Most Useful Free Photoshop and Lightroom plugins


Photoshop users know the value of plugins, filters, and actions. For generating high-end images, you must know how to use Photoshop plugins. You have no exception to get knowledge on Photoshop add-ons and extensions if you want to master graphic design, photo-editing, and photography industry. The plugins, actions, and other same types of stuff will lessen time consumption and accelerate the image editing process.

You may think of which plugins you should know. Don’t worry, have an idea from the below list of the most useful free Photoshop plugins. These plugins work dedicatedly for a specific function. Just use the appropriate one for performing the related work.

How to Install Photoshop Plugins

To run a plugin with Photoshop is pretty much easy. Before heading over the list of plugins, know whether you know to install plugins to Photoshop.

  1. Download a Plug-in and keep it on the desktop for easy dragging.
  2. Go your Root Folder of your PC
  3. Open Program Files => Adobe folder => Adobe Photoshop folder
  4. Open the Plug-ins folder and drag the plugin from desktop or copy and paste.
  5. Now cloze Photoshop (if Photoshop is opened) and re-open.
  6. Open an image and keep selected the image
  7. Go to Filter, and find your installed plugin from the dropdown.
  8. Finally, use the plug-in.

List of the Best Photoshop Plugins

⚪️ No1 Effects

If you want to stylize photos quickly, grab the No1 Effects plugin as a Photoshop helper. The tool includes numerous built-in presets, Filters, textures, borders, etc. You can combine, blend, and customize the features of your images. Not only that you can apply B&W effects, HDR, Dynamic Contrast, Glows, Filmy Look, Texture, and many more. You must be amazed by getting such a useful plugin that will reduce your effort and time consumption. However, No1 Effects is a paid tool, but you can use it as a 30 days free trial.

⚪️ Fontself Maker

You can turn any text or symbol into attractive OpenType fonts. Fontself Maker is a wonderful Photoshop and Illustrator Plugin that allows you to generate fonts seamlessly. The extension is featured with drawing, drag and drop advantage, alternates, ligature, spacing & kerning, color fonts, etc. Installing this fantastic plugin, create and use your fonts on the web and get desired responses.

⚪️ Nik Collection

Though earlier Nik Collection was a paid bundle of extension, but it has been announced free. Nik is an Adobe Photoshop Lightroom plugin that you can use for making your images pop. Easy to use and high-quality plugin being come from a highly authentic source Google.

Google said, “Photo enthusiasts all over the world use the Nik Collection to get the best out of their images every day.” They further added, “As we continue to focus our long-term investments in building incredible photo editing tools for mobile, including Google Photos and Snapseed, we’ve decided to make the Nik Collection desktop suite available for free, so that now anyone can use it.” 

⚪️ Luminar – Luminar is one of the most used Photoshop Lightroom plugins that empowers your advanced photo editing and creativity. Its AI powered filters and cutting edge tools will allow you to create stunning looks in your photos. The plugin works excellently on the sky images. It’s AI enhancer analyzes photos automatically to improve color, details, tone, and depth. You can create more amazing photos without manual adjustment.

⚪️ Chameleon Adaptive Pallette

CAP will allow you to design like an artist and digital painter. It is a single panel tool that can be placed anywhere. It can be used from microscopic to full-screen with fully Retina support. You can use this plugin for direct color control whether it is solid or vector shape.

⚪️ Free Stock Search

You can integrate this free plugin with your Photoshop. Free stock search will help you direct search free images from free image providers keeping you within Photoshop. This tool can help designers greatly. When you need an image, just click on it and the images will be directly downloaded to your Photoshop.

⚪️ Powtoon

Powtoon is a free Photoshop plugin that will let you turn images into animated videos. Using this tool, you can retouch videos with custom designs and animation. You can add extra footage, images, sounds, designs, and more. When you think your video animation is completed, you can directly upload it to YouTube, Facebook, and other video streaming websites. Powtoon is a very useful tool and has some powerful reviews.

⚪️ Layers Control 2

Layers Control 2 is a wonderful free plugin that makes layer management in Photoshop easier. Utilizing this free tool, you can rename layers’ names, remove unnecessary effects, flatten and delete layers, etc. Thus you can reduce the file size and can rasterize smart objects.

⚪️ CSS3Ps

CSS3Ps Photoshop plugin will greatly help web designers. It can generate Photoshop design as CSS3 codes and the web designers find it handy. Being a cloud-based PS plugin, it is fast and light. You can get support to create border-radius, text layers, gradient, shadows, glowing effects, stroke, and more. Though CSS3Ps is a free plugin, you need registration.

