How to Start Photography Business From Home Part-1

How to Start Photography Business From Home Part-1

This is all about setting up a successful photography business from home. Here, I would like to provide a detailed guideline about the business plan, branding, finance, marketing, getting clients, and so on.

Do Your Math to Set up a Photography Business

Suppose, photography is your hobby. You have spent much time to capture images that you like or take photos of others as they like. You love the work and have got a lot of experience. But in a certain stage of your life, you may think to leave it because you have to involve with a moneymaking profession.

Now, suppose you are trying to have a job or have already involved with a job. In this case, as you don’t love this job, you aren’t doing well. Your mind is craving for the photography that you do well.

In this situation, I think it would be best for you to set a photography business. Does it sound much? Or are you nervous regarding the success? Actually, if you can follow some necessary steps patiently, it can fulfill your dream of success.

Since I’m inspiring you to start photography business from home, let’s know the strategies to run it successfully.

Determine Your Brand

determine your brand

What comes first is to determine your brand. You should think and research enough about what niche you like to set up your business strategies.

Since I’m talking about the niche photography business here, I assume that you have taken the niche for your business. Then, what you should do now?

Choosing a brand name, you can google. Zero result is ideal in this case. After selecting a brand name or niche, you should check out the availability of it on the internet. You should check out whether your brand name is available in the different social media or not, would these media let you open groups, pages, slides, or not. This kind of searching will help you to choose a unique and exclusive brand name. Choose the brand name that has an available trademark, .com domain, and Vanity URL for Facebook, Twitter, and other major social media.

Next, you have to set up your branding strategy. You can create your branding with your actual name, or blending it with your niche, or business name. Suppose, you are Scott Kelby. You can brand your own name (e.g. Scott Kelby, Skelby). If it is very common, then you can add anything with your name, maybe a nickname or niche name (Kelby Photo). As an individual photographer, it can be Scott Photography or Kelby Photography, whichever you choose. If you don’t like to personify your brand, then you can use another meaningful name that instantly tells what your niche is about (e.g. Bridal Lens).

If you cannot find any, you can blend 2-3 meaningful words related to your niche into a blended word. Even if you can’t find any of those as well, you always can choose non-meaningful words to brand your image. But, make sure the pronunciation is pretty easy (e.g. Cla-ching, the camera click sound evolved from Ka-ching). Make sure you can easily relate your brand with your photography niche.

There are many ways to check whether your brand is qualified as a good brand. I’ll not go through all the strategies. But, you can try this one: Word of Mouth. Get 5-10 people who do not know about your brand. Whisper your brand name to the first person and tell him to whisper the same name to the second person. And after transferring your brand name to the last person, if the pronunciation of your brand is a close match, then you have got a very good brand.

After this stage, you have to create your corporate identity. You need a well-designed website. Decorate the site with relevant texts, images, videos, infographics, flowcharts, graphs, etc. Create social media networks with great looking pages, groups, texts, and images. You can create these contents by yourself, or you can outsource from outside.

Regarding your product images, you might need to take various image editing services for displaying them gorgeously. In this case, you can outsource to us for this.

business plan

Business Plan 

Proper planning is half of the success of any business. It is like a road-map of a journey. It is a forecast whether you will be successful or not. So, you should make a specific plan of what to do or not do, what way you should follow or avoid regarding your business. Remember these two quotes:

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” –Yogi Berra 

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” –Antoine De Saint.

It is a very hard task. You can do some paperwork, discuss with the respective person, or take help from experienced someone for making a strong plan of a workflow.

Financial Issues

Financial Issues

For setting up any business, everyone should figure out the financial issues carefully. It is also a part of planning. A photography business needs equipment, office space, studio tools, photo editing software, business license, insurance, website, accounting software etc. To buy these things initially, a considerable fund is a must. So, initial funding is so much important because:

“An entrepreneur without funding is a musician without an instrument.”

—Robert A. Rice Jr.

If you are worried about your business fund or capital, then I’ll say that there are many solutions. It would be very good if you can have this capital from your friends and family. Besides, the bank loan is a great source for a startup business. Here, you’ll get your required business loan as per their banking policy.

As a fresher, you can start a photography business with the fund that you have managed from your family without tension. If you have a good economic backup, it would be very helpful to grow business as you wish. But, if you are a service holder and don’t have outside income, then you should continue the job as long as your business comes to a handsome profit. When your business will make enough money to run itself as well as your daily needs, then you can leave your job and should give full time to your business.

Try to Have The Necessary Experience

Proper experience of starting any business is an asset. In the case of photography or this type of business, professional experience helps much to run forward. Spend enough time patiently to learn the pros and cons of your business.

I know a photography business owner who at the very first worked as an assistant to a photographer. He got enough experience working with the photographer and he can run his photography business successfully.

Make a Pricing Plan

Making a pricing plan is quite tough and it’s important also. Reasonable and affordable pricing will contribute much to get enough order for photography.

When you are making a pricing plan, don’t forget about editing. So, if you decide to take $50 per hour, keep in mind another 3 hours for editing. At the very beginning, your hourly rate may be less, but as time goes, the rate should be increased at per service quality, working complexity, and experience.

make a website to Start Photography Business From Home

Make a Website

A photography business demands a killer website. It is a storefront of your works. It will act as a showcase of the recent photos. Now, it may be your headache that how it should and what it should contain.

However, as you are going to set up a business, you must have a business looking for a professional website. It should have engaging look with specific buttons of your services. For getting various kinds of users, make your website mobile user-friendly. It will help you to grow your website traffic. As a photography business website, it must contain a photo gallery and an excellent slider.

In the about page, clarify your business and yourself, provide a contact address, company profile, and so on. This page will give an idea to your customers and help to grow trust. You can also keep a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

It would be great to attach a wonderful pricing page which helps your subscribers to have a primary idea about the service charge. Create a call-to-action button so that your customers can order directly.

Add a blog page on your website. Write blog posts regularly providing photography tips & tricks, video tutorials, photography stories, etc. for the newbies as well as for your customers. A blog page will help you for marketing your business. Another important task you should not mistake to attach various social media buttons into your site. Social sharing is very important for business publicity.

make a website to Start Photography Business From Home

Photo Editing

Photo editing is one of the most important things to boost up your business. It is not sure that every time you can capture the best images as you want without any defects. Rather, most of the time when you will capture the images, they would be unsuitable and you must feel the necessity for image editing.

Then how you can solve the image editing related problems. Don’t be so worried. Just use Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom on your computer and edit your images. There are lots of software or add-ons free for making stunning images. You can edit the images by yourself. Learn many techniques for making your image better. But, do you like photography more than editing? Then concentrate on what you are good at. And free most of your valuable time, by sending the images to us.

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