7 Free Portrait Retouching Photoshop Actions

7 Free Portrait Retouching Photoshop Action

Photo retouching under photoshop image editing services is pretty much a hard task. It takes a test of attention and patience of the graphic designers. If you are not skilled and experienced, image retouching is too tough for you to paint a painting. The knowledge of using photoshop tools can make a designer successful as a photo retoucher.

However, model photo retouching is time-consuming work. But, still, there is a way to save time during model portrait photo retouching and that is to use photoshop portrait retouching action. It will lessen your retouching time as well as make bulk photo retouching and editing easier.

To give you more ease during model photo retouching, here we have shared some free portrait photo retouching actions for photoshop. Using these actions, you can make portrait photos stunning. In this article, you will get a bundle of actions that all are useful for retouching a full portrait.

Note: If your images have too many spots, moles, or hair on the face, first remove those with the Healing Brush tool and then apply any skin retouching action for the best output.

1. Skin Whitening

This is a most useful photoshop skin whitening action that is capable of making model images outstanding. It can remove the blackish hue from images. To apply this action, you may need a little guideline. Follow the steps-

Opening your image in Photoshop, apply Basic Setup under this Action, and apply the soft brush to select the skin. Changing the foreground and background color, making visible eyes and eyebrows, and finally, apply Using Blend Mode under the same action which will generate your desired white image.

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2. Contour Skin Makeup

If you are not satisfied with manual makeup, you may apply this photoshop makeover action for model photo retouching. It will add contour effect on your model skin. It can affect the model face skin, lessening flesh.

When you will try to apply this action, you may feel difficulty. You will face a message that the ‘layer is empty and cannot apply Gaussian blur’. At that time just select the layers and foreground color, and paint over the skin using the soft brush tool.

However, if you have an idea about digital makeup, then you will be capable of using this action. So, it is recommended to know something about the contour skin effect. You should take the idea of both digital makeup for model photos and manual or real makeup in a beauty parlor.


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3. Increase Glowing Effect

Many of your beautiful model portrait photos may suffer from a lack of proper lighting, faded pixels, or glare and as a result, you may not be able to use these images personally or commercially. You can turn such a loss into a profit with just one click. We mean you can solve this issue using Photoshop glowing effect action. This step-by-step useful action will increase the light in your images. It will add extra exposure, saturation, vibrance, etc., and make your dull portrait photos superbly stunning.

When you will use the very action, you may face difficulty. It may show a message about the background layer. Just ignore it and click on Continue. You must get the desired result. Try to use a similar type of image. If you apply this action on a photo that is not dark, it may add extra brightness which may be looked odd.


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4. Iris Retouch or Colorize

This is an interesting and one of the most useful Photoshop iris colorize actions. It has the potential to make the eyes of your model photographs stand out and seem stunning. There may have model images that contain dull iris and you can simply make the eyes stunning by applying this bundle of iris retouching action.

Here, colorize iris action will make your model’s eye prepare to get desired color. So, firstly apply Colorize Iris action. Then, apply soft brush tool on iris and finally click on Apply Lookup action. Confirm layer mask replace and get your color.

While playing this action, you will see a Continue dialogue box. Here you have to click on continue. You will see the additional color overlay. Go to layer panel and holding Alt, drag the selected black layer mask on the white empty layer mask thumbnail. Now see the iris color and feel the difference.


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5. Teeth Whitening

Your model images will be looked odd if they have yellow teeth. It will decrease the beauty of the model images as well as the use of the model images, will not reward you anything, instead your purpose may be hampered. That is why, teeth whitening service is essential for model images. It not only increases the beauty of the images, but also grows the demand of the models and products to the potential customers.

However, teeth whitening in photoshop is pretty much easy but time-consuming. If you have a bundle of images and need to whiten your teeth, it may kill much of your valuable time. So, to save your time, here we have shared a very useful teeth whitening photoshop action. It has the capability to save time and make your model images stunning.

Using this teeth-whitening action is pretty much easier. For getting the best output from this action, at first, create a path around the teeth and make a selection. Then, play the action and get amazed.


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6. Cold White Skin to Radish Lifelike Skin

This Photoshop Action will make you cold and leprosy stricken like a portrait photo to a lifelike live photo. It will add a lite red hue to the face, especially in the checks, and will increase the brightness in your portrait photos. Like other Actions, it will also work before the Soft Brush painting which means once you play this action, you have to work manually one more step and that is to paint over the face. We used this Action while creating it and got the result below. If you try this action and paint over your face more patiently, you will get better results.


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7. Photo Texturization

It is another awesome Photoshop action for professional image textures. It will add the necessary texture to your plastic-like model face images. While editing model images, they may look like plastic because of extra exposure and light. Texturization action will give your image a real feel adding suitable image texture.

Before playing photo Texturization photoshop action, you should have manual custom texture in your Photoshop filter. If it is absent, create your own or you will get it by downloading this action zip file from our website.

However, playing this action in your model photo, the rest of the work you need to do is just painting over the images with a soft brush tool. See the image from a close distance or zoom it in and feel the difference.


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Okay, these photoshop actions are free for DIY image retouching at home. If you have bulk images for editing in Photoshop and if there is no time in your hand for editing, you can send us. We provide overnight image editing and retouching services all over the world.

Regarding image editing cost, you should not be worried, because our price packages are competitive and on bulk image editing orders, you will receive up to 40% discount. So, if you need quality photo editing services overnight, feel free to contact us at once. You can judge our service quality by taking our Free Trial services for up to 5 images or for rush services, take a price quotation.