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The term “trending” is a buzzword in the online world. No matter whether they are e-commerce stores, e-papers, e-magazines, social media platforms, or any other platform, the term trending shows up by hook or by crook.

Tons of e-commerce stores exist that fail to attract clients by advertising products that customers don’t hunt. Hence, any e-commerce store owner needs to carry out profound research on products in demand or on sale before loading his store.

Let’s skim through some of the trending products you can sell in your online store. We have rounded up these trending products based on their demands in popular e-commerce stores like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Walmart, and DHGate in the running year.

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Face Shield

Wireless Phone Charger

Flexible Garden Hose

Front Facing Baby Carrier

Car Phone Holder

Home Security IP Camera

Drone Camera

One Piece Swimsuit

Breathable Mesh Running Shoes

Strapless Backless Bra

Portable Car Vacuum

Baby Swing

Phone Lenses

Manicure Drill

Posture Corrector

Face Shield:

Face Shield

Generally speaking, a face shield or mask is a necessary object for our facial protection. With the massive rise of environmental pollution, the use of face shields among the masses has automatically increased. On top of that, the outbreak of COVID-19 has made it incumbent on us to wear face masks regularly.

Besides that, it’s human nature that people love to look cool and a face shield is a graceful facial gear to beautify people. The product is in great demand nowadays and you can certainly sell it in your online store along with a bandana. The good thing is that the search for the product is showing an upward trend which means people are snapping up it.

Price: $5-$10

Google trends Face Shield search data

Wireless Phone Charger:

Phone charger is a key mobile accessory and everyone has it in his/her arsenal. With the emergence of wireless phone chargers, everyone is rushing to have them in his/her collection. Why bother about wired phone chargers when we have wireless phone chargers at our fingertips?

People are despondent with the wired charging devices forming regular tangles. Hence, it’s wise and advisable to sell this particular device on your e-commerce store. To carry out that, you can import it from the supplier or go for dropshipping.

Price: $10-$15

Google trend wireless phone charger search data

Flexible Garden Hose:

Flexible Garden Hose


A fruitful product for watering garden and washing car, flexible garden hose has shown an upward trend among the buyers. The item comes with a handy and flexible pipe spray gun and having two different lengths of 25ft and 100ft.

The product is so useful that even the house owner himself can leverage it smoothly for washing purposes. Due to its mammoth utility, it was a hot-seller in the last 2 years. Even in this year, a garden hose is likely to lure customers and sell massively. Hence, tap into it!

Price: $7-$25

Google trend flexible garden hose search data

Front Facing Baby Carrier:

Front Facing Baby Carrier

Source: Amazon

Women aren’t always free. In fact, they remain engaged with a number of works, especially at home. It’s not always possible for them to take care of babies leaving aside their pressing household works. This is where the Front-facing baby carrier comes into play as with this object, mothers can carry out their regular chores and keep an eye on their children simultaneously.

If you are looking to sell baby-care products on your online store, don’t forget to consider this one. According to Google graph, the product is a highly purchased one and its demand is always on the rise.

Price: $13-$16

Google trends front facing baby carrier search data

Car Phone Holder:

Car Phone Holder

Source: Walmart CA

There was a time when car phone holder wasn’t common among the masses. But technology has facilitated the way we lead our lives. Most of us who drive cars often use smartphones to look for directions. But surely, it’s way difficult to drive as well as spot directions at the same time while the smartphone is handheld.

This is where the car phone holder comes into play as it can be attached to the dashboard area just in front of the driver. A phone can be placed on it and used for finding out directions. If you have a car-centered online store or even a general online store, you can keep car phone holders to multiply sales and generate profits.

Price: $3-$6

Google trends car holder search data

Home Security IP Camera:

Home Security IP Camera

Home security is always a matter of concern for homeowners and an IP camera is surely a conducive gadget to add value for home security. The upside of IP cameras is that it allows you to view the footage on your smartphone as they come connected with the internet.

More importantly, IP cameras are now available at a low-cost from various Chinese brands. So, it’s worth selling Home security IP cameras in your online store. Certain neighborhoods are prone to burglary and this IP camera is certainly one of the go-to security tools for them.

Price: $20-$40

Google trends IP camera search data

Drone Camera:

Drone Camera

Drone camera has been a popular tool among people for various purposes. The gadget is used for photography, surveillance, package delivery, military operations, etc. Powerful drones are available nowadays at a lower price offering high-quality and picture-perfect views.

If you have an e-store, hunt for drone cameras offering excellent footage quality and sellable at a reasonable price. Drone shoppers, however, prefer to buy it during the holiday season as they get the best deal at this period.

