Most Popular Online Courses to Sharpen Photo Editing Skills During COVID-19 Outbreak

Online Courses to Sharpen Photo Editing Skills

Online Courses to Sharpen Photo Editing Skills

Are you serious about making your career stronger in the photo editing industry? Then, nothing can take more priority than learning. This is the ultimate way to reach your goal. Many of the online organizations and individual professionals announced special discounts and sometimes free offers to the community for the COVID-19 outbreak. This is because many people around the world are passing leisure time. And, they are giving opportunities to the people who love to learn to be enriched with proper knowledge. In these circumstances, we thought to prepare some popular online photo editing courses through which you can sharpen the photo editing skills in this pandemic crisis.

Most Popular Photo Editing Courses Online to Scale-up Skills

Let’s learn about some of the popular and recommended online resources that will help you improving image editing skills.

1. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Those who are willing to learn photo editing seriously must have heard about Adobe Photoshop. This is a must tool for most of the designers and image retouchers. To be familiar with the application and various functionalities, the Adobe team offers a free course for the learners in different phases. The starter course lets you know how to Photoshop, change the image size, work with layers, adjust the image quality, use color, add text and shapes, combine images, and many more.

You will also get the way of how to apply filters to make the images more interactive with special art effects. Besides these, Adobe provides beginner-friendly projects to clarify confusion regarding the tutorials. You can also enroll in a premium course from Adobe partners to enhance Photoshop skills.

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2. Adobe Photoshop 101

This is an outstanding online course to learn photo editing which is conducted by Ben Willmore. He is a well-known guy in the industry for years and already taught over 100000 students. In this course, you will learn how to navigate this popular application more efficiently with the most important features. The key points it covers are likely merging multiple images into a panorama, enhancing hair, lips, and eyes in portraits, creating a collage of several photos, image correction, etc.

Adobe Photoshop 101

Ben has summarized this special course with 48 video lessons, 16 hours and 10 minutes of class content, and also some exclusive bonus contents. By joining the course, you will have lifetime access from anywhere and anytime. Although this is a paid course that values $99 (now $59), it gives access to a ‘gift class’ to justify.

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3. PHLEARN Photo Editing 101-301

Photo Editing 101-301 is another premium course created by the PHLEARN community which is a large library to learn image editing and retouching. This course covers from beginners to intermediate level users. If you have a strong passion to start your career as a professional photo retoucher, then it can be a great source to learn. You will get a lot of things to master yourself in their course outline.

PHLEARN Photo Editing 101-301

It lets you know how to import and organize photos, culling, exposure, color and local editing in Lightroom, correcting lens distortion and image cropping, background removing, color variations, and many more to be a skilled photo expert. PHLEARN gives access to this premium tutorial at a monthly or yearly payment system. It includes 62 high-quality videos along with some free resources.

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4. Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials | Photoshop Masterclass

Are you a beginner and searching for easy-to-understand course materials to learn Photoshop retouching and editing during the COVID-19 outbreak? Udemy, one of the largest online education community has brought the best solution for you. This course is created by Chris Parker, a professional Photoshop expert with having more than 28 years of experience. Do you know what is the most important and interesting part here? It includes 7 Photoshop courses together in a box!

Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials

You will love to take advantage of learning Photoshop retouching, RAW retouching, JPG retouching, Portrait editing, special effects, and more at $199.99. Sometimes, it offers extra promotional discounts for users. This course covers 33.5 hours of videos, 45 articles, and 38 downloadable resources. Besides these, it also gives a certificate on completion of the course properly.

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5. Retouching & Adobe Photoshop Techniques

To grasp the latest and in-depth photo editing methods, Retouching & Adobe Photoshop Techniques is a helpful resource for you. This is another course created by the Creativelive community. Lindsay Adler is the author of this course who is a well-recognized photographer, educator, and Canon Explorer of Light. Besides teaching Photoshop online, she also attends international events and seminars as a notable speaker.

