How to Upload Product Pictures on Amazon

How to Upload Product Pictures on Amazon

How to Upload Product Pictures on Amazon

No doubt, most consumers take the decision of buying something online based on the photographs of the product. That’s why top Amazon sellers have already been using high-quality images to increase the conversion rates as well as business growth. To do so, it’s essential to get the best captions from a professional photographer and to retouch by expert photo editors. Apart from these, you must be acknowledged how to upload product pictures on Amazon appropriately. So, in this circumstance, we have planned to prepare a comprehensive guideline to let you know the whole thing together in an efficient manner.

Besides this, there are some mandatory and key things to be considered before uploading Amazon product pictures. Let’s move step by step below!

Amazon Product Image Requirements

Amazon strictly maintains its image requirements. Here, we have divided the Amazon photo guidelines into two parts to clarify them in detail.

Technical Requirements 

  • Product images should be in JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG format. In most cases, JPEG is preferred.
  • Color mode must be sRGB or CMYK.
  • Amazon image size can be 10MB (Max).
  • The minimum pixel dimension for the product image should be 1000 or larger.
  • Product identifier (Amazon ASIN, EAN, UPC, JAN, and ISBN) should be included in the file name.
  • File names must follow the proper period and file extension procedure.
  • No dashes, spaces, or characters are allowed.

General Amazon Image Rules for Listing


  • The product image must be photographed professionally with realistic colors and smooth edges.
  • Images of Books, Music, and DVDs should be in 100% of the image frame.
  • Besides these categories, other items must fill at least 85% of the frame.
  • It’s recommended to keep the background pure white.
  • Photographs must be free of additional text or graphics.
  • The recommended Amazon image dimension is 1:1 square with 2000*2000.
  • You can include noteworthy visual information about the product to showcase it positively to the consumers.
  • Pornographic and offensive objects in the product images are strictly prohibited.
  • Demonstrative and text graphics can be included with images.
  • No watermarks, logo, or unexpected objects are allowed in the product image.

How to Upload Product Pictures on Amazon

Let’s learn how to upload images on Amazon step by step.

  • Go to the inventory menu and select Manage Inventory.
  • There are different types of products on the list. Search for the product category of your choice.
  • Select the category and ‘Manage Images’ from the menu.
  • Add images by clicking the ‘Browse File’ button. You can upload multiple pictures of your product.
  • Choose the product photo and click ‘Upload images’ to upload them one by one.

Amazon Images Best Practices

Before uploading images of your favorite products on Amazon, it’s essential to check and follow some instructions to get the best outcome. Here is a list with a short description.

  • Amazon lets you include multiple images and you should take this opportunity to showcase products in detail. This is the way by how the audience can see them from different angles. So, try to provide at least 5-6 photos of each product.
  • Another essential practice is to use pictures with a human being or any other object. It makes the products more realistic and attractive. When you are uploading a toy with a baby, it becomes more relevant and nice that helps to increase sale.
  • Add some necessary and relevant information about the product with the image. It enhances the chance to sell something faster by clarifying confusion regarding the product.
  • It’s also essential to upload some creative images that are eye-catchy and get more clicks. The more your presentation is unique and attractive, the more you will get a response.
  • Use some lifestyle graphics and images for a better understanding of the product. It also looks exciting with the elements.
  • You may upload the product with and without a package. Sometimes, it’s nice to showcase the item outside the box. Thus, consumers will know how the product looks like!
  • Try to get some zoomed look of the product. It’s another crucial tactic to get sales from your targeted customers. Zoomed images let your customers get a detailed idea about the product.
  • As millions of users visit online stores through smartphones and other small screens, it’s highly recommended to optimize the product image for the media. Many customers will take decisions by seeing the item on mobile screens. So, make sure the photo is clear enough along with the information you added with that.
  • Always keep extra care about image quality. Whether you use any online tool or professional hands to change the image requirements, it should be properly optimized maintaining the dimensions and looks. After all, quality pictures will bring the audience and help you achieve more sales.

To Conclude

Whether it’s a journey to establish an e-commerce business, product photos are the most important factors to be considered for growing the business. And, Amazon is such a marketplace where thousands of big sellers are selling their products each day maintaining the proper image requirements given by Amazon authority. We tried to help you out by proving the way how to upload them along with the Amazon listing photo requirements to get more outcomes at less effort. Hopefully, it will help to find out the proper direction in this case. If you are facing a problem with Amazon’s requirement of photos quality, Color Experts International, Inc. is here to help you with Amazon photo editing services.