How to Change Product Photo Color in Photoshop

How to change the product photo color in Photoshop

If you have a stock of product photos, you may need to change the products’ colors. Whether you have commercial or personal photos, some of them may have dull or inappropriate colors, distracting viewers.

While mismatches in commercial product photo colors can affect your overall sales, imperfect colors for personal product photos can also appall you at times.

By modifying your product photo color, you can spice up your images and also boost sales of your commercial photos. And the good thing is that you can change your product photo color entirely, partially, or even other photo elements with Photoshop.

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How to Change Product Photo Color in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the easiest method of changing a portion of a wall frame’s color. With some simple steps, you can try the method for your product photo and achieve a new and catchy look in no time.

1. Open Your Product Photo

Open Product Photo

First up, open your product image of which you want to change the color. You can choose a single product image, multiple product images, or even a single product with multiple elements. 

2. Choose the Object Selection Tool

Choose the Object Selection Tool

From the left sidebar, pick the object selection tool and make sure the mode is set to the “Rectangle” which will make sure the selection is rectangular.

3. Make a Rectangular Selection around the Product

Make a Rectangular Selection around the Product

Now, it’s time to draw a rectangular selection around the product or part of the product to which you want to change the color. The selected area may contain parts that you want to keep unchanged.

Make Rectangular Selection around Product-2

For that, you can hold down the Alt key or go to Subtract from the selection under the Options and then click and drag around that unwanted area. This will remove that area from the selection and your color change will not affect any longer.

4. Pick a Solid Color from the Adjustment Layer

Pick a Solid Color from the Adjustment Layer

At this point, go to the Layers panel, select the Adjustment layer, and choose the solid color item from the list of items. With that, a solid color fill will appear on the selected area of your product along with a color picker.

5. Change or Modify the Product Color

5. Change or Modify the Product Color

Now, select your preferred color from the color picker for your product. The vertical slider or bar on the color picker will enable you to choose your desired color or hue.

To choose the amount of color or the saturation, move the small circle on the color picker across horizontally. To make the color lighter or darker, move the circle up and down.

Once you select your preferred color shade, hit the OK button.

6. Change the Blending Mode

Change the Blending Mode

The color shows up in the product but the details don’t. For that, you have to change the blending mode of the solid color from “Normal” to “Color”.

7. Final Output

Final Output- changed product color

That’s your final output. You can view your product with a modified color, reflecting details and clarity.

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It’s Your Turn

The cool thing about changing color in this way is it’s a non-destructive method, meaning, you can show or hide the edit. Secondly, you can modify or edit the color anytime by clicking the adjustment and using the vertical slider.

So, pick the product photo of which you want to change the color and apply the method shown in this tutorial to nail the job effortlessly.