Online shopping nowadays is at our fingertips, isn’t it? Regardless of our social status, we tend to buy our preferred products online. A number of factors matter when it comes to buying products from online platforms including price, quality, delivery time, etc. You can individually visit different e-commerce stores to snap up your necessary products whether they are gadgets, dresses, jewelry, fashion accessories, or any other item. But don’t you think you can be overcharged many times when you go to buy a product from a particular online store? Yes, you can end up paying more for a particular product! This is where the google shopping platform comes into play as it provides you with the opportunity to liken a particular product’s price advertised by different companies.

What’s Google shopping? Many of us are familiar with this platform but many aren’t as well. It’s basically an e-commerce platform that provides online retailers with an opportunity to reach out to shoppers while giving them the control to refine the audience in targeted campaigns. The shopping engine allows retailers to advertise their products mesmerizingly. The advantage of Google shopping is that it besides driving traffic to different e-commerce sites also maximizes conversions. If you want to sell your products on Google, you should use this amazing platform.

how to sell on google shopping

The retail sector has been having a tough time over the years and recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector got hit hard massively. With the closure of brick-and-mortar stores, demand for electronic shopping is mounting day by day. Buyers are tending towards online shopping not only for their daily necessary items but also for purchasing fancy items like gadgets, cell phones, watches, headsets, and so on and so forth. This is prompting retailers to go for online selling to grip customers and scale up sales. This is also assisting struggling businesses to reconnect with their customers and keep their businesses in progress.

Now, the question crossing your mind is, how can you sell products on google shopping, right? We will walk you through the entire process step-by-step regarding how you can sell your products on google shopping.

How to Sell on Google Shopping?

Before you begin selling on the google shopping platform, you have to activate an account on two separate platforms; Google Merchant Center and Google Ads. You will require a Google login for this. Either you can use your personal Gmail account for this or you can create a separate account only for this purpose. Most people opt for a separate account to make it shareable to other team members so that they can access it as well.

After you have set up account access protocols, you can kick off your campaign right away or you can go for optimizing the campaign processes. No doubt, the latter is recommended as it will provide an all-in-one Google shopping solution.

Sign up for a Google Merchant Center

Google Shopping- Merchant Account

At the very beginning, you have to set up a merchant account via Google’s Merchant Center to start the campaign. This is where you have to provide basic information like contact information and location.  With Google’s Merchant Center, you can upload product information, brand, and store to promote your products. Besides that, you have to agree with Google’s terms of service. Finally, you have to verify and claim the website URL to confirm that you own the website and can make necessary modifications to the content.

Display Catchy Product Photos

how to sell product on google shopping- Catchy Photos

It’s very crucial to keep your product images ready for display as Google Shopping pull featured images from your online store. Like all other e-commerce stores, Google Shopping emphasizes visual experience as well. The first thing that catches the attention of shoppers in online shopping is product images. It’s very important to utilize peachy images for your online products to make a positive impression among the buyers. Google is also aware of this and to ascertain a pleasant shopping experience, they can even nullify Google Shopping Campaigns if the images used are too shoddy.

Link your Google Merchant Account to Google Ads

After you search for a product using Google search in Google Shopping, the results you get are basically paid ads as displayed by the Sponsored tag to the right of the Shopping results. If you want to scale up your product listings and get them featured at the top of Google’s search result page, connect Google Merchant Account and Google Ads Account.

Create a Google Shopping Campaign

Now, it’s time to create a Google Shopping campaign and promote your products. Go to your Google Merchant Center account and click “Create Shopping Campaign”, insert your campaign name, country of sale, geographical locations where people can view your advertisements, and your budget. Creating the Shopping campaign name will act as a merchant identifier. After you click Create, you will be able to manage the campaign through Google AdWords. However, to conduct an AdWords campaign, you have to set the campaign goal as well. If it’s shopping, you can select Sales, Leads, or Website traffic as a campaign goal.

