50 best Free Calligraphy Fonts for Graphic Designers.

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Fonts are so much useful for graphic designers. They need various types of fonts for creating a logo, banner, and something like this text-based artwork. As a designer, searching for relevant font kills your valuable time. So, to alleviate such hard work, we are offering a bundle collection of various Font Lists in various categories. See the table above for the list.  You can download for personal use for free, but some of them should not be used for commercial purposes.

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Have a look at the video above to see all the fonts listed here. Take a pen/pencil to write down the ones you like.

Calligraphy fonts are like graffiti and fonts are more aesthetic than any other script fonts. They have the capability to add picture-like live effects in various types of designs. Previously, we have listed all script fonts, cursive fonts, non-cursive script fontshandwritten fonts in the previous blog. So, we have brought you this new list of the best Calligraphic Fonts for Graphic Designers.

Calligraphic fonts are widely used by graphic designers and desktop publishers. They use the calligraphy fonts in different types of cards like wedding cards, visiting cards, gift cards, etc. Besides, these fonts can be used in banner writing, poster designing, love letter, festival invitation cards, leaflets, T-shirts, CD wrappers, book & magazine cover page, and many more. These fonts can make any ordinary graphic design stunning. All fonts free for personal use.

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Best Calligraphy Fonts (Free) for Designers

Anyway, this is a part of a series of content that we started before with a view to presenting for the graphic designers some excellent and widely used various types of fonts. This content is about the collection of calligraphy fonts that you can download free for use and save your time from searching a lot.

1. Billy Argel

This calligraphy font is made by Argel. It is free for personal use, but for commercial use, you have to purchase its license. Graphic designs can use this font in their work so that the designs get stunning look. They can use the fonts on various cards, wedding cards, visiting cards, and poster, cover page, etc.


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2. Miama Font

It is another very gorgeous calligraphy font that is 100% free for the graphic designers. They can use this calligraphy for both personal and commercial uses. It has a lot of characters, symbols, letter, etc. that has the ability to provide an outstanding feeling in your graphic designs.

Miama Fonts

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3. Braxton Font

The font is designed by Evgeny TkhorzhevskyVladivostok, Russia. Its only one style is free for download and use, but to get the full version, you have to spend money. This calligraphy is also elegant to look and your design will get a wonderful appearance taking the font.

Braxton fonts

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4. Weatz Font

This calligraphy font is free for personal use. For commercial use, purchase this font. The graphic designer can use this font for cards, T-shirt, cover page of book and magazine, CD wrapper, and more. This feminine font will add a special feeling in your designs.

Weatz Fonts

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5. Swoop Font

This calligraphy font is designed by Pennyzine. It is also free for personal use. Purchase it for commercial uses. It can be one of the fine calligraphy fonts for the graphic designers who want to create fabulous designs. The text based designs can get an awesome look after using this font.

One fell swoop

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6. Gondola SD

It is a free font for using in your personal design. It will add an extra-ordinary flavor in your designs. As a graphic designer, you can use this font in all types of designs like wedding cards, invitation cards, visiting cards, poster, banner, T-shirts, book & magazine cover page, product packaging, etc. For commercial uses, you have to buy this calligraphy font.

Gondola SD

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7. Champignon Font

It is designed by claudeP. Its look is pretty much feminine and for graphic designer, you can use this font for both personal and commercial purposes. This calligraphy is suitable for using in all types of graphic designs where you need to apply pictorial text.

champignon fonts

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8. Angilla Tattoo

With a lot of stunning letters, characters, icons, and symbols, this font is very popular among the modern graphic designers. It is free for personal use only, but you can use this font in your profitable business purposes if you purchase it. This calligraphy suits best on various types of cards, cover pages, T-shirts, product packaging, and many more.


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9. Kingthings-Calligraphica

This font is suitable for wedding cards, leaflets, T-shirts, CD wrapper, book & magazine cover page, and more. The designers can use this font to make their works outstanding and dream like. However, this font is free only for personal use and to use commercially, you should purchase it.

Kingthings calligraphica fonts

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10. Selfish Font

It is one of the most popular calligraphy fonts suitable for graphic design. It is a matter of joy that this font is completely free for both personal use and commercial use. You don’t require any license before using this font. Anyway, you can use this font in most of your text based graphic designs like various invitation cards, book & magazine cover page, T-shirts, and many more.

Selfish fonts

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11. Cellos Font

This font is free for personal use only and for commercial use you have to buy it. The font is a combination of masculine and feminine look that generates specialty in any graphics. The designers use this font for creating beautiful cards, cover page, CD wrapper, calendar, and more.

Cellos-Script fonts

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12. Sverige Font

This feminine look calligraphy font is free for personal use only, for using commercially, the designers have to purchase it. The font is more than pictorial that itself creates picture-like feeling in the designs. Having this quality, this font is massively worthy for calendar and cover page designs. You can also use this font in card designs.

Sverige script demo fonts

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13. Chopin Font

This very font is designed by ClauseP. They provide license for commercial uses, but yet the designers can use this font for personal work. The font can keep a special mark in your bundle of graphic designs viz cards, calendar, T-shirts, cover page, and something like this. It has ability to make your designs pop as you want always.

chopin script fonts

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14. Ink-Meat Font

It is a Billy Argel’s font and commercial license is available for this font. For personal use, you can have this font free. It is one of the finest fonts of Argel. It will add a loving flavor in your designs. Like other graphic designers, you can apply this font in most of your text based graphics.

Ink in the meat fonts

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15. Don-Quixote

Hanoded has designed this font that is donation ware. You can use this font by purchasing its license. This suitable-for-desert calligraphy font can be used in most of your graphic works where you need a bold masculine flavor. It is worthy for headings on the various cards, calendar, poster, banner, etc.

Don Quixote Fonts

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16. Wankstaberg Font

This font is free for personal use. To use commercially, the designers have to buy this font. This bamboo-brush type comic font is very suitable for any designs. The designers use this font for comic book, cards, calendar, cover page, and more.

Wankstaberg battles

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17. Quid-pro-quo Font

This is a demo font. It is suitable for metallic text. For using commercially, you have to purchase it license. There are a plenty of letter, text, icons, symbols, and glyphs. This calligraphy font has the ability to be used in horror like graphic designs.

Quid pro quo fonts

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18. Metro-grunge

This is a public domain calligraphy font. You can use this in any designs like cards, cover page, T-shirt, calendar, and many more. This font will add in your graphics a bold decorative and metallic look that can produce a deep gravity.

Metro grunge fonts

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19. Bajern Font

It is another good looking calligraphy font perfect for any graphic designs. The designers can download this font from Behance free. You can use it to have a grave and bold graphic design. You can use this font in various types of cards, cover pages for Magazine and books, T-shirts, wallpaper, calendar, etc.

Bajern fonts

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20. Humblle-Rought

This font has two versions: free and premium. You can use the free version to continue your works, but for more characters, symbols, icons, glyphs, etc. take the premium version. This gorgeous looking typeface is perfect for T-shirts, various cards, calendar, bags, branding materials, logos, quotes, banners, posters, and more. This modern vintage Brush font will provide you graphics natural looks and increases the beauty.

Humblle Rought all caps

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