⚪️ Shutterstock

If you need to search images from Shutterstock over and over again, this tool can be useful for you. Shutter stock Photoshop plugin will allow you to access directly to the pile of thousands of premium images. Just search, select, and download directly to your canvas. This Photoshop integrated tool can be handy and time-saving for the designers.

⚪️ Blow Up 3

Another excellent Photoshop plugin is Blow up 3 that can effectively zoom in your images without losing quality. It can resize photos 300, 000 pixels per side. If you want of enlarging an image for advertisement and billboard, Blow Up will help you. It can be used with Lightroom and CMYK support. This professional Photoshop Plugin will generate for you astounding and lossless images. So, have a try.

⚪️ PhotoMatrix Pro

It can be used as a standstill and independent tool. For generating HDR high contrast stunning photos of landscape, architecture, interior, and exterior, etc. you can use PhotoMatrix as a plugin with Adobe Lightroom. Its advanced features empower the designers to do batch product photo processing and selective ghost removal.

⚪️ Ultimate Retouch Panel

URP is a powerful tool for image editors, retouchers, Photographers, and you. You will find different types of fast and manual retouching functions. You can use this tool as a Photoshop plugin later CC2017. What you can do using this tool are block retouching, frequency separation, visual texture boost switching, color correction, dodge and burn, dual vision, image sharpening, effects, and more.

⚪️ Fluid Mask 3

It is a freestanding tool that can also perform as a Photoshop Plugin. It is one of the most useful tools for removing background cutout. The fluid mask is widely applied to the images that have a delicate and soft edge. You know, removing background is not possible using Photoshop pen tool and so, image masking techniques are applied. The fluid mask can be a great helping tool for image editing experts.

⚪️ Getty Images

It is a free Adobe Creative Cloud plugin that has made it easy to search for videos, photos, vectors from Getty Images library. While taking images, you need not quit Photoshop and Illustrator. What has made us surprised is that this tool can be integrated with all the Adobe Creative Cloud programs. This plugin will save your time and effort. Having Getty Images plugin, you can use high-res images.

⚪️ Particleshop

If you need Photoshop brush plugin, you should use the Particleshop plugin. It will power you to work with excellent strokes. When you work on Photoshop with Particleshop, you can create fantastic custom images.

⚪️ ON1 Resize

One of the most used tools for photo manipulation is ON1 Resize that can work standalone and as a plugin of Photoshop and Lightroom. This tool is for the enlarging images for print. It is also for fast browsing, organizing, and batch processing. ON1 Resize is a photo editing industry-standard tool for enlarging images for printing.

⚪️ B&W Effects

You may create black and white images, but are they really B&W images? Aren’t there any reddish glair? To get real monochromic and beautiful photos from the colorful images, get Topaz B&W Effects Photoshop plugin. It will convert color photos into black and white images with custom tones and texture. For creating stunning and quality photos, it can be a handy tool for the designers.

⚪️ Eye Candy

You can use eye candy as a plugin with your Photoshop. It will give you an advantage to produce different images with different effects like smoke, reptile skin, animal fur, metallic, aqua, lightening, electrify, clouds, and many more.

⚪️ Renamy

Multilayers renaming Photoshop cc plugin Renamy is useful for the designers. While working you may forget to rename multiple layers, but if you use this Photoshop tool, you can easily rename all of the layers. Your time and effort will get saved and ultimately you will have to relax.

⚪️ GuideGuide

A Photoshop plugin can create guides and help the designers to create more drawings and save time. Guideguide is a simple tool and easy to use as a collaborator with PS with its multiple features. Leveraging this tool, you can align elements, create gaps among columns, divide navigation, measure the width, and many more. Just use it and change your drawing attitude.

⚪️ Lumenzia 

Photoshop plugin Lumenzia offers multiple effects for adjusting brightness and area range. It customizes the color and area. Real-time masking and color mixing is the most useful thing about this tool. Use the tool for area and range picking, masks combining, getting brighter or darker masks, and many more. Once you apply the tool to get a luminosity mask, you must feel the difference comparing your previous works.

However, if you search on Google, you will have many other powerful Photoshop plug-ins for doing a specific job. In this collection, we have tried to give you the most useful plugins. As a designer, almost all the design-related tasks, you can perform comfortably using the above plugins.