Techniques To Make 3d Stone Text Effect

3d Stone Text Effect

We can see plenty of design and text effects through the internet. Here we will make a 3D stone text effect. Create our workspace area with a size of 420-pixel widths and 336-pixel height. Set its background to #000000 which means black. Using the type tool into the window write some text I prefer to write “EAT”. And using Arial Black, size 130 will perfect for text I think and I choose it.

It’s time to use some real texture and I will use masking to get the possible best results to make it easier. Download stone texture and work with it. To re-size it before working go to Edit -> transform -> scale then re-sizes the texture. Through clicking the move tool apply the change. Into texture layer, choose filter -> sharpen -> sharpen more.

With this selected texture click on the right button, then select create a clipping mask. Now our text is textured which gets its realistic effect. Changed its gradient overlay for that right-click on the texture layer, select blending option and from left menu select gradient overlay. Set here blend mode as normal, opacity as 30%, gradient reverse, style linear and align with a layer also angle and scale as 90 degrees and 100%.

Select stone and texture layer and click on both layers and click on the top layer also choose merge layers. Named it stone layer, again use the transform tool to move it in an angle of 45 degrees through go to edit -> transform -> perspective.

Give it 3D looking and using move tool 20 pixels set its opacity as 30%. Set its bottom and add shadow and make it’s more realistic from before and the color will be white as #000000. Use polygonal lasso tool create side and fill it with the paint bucket.

Then transform it and broaden its size and after re-sizing select create a clipping mask. Now choose filter -> sharpen -> sharpen more. Our text and stone are ready for use.