Photo Editing Pricing: In-house Cost vs. Offshore Outsourcing Cost

Photo Editing Pricing

Ever wondered how photographs would look if you used them for various purposes without taking advantage of photo manipulation? But naturally, it wouldn’t appear graceful and mind-blowing. And you won’t be comfortable posting your unflattering images on the various social media platforms. Today, a massive percentage of online marketing and sales rely on high-quality images. Almost all the customers of online stores view and focus on the product images initially and based on the quality of the images they make up their mind whether to go ahead. No doubt, product photo editing pricing also highly impacts their purchasing decision.

Likewise, the website visitors after accessing websites concentrate more on the visuals than the texts. The higher the quality of the visuals, the higher is the chances that they would appeal to the visitors. As a result, they will spend more time on the website and gather valuable information about a company. This will ultimately create an opportunity for a company to put forth its products and services to potential clients. Now, visuals in raw form don’t come out with supreme quality due to technical as well as human errors and hence they require optimization.

Photo Editing Pricing Comparison: In-house vs. Offshore Outsourcing Cost

If you wish to retouch your precious commercial images yourselves with automated software, you will not get the desired quality. On the other hand, if you get your image manipulation works done by your in-house professional image manipulators or outsource your image processing works to a company within the country, you will end up spending an enormous amount of money. This is where offshore companies will come into play.


One of the huge benefits of contracting your business overseas is minimizing cost. Due to the economic state of different countries, the pay scale of employees also differs in the respective country. The work that is carried out in a developed country like the USA at high expense, the same work can be carried out in a developing country like Bangladesh cheaply maintaining supreme quality. Whether you execute your photo retouching works on-site or by a local company, you will end up expending money in abundance. Hence, assigning the works to a company functioning in a developing country ultimately enables the company to save a substantial amount of money and generate voluminous profit for the company.

Foreign Contract is More Conducive than Insourcing or Local Contract

Optimal Quality

The photo manipulators of developing countries are not only diligent and industrious but also well-versed in image enhancement tasks. Due to their extraordinary knack for photo retouching, they execute their job with perfection. There may be many professional image processors even in developed counties like the USA but due to their living standard and pay scale, they charge exorbitantly unlike the image enhancers of developing countries like Bangladesh.

Minimizes Investment

Every company looks for generating more profit in less investment. This is where companies running activities in developing countries come into play. When you transfer your works to offshore companies, you get the opportunity to reduce your infrastructure cost. The onus of developing the whole infrastructure is on the shoulder of the offshore company. This is how you invest less money in your business and make more profit.

Cost-Reduction on Additional Training and Recruitment

If you intend to execute your image touch-up tasks on-site, you have to train and recruit image enhancers, and to do so you have to spend bucks in bulk. On top of that, you have to pay them a high salary based on the living standard of your country. Even if you recruit professional and seasoned photo editors, you have to spend even more. On the contrary, when you allot your works to a company operating in a growing country, you don’t need to provide additional training and hiring which enables you to reduce your operating cost.

24/7 Functioning

Many companies in developing countries work round the clock. This is a great advantage for developed countries to allocate their works to the offshore companies of these countries as there is a long time difference between these countries. This enhances your work-efficiency as the professionals of these companies work on your images overnight. The following day when you get up in the morning, you get the delivery of your work smoothly. This not only saves your precious time but also enables you to form and develop new ideas for your business.

Impedes Work Fluctuation

Most of the companies operating in developed countries undergo work fluctuation- meaning on certain days they work in full swing while on certain days they pause their work due to various festivals such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, Independence, etc. On top of that, they also enjoy a weekly holiday. However, many offshore companies being active round the clock, the professionals work non-stop dedicatedly without letting any work fluctuation.

Risk Regulation

This is one of the major benefits of assigning your tasks to offshore companies. Natural calamities or technical glitch can occur anytime which may hinder your regular progress of work. Sometimes, you may lose many of your valuable data due to technical glitch. However, if you allot your tasks to offshore companies, they will keep working on your assignments even at a difficult time. As a result, you can protect yourself from incurring a massive financial loss.


Hopefully, you got a convincing comparison regarding photo editing pricing both in-house and offshore companies. If you are a photographer, e-commerce site owner, advertising company, magazine publisher, fashion house designer, or any other organization having a plethora of unprocessed or substandard images and looking for cost-effective service, don’t hesitate to take our assistance. For over 30 years, we have been serving as an offshore company to our valued clients with a 100% success rate.

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