Price: $100-$400

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Google trends drone camera search data

One Piece Swimsuit:

Swimming is a passion and hobby for many people. During the summer season, many people fancy swimming. The one-piece swimsuit is a comfy and stylish costume for swimmers. Wearing this type of swimsuit, swimmers can not only swim but also stroll beside the beach.

Monokinis, another name for a one-piece swimsuit have been a trendy costume for a while. Previously, people were not too inclined to this type of swimsuit but the increasing use of it in movies has led girls to wear it often for swimming. So, you can sell the product on your e-store as a combo with beach party wear.

Price: $6-$25

Google trends one-piece swimsuit search data

Breathable Mesh Running Shoes:

Breathable Mesh Running Shoes

Anyone wearing a pair of shoes wants comfort in his feet. To be comfortable, the pair of shoes should have materials that allow air to get into them. Breathable shoes are porous, comfortable, and long-lasting. They are made of organic materials and so they have high demand.

This type of shoe is popular among athletes as they require a non-stop flow of air inside their shoes while they are running. People nowadays are showing a tendency towards mess shoes as they are breathable, cozy, and lightweight. This type of shoe is perfect for people spending long hours at offices as well.

Price: $7-$25

Google trends breathable shoes search data

Strapless Backless Bra:

A minimalistic wearable, strapless backless bra fits with the breast appropriately offering the comfort that women desire. It sticks to the breast with a silicon sucker warding off any chance of wardrobe malfunction. Wearing this type of bra, women can feast on sleeveless dresses at any time of the day.

If you are in charge of an e-commerce store, selling this particular product is surely a fair bet to earn you a high profit. In the previous year, the demand for the item escalated but this year in the summer it declined. Currently, the demand is on the rise, thanks to the holiday season coming up soon.

Price: $1-$4

Google trends strapless backless bra search data

Portable Car Vacuum:

Portable Car Vacuum

Source: Amazon

Portable car vacuum is a handy device for cleaning both interior and exterior of a car. It’s a compact, lightweight, and affordable car kit that every car owner tries to have in his arsenal. It comes with an ergonomic and stylish design and offers quick cleanups no matter how tiny dirt and debris the car contains.

On top of that, the device being a hand-held gadget, it can be maneuvered easily. The major advantage that the device offers is its ability to pick up crumbs from areas that are difficult to reach.

Price: $10-$30

Google trends portable car vacuum search data

Baby Swing:

Another handy baby-care item like a front-facing baby carrier is baby swing. But naturally, the function of both these items is different. To cool down a crying and fidgety baby, the item can be a cracking baby-care product. The tiny portable baby swing with plenty of cushioning can comfort the baby and keep him placid.

They come in a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes. Depending on the preference and size of the baby, customers can buy the product.

Price: $25-$50

Google trends baby swing search data

Phone Lenses:

Phone Lenses

Source: Amazon

Phone lenses are useful phone accessories that help to capture breathtaking photos. They come with a myriad of types and settings but have those in your e-store that have high order volumes. This item has been available in the market for quite a few years and has remained one of the top-selling products in dropshipping stores losing no charm.

Phone lenses offer double-magnification of captured photos and enable shutterbugs to take majestic shots with a click of a button. Looking at the trend of the product, it can be undoubtedly stated that you should sell the product on your online store to earn an exorbitant profit.

Price: $1-$5

Google trends phone lenses search data

Manicure Drill:

Manicure Drill

Source: Pinkiou

Manicure drill is a nail-shaping tool that people especially women leverage to enhance their nails. The kit offers a complete package of cutting, trimming, smoothening, and polishing nails. It comes with a toolset and is available in all the giant e-commerce stores.

Manicure drill is a sought-after kit that women across the globe have in their collection as it eases the whole manicure process. Why spend more money on a one-time manicure when you are getting a whole set cheaply!

Price: $20-$50

Google trends manicure drill search data

Posture Corrector:

Posture Corrector Product

Source: Amazon

Posture corrector is an on-demand product for all the reputed e-commerce companies. The function this object serves is that it helps the body to stand upright and tall supporting the spinal cord. The product is so effective that even most physiotherapists recommend it to people having back pain and posture problems.

People nowadays have become caring for their postures and this has multiplied the demand for this product on the online marketplace. The search result for the item has multiplied as well. So, it’s a good bet that it would generate higher profits for your e-store.

Price: ~$12

Google trends posture corrector search data


There are surely hundreds of trending products for sales. No matter whether they are electronics, apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, healthcare as well as baby-care products, repair products, or other accessories, items from all of these categories is sought after by shoppers more or less. We have listed above the top 15 sellable products at your online store based on our in-depth analysis of sales volume on various giant e-commerce companies.

Thanks a lot for reading or browsing through this concise but exhaustive write-up with patience. Till next time we come up with another interesting and killer write-up, just chill and rejoice!

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