Retouching & Adobe Photoshop Techniques

The course outlines cover most of the essential techniques along with some special tricks. It includes body shaping, beauty retouching, frequency separation, blend modes, avant-garde retouch, composition basics, creative skin effects, and many more things to help you build your career in the corresponding field. You will get 28 video lessons and exclusive bonus content by enrolling in the course. It offers both monthly and yearly payment system to get access.

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6. Fundamental of Photo Editing

By hearing the name of the course, you may assume the purpose. You will find this fundamental course of photo editing in the Skillshare community conducted by Justin Bridges. No matter in which profession you belong, it will help to grab the essential things of image editing step by step. It includes editing color with hue, luminance, and saturation, using the tone curve, working with exposure, and lens distortion, and more.

Fundamental of Photo Editing

Besides the things mentioned above, it also introduces the essential plugins and functionalities along with personal tips and tricks to take the skill to another level. Till now, over 8500 students already enrolled in this course and they are creating excellent projects. To start your one, you can try the free trial option and then pay monthly for having access.

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7. Architecture Photography & Retouching

This time, we are going to introduce to with more than a photo editing course. PRO EDU brings a bunch of tutorials to master architecture photography and retouching to make the best use of your time during the COVID-19 outbreak. Firstly, it covers the area of photography to scale up skills in different areas, including hospitality, interior, exterior, colleges, retail, workspaces, and more. Then, it comes to the section of learning the post-production classes.

Architecture Photography & Retouching

The photo editing part starts with retouching introduction, main workspace layer stacks, and composition and blending exposures to bring the elements together. After that, it also covers color correction, color layers, room composition, green room retouching, exterior compositing, and some more tricks to be a professional level photo expert. All the lessons you will get at $99 with a limited time offer.

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8. Adobe Lightroom CC + Classic // Learn Photo Editing by Pro

If you are interested to learn the Lightroom CC Classic secrets and photo editing techniques in a smart way, then this course from the Udemy platform can help you a lot. A professional photographer and image expert, Chris Parker conducts this course. He has been teaching Lightroom for several years with a good reputation. In this course, you will get to learn how to edit your photos like a professional using the application.

Adobe Lightroom CC + Classic

The course outlines have been summarized with many helpful tricks and resources as well for editing precisely. It lets you learn how to use smart collections, create develop presets, edit properly and productively, organize photos, export photos with presets, edits in the Library module, and many more. All the resources and contents you will get at $199.99 (discount price $11.99 for a limited time).

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9. PicMonkey Video Tutorial

This time, we bring something different to you as it’s not any photo editing learning resources related to Photoshop or Lightroom. PicMonkey is a popular online application to edit, design, or touch up photos for beginners. These video tutorials help you learning image editing with this special application in the most convenient way.

PicMonkey Video Tutorial

The course lets you learn how to erase photo backgrounds using a one-click background remover, remove the object from a picture using clone, make a blinking text Instagram post, get the soft grunge aesthetic look, and many pro tips. It also helps you using their pre-built design assets and templates so that it becomes easy to achieve an outstanding result fast.

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10. Photoshop Training Channel

Once again, we come with a great photo editing learning resource to make the best use of your time during COVID-19 outbreaks. With millions of regular audiences, Photoshop Training Channel (PTC) has been one of the most popular platforms for both beginners and professionals. It has hundreds of video tutorials related to photo manipulation, retouching, effects, and various amazing tips.

Photoshop Training Channel

This channel was founded by Jesus Ramirez, a notable graphic designer, speaker, and web developer. He launched this with a view to improving the Photoshop skills of beginner users. Since then, it has crossed the landmark of 1M subscribers and still growing. You just need to subscribe to the channel to stay updated with the latest tutorial.

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To Conclude

So, this is our shortlist of popular online resources to sharpen your photo editing skills. We have picked some of the amazing resources, which are recommended by thousands of users and professionals. As a beginner, it will definitely help you find the right path to establish yourself in the field of graphic design and image retouching.