Place Bids on your Shopping Campaign

The next step is to place bids on your Shopping Campaign. Once you go ahead, the next screen displays your campaign settings. Here, you have to enter your campaign name, pick your bidding strategy, and set your campaign budget. When you place a bid, you are notifying Google how much you are willing to pay for a conversion or cost per action. From the same screen, you have to also set your campaign budget which is essentially the amount of money you wish to pump per day. However, Google doesn’t cap this amount of money on daily basis but manages on monthly basis.

Begin Selling your Products

how to sell product on google shopping

Now, it’s time to start selling your products by creating an ad campaign. Create your ad group, name it, and incorporate your products. You can then generate a product feed with different identifiers like brand, price, product image, availability, and description of your product.

Let’s get to know some of the best practices to follow while using Google Shopping.

Make your Product Data Clear:

Product data includes a variety of information like product image, price, marketing copy, etc. Make sure all of them are lucid for the shoppers. For example, product images that you use should refer to a single product rather than multiple products. Likewise, when it comes to pricing, it should be fixed and displayed for each product not to let shoppers get disoriented.

Go for Segmentation:

When you go for selling mass products, there are high chances that you would lose a major chunk of your daily budget through a popular search term. Bundling all the products in Google Shopping feed drives lesser conversion rates and therefore it’s not a good idea. Hence, go for niche products as they are likely to drive higher conversion rates. You can segment your products into different categories based on price and seasonality.

User Experience Matters:

After buyers visit your landing page, they must have a pleasant experience to get converted. You have to design your landing page in such a way so that shoppers can navigate through the page smoothly and find their preferred products without any hassle.

Make use of Retargeting Campaign:

It’s not a bad idea at all to adopt a retargeting campaign. You can create display ads with products that your site visitors viewed earlier after visiting your online store. Remind them about the products incorporating various features like retargeting lists for search ads. This is likely to boost your conversions and sales.

Don’t Hesitate to Refine your Product Descriptions:

Besides looking at the price and availability, shoppers also go through or at least browse through the product description. So, you have to emphasize the clarity of product descriptions. Whichever brands you sell, you have to use the popular keywords for them to make it easy for the buyers to find the products. Along with that, craft these descriptions unique and imposing to stand out from your competitors.

Advantages of Google Shopping:

By now, you have certainly perceived that Google Shopping is an ace platform for online retailers. But if we don’t shed light on some benefits of Google Shopping offers, we surely won’t do justice to this marvelous shopping platform. No doubt, the channel offers an array of benefits from the standpoint of sellers. If you have a store and retail channel for selling your products item by using several platforms, then Google shopping is one of the best options for you.

Easy to Use

As we discussed above, it’s pretty much clear that setting up Google Shopping isn’t an uphill task, rather a cakewalk. If you have the essential product data, the location where you want your ads to be sold, and the amount of money you are willing to pump, you are good to go for setting up a Google Shopping campaign in a short space of time.

Drive More Sales

Certainly, when you are using this channel for your online business, you are opening more doors to reach your potential clients along with your online store. This automatically scales up the chances of conversions and sales of your e-commerce store.

Swift to Measure the Campaign Efficacy

Launching a campaign with Google always draws some extra attention as you get stellar insights about the fruitfulness of the campaign. The merchants get a clear and holistic idea of their ad campaigns as to if they are notching up the goals they were targeted to whether it’s sales, leads, or website traffic.

Over to you

With the escalating growth of e-commerce stores, it has become indispensable for merchants to keep alternative options to vie with the competitors. They have to deliberate about additional sales channels so that if one channel fluffs, another can come off. Google Shopping campaign can serve this purpose. Setting up a Google Shopping campaign and running it wisely is likely to boost your revenue along with diversifying your sales strategies. You need to consider also Google Shopping photo editing for maintaining the rules of product image requirement.

So, are you all-set to avail of the Google Shopping campaign? Well! Don’t hold back to make use of this handy sales channel to lure new shoppers, provide existing customers with a new avenue to shop, and make a quick buck!!!