Product Photo Editing Services for E-commerce

E commerce business has a lot to do with top-notch product visuals and our Product Photo Editing services have that required charm. To make your customers take out their credit cards, you need more than just normal product photographs. This is where product photo editing comes into play as it will let you showcase your product photography magnificently as shoppers urge to view products on an e-store.

We optimize your product photos exactly how you want them to be shown in your E-commerce store. Our primary focus is to apply the best of photo editing techniques and bring out eye-catching product photography, perfect for your online store. We assisted plenty of our customers to multiply their e-commerce business sales with our e-commerce product photo editing services.

Among the product photo editing services we offer, photo retouching, color correction, clipping path, shadow effects, ghost mannequin effects, background removal, dark spot removal, and unwanted object removal are worth mentioning.

Over the years, we’ve been recognized as one of the Best Product Photo Editing Service providers with over 15000+ happy clients. We have undertaken scores of photography image editing projects with proven track-records.

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A Quick Look at our E-commerce Product Photo Editing Services

Product photos contain multiple defects after the shots are taken. One particular method can no way fix all types of defects. Hence, it needs multiple photo retouching techniques to eliminate these flaws from the product photos. Get a glimpse of the e-commerce product image editing services below that we offer based on clients’ demand and the appearance of product photos-


Product Photo Retouching & Enhancement

Starts From $7.50

E-commerce product photos can attract customers if they have the wow factor. In order to compel customers, your online product images require a professional touch. We provide product photo retouching and enhancement services to add a perfect charm in your e-commerce product photos. Level up your business utilizing our top-grade service and elevate sales without further ado!

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Product Photo Background Removal

Starts From $4.50

An image background matters a lot when it comes to the overall appearance of a product image. A perfectly shot product photo may lose its entire appeal just because of an imperfect background. We remove such type of background and replace with a fitting one to recreate a spellbinding product photo. We transform product photo background into white background exclusively for e-commerce shops as well.

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Ghost Mannequin Effect

Starts From $1.99

It's a magnificent and handy service that we provide for apparel products. Applying ghost mannequin effect, we remove mannequin and expose hidden parts of t-shirts, shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, etc. covered under the mannequin. This not only removes the extra burden of using dummy to display products but also spice up products creating a hollow or ghost mannequin effect.

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3D/360° Packshot Retouching

Starts From $2.99

3D/360° packshot is another type of rotating photography that many e-commerce companies leverage to display their products including packaging or labeling. We create 3D/360° photography at first from a minimum of 6 shots of the given product from different angles and then retouch packshot flawlessly without damaging packages or labels. Don't delay to avail of this engaging and sales-boosting service.

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Photoshop Shadow Effects

Starts From $0.59

Shadow effect is one of the compelling photo editing services we offer for product photos. Adding shadow effects on opaque e-commerce product photos add a realism on the product. Depending on the shape, size, and complexity of products, we create different types of shadows including drop shadow, natural shadow, and reflection shadow. We retain original shadow too as a part of our shadow effect service.

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Color Correction & Editing

Starts From $1.99

Regardless of the industry verticals, color correction service is an essential one for various kinds of product photos. Both in e-commerce and retail shops, product photos reflect a variety of color. Many a time, elements of a product mismatch and sometimes product color doesn't match with the background or foreground color. This is where our color correction service comes into play.

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Product Photo Cleaning

Starts From $4.75

It's not unnatural for product photos to contain dust particles, a speck of dirt, spots, scratches, etc. in its different areas. But they can't be used directly in online stores without this unwanted stuff being removed. As part of our product photo cleaning service, we make use of different tools of Adobe Photoshop to clean dirty or spotty areas and give a brand new look to the product.

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Batch Photo Editing (Cropping & Resizing)

Starts From $0.49

Cropping and resizing product photos may be a cakewalk for most professionals including e-commerce businesses. But what if you have thousands of product photos requiring cropping and resizing actions? Are you gonna invest your precious time just to crop and resize your product photos? Absolutely, not. Just send us those product images and we can crop and resize them in no time as part of our batch photo editing service.

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Creative Product Photo Editing

Buyers always hunt for something imposing while they wish to pick up products online. Different online stores may sell same products but the one which spices up its product photos, automatically boosts up its chances of sales. We specialize in adding appeal to your product photos applying creative editing. We creatively tweak color, contrast, and lighting, add elements & atmosphere, remove unwanted objects, and give a perfect finishing touch. So, hurry up!!!

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Creative Product Photo Manipulation

Another way to grip online shoppers is to create some sorts of effects and illusion in product photography. This can be performed through innovative thinking. Our professionals aren't just competent photo manipulators rather they are creative thinkers too. They come up with cracking ideas based on product photos and apply mind-blowing effects on them. We modify texture, tone, exposure, background, foreground, and specific objects on a particular image to offer this particular service.

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A Peek into Our Popular E-commerce Product Categories

We work on all types of e-commerce product photos no matter what category it belongs to. But there are certain categories in which we receive orders on a regular basis. Take a look at the on-demand e-commerce product categories underneath that we usually deal with-

Chocolate Product Photo Editing ( Before)Chocolate Product Photo Editing ( After )

Food & Edibles

The latest service that we have added under our product photo editing service is food and edibles. Given the demand for the online sales of a variety of foods, we started emphasizing food items. We have full-fledged photo enhancers having the knack and experience to bring out the optimal output. We are capable of retouching all types of food items including sweets, savories, dairy items, and so on.


Why e-commerce businesses need photo editing services?

E-commerce business is different from traditional business. Here, customers can't have tactile sensation meaning they can't touch the products to judge their quality. The product photo is the only way for them to make their purchasing decision. Hence, these products require mesmerizing looks to catch the attention of buyers. If these product photos get a professional touch, they can easily entice customers enhancing the chances of sales.



How we Retouch your E-commerce Product Photos?

We maintain a very rigid work procedure to provide our e-commerce product photo enhancement service without keeping any room of complaint from our clients. Once we receive a particular order, we go through your instructions that what you exactly want. If you want a specific product image enhancement service from us, our pro product photo retouching team takes it over makes sure to upgrade your low-grade product images.

However, if you don’t specify any service and want us to give your product photos a professional and catchy look, our product image editing team takes the complete onus. Our skilled product photo retouchers analyze your raw images and apply different photo touch-up techniques to turn your images into eye-soothing ones. Your product images may have color issues, exposure issues, unfitting background, or they may contain wrinkles and blemishes in parts if they are dresses. Our professionals have the knack to identify these, take necessary actions, and finally bring out a mesmerizing output.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1What are the products that you edit?
We edit and retouch all types of product photos. For example- Electronics, Food Items, Apparel, Cosmetics, machinery/motor parts, farming tools, and many more.
2What services do you provide for ecommerce product photo editing?
We offer clipping path, background removal, ghost mannequin effect, color correction, Photoshop shadow effect, image cropping & resizing, perspective & exposure correction, and many more.
3Do you edit bulk product photos?
Absolutely, we edit bulk product photos. Our editing capacity is 5000+ images per day.
4How about the image quality?
You don't have to worry about the image quality. We are a professional image editing company and always bring out 100% quality product images that are capable of drawing potential customers’ attention.
5Are you a Photography studio?
No, we are a photo editing company. We have been serving product photographers, e-commerce businesses, photography agencies, advertising companies, and many more by offering top-grade image manipulation services.
6Do you have an image editing production house?
Yes, we have a well-equipped production house located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With 250+ full-fledged photo editors & graphic designers, we use state-of-the-art technology and maintain maximum photo quality.