How to Give Photos Painting Effect in Photoshop: Leverage Oil Paint Filter

Painting Effect in Photoshop

Your funny thoughts will never let you be sad. If you think about a painting of your own image, it is not mandatory to contact with a painter. Now it is possible to turn photos into painting. You can hang painting on the wall within a day whereas if you go to a painter for a painting, it will take at least one week.

Can you play with Photoshop? If yes, no matter whether you are highly skilled or not, after going through this tutorial, you can create your own painting. Here we have shown step by step Photoshopping to convert an ordinary image to painting.

Step by Step Guide to Create Painting Effect in Photoshop

1. To achieve the best oil painting photo, try to select a portrait photo that contains fashionable hair and beard and open it in Photoshop’s latest version.

Open Photoshop to start Painting Effect


2. Remove the image background utilizing the Photoshop pen tool, take the image on another layer, and set a contrasting background. It is a subsidiary to make your background stylish. You can use different types of backdrops. But if it is contrasting, your main photo will get focused.

Image 2


3. Merge all the layers and convert the image into Smart Object clicking the right key from the mouse. Smart Object will allow you to edit or modify the image layer later.

4. Copy the main layer two times more and make those invisible.

Image 3


5. Keep selected the layer one and go to Filter -> Sharpen -> Unsharp Mask.Image 4


6. Go to Filter -> Filter Gallery -> Poster Edges. Change the properties according to the requirement.

Image 5


7. Again Go to Filter -> Stylize -> Oil Paint.

Image 6


8. Do the same thing on the second layer from applying a Poster edge to the application of Oil painting just increasing the value-property. Apply Blending mode into Overlay on the second layer. It will make your image slightly reddish. Now decrease the Opacity up to 75%.

9. Select the 3rd layer and go to Filter -> Other -> High Pass and apply it. Change the Blending Mode into Overlay and get a fantastic result. It will add a pretty realistic texture to the image.

Image 7


Image 8


Now Zoom your image and look at the final result. If you follow the steps that we have shown here, we hope that you will get your desired result. Your photo will turn into an oil painting or cartoon effect.

We have added 3 images for your understanding of the differences. The below snapshots are the results of our above experiment.

Image 9


Image 10



Painting Effect in Photoshop-done


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