Photo Retouching Tutorial with Adobe Photoshop


This Photo retouching tutorial discuses the proper way for repairing a photo. You can retouch any of parts in a photo such as  eye, mouth, nose, hair, shoe or any other parts. So today I will describe some techniques of retouching.

First I am starting from eye, an efficient and attractive parts of your face and beauty. If your eyes are more lightened, then it will show unnatural. But still you can lighten your eyes little for show more smartness. You can use a simple method for increase bright of your eyes. You will choose curve adjustment for the whole area of eyes. It is an effective  method but you can also choose simultaneous controls for over light of the pupils and as well as for white colors of eyes.

Retouching-Before - Photo Retouching Tutorial Retouching-After - Photo Retouching Tutorial

For adding over contracts to your eyes, just select lasso tools and draw selection at the outside of your eyes and do it for both eyes and added this to lasso tools. Now  use direct adjustment curves and draw a light curve for adding lights to your eyes but keep the dark areas for pupils. Then you will use feather selection from the mask panel and set feathers at 2pixels.

When you will choose a photo for fashion or beauty clients, if the photo has stray hair, you need to repair the stray hairs. The healing tool is more useful and effective for retouch but it is not ideal for all types of photos. You can use clone or brush tools for repair stray hairs. By clone tool you can clone out cross-hairs, remove stray hairs and paint new hairs that match the nature or situation.

All peoples skin is not same. There are many types of skins and skin is the symbol of beauty and as well as smartness. Also a person’s bodies all over skin is not same. Suppose the skin of near eyes, it is slight dark or off-white or slightly different from other parts skin of a body. Some women have little hair above of lips. There is need to pay more attention. And this will only remove by photo retouching. Retouch makes a photo more smooth and charming.

Retouching does not end here. I just described a little beat on photo retouching. Photo retouching is necessary for every part of body.

Photo retouching tutorial is a big subject. It is very useful for fashion house, newspaper & magazine, web service photos and as well as personal needed.

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