make your design stand out of others.
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  1. Walter Turncoat Script: This is one of the most popular script fonts. It is also a free font. You can use it for various design purposes such as business card design, invitation cards, banner, poster, etc.
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  1. Roboto Script font: It is mainly a web font. This font is one of the most popular fonts among the designers. This font is available in the google web font that has allowed the web developer to utilize this font. It is also popular for the various card designs.
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anisa sans

  1. Anisa Sans Script: It is one of the nice fonts that can be very useful for the designers to make their design stands out of others. Anisa sans is a free font. You can use it for creating various unique designs. It can be used in various card designs, web template, etc.
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  1. Kingdom Script: The full name of this font is Rise of Kingdom. It is designed by Vladimir Nicolic. Its typeface is wonderful and the designers can use this font free to make unique designs like cards, poster, banner, web template, and more.
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  1. Ageng Sans Script: Magang Letterhand has designed this popular script font. It is a perfect font for the graphic designers and the web developers. They can use free this font for graphic design works and front end design. This font can make the designs elegant and works go out of others.
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asparagus sprouts

  1. Asparagus Sprouts Script: It is a very playful script font. It has various strokes and weights. It has 356 characters and accented letters. Anyway, this font can be the best company of the designers
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  1. Tecnico Script font: It is a wonderful typeface and perfect for the graphic designers. You can use this free font for your multiple categories of design. It has a web font that can be useful for the front end designers. It can make the wonderful designs.
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made goodtime grotesk

  1. GoodTime Grotesk Script: This font has many typefaces that will create an extra charm in your designs. It can make designer’s works stand out of others. You can use this font free in your designs.
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  1. Sunda Prada: It is a font of Sans-serif category. It is very nice to see on the various kinds of graphic designs because of its proper space between the characters. This kind of font is worthy for various card designs.
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