10 More Cool DSLR Photography Hacks & Tricks (Part-2)!

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Earlier we posted a DSLR Photography Hacks & Tricks content where we have shown 8 Cool DSLR photography Hacks & Tricks ! This content is an extended form of that one and here we have discussed some advanced and unique techniques that must be very useful for the amateur as well as for the hobbyist photographers.

The hacks and tricks discussed in the below are very amazing and creative as well. This is also very professional and full of fun for the photographers. It may cost you a little bit. There are uses of some gadgets, instruments like stands, glass, water, color, and something like this. Before practicing, you should have these things. However, these 10 tricks will make you creative and you can learn more new things.

  1. Green Hue by Using Leaf:

By this trick, you can get a green hue in your image. To try this hack, you need a camera and a green leaf.


You have to select a subject to capture the image. Make ready your camera and hold the green leaf in front & on one side of the lens. Then, capture the photo.


Thus, you can get a nice green hue in your image like the below one. The graphic designers usually apply this type of effect on the image in Photoshop. But, if you can follow this trick, you can do it with a green leaf.


Credit: https://youtu.be/fTK02Rm24jA?t=300


  1. Under water selfie (Or over water selfie):

Capturing such type of selfie is pretty much funny. To do this, you need a camera, fresh micro SD card, a selfie stick, water, and glass jar or a big bowl. By the way, at first set the micro SD card in your camera.


Then, attach the camera with the selfie stick. The camera must be water resistant such as Go Pro Hero 5.


Next, take a glass jar and fill it with water. It can be a bowl also. Ok, now the time for dipping your camera into the water.


Dip you camera and shoot your photo at once. Do the work very fast to get your image. For this, you have to be tricky and fast also. However, the image below is the outcome of this photography life hack.


Credit: https://youtu.be/hEGuYKpxCrw?t=73


  1. Fresh and Clean Splash Effects (with Fruits)

We will here discuss about the image of the splash with fruits that gives a fresh and clean effect. To capture such an image, we need several types of fruits like orange, grape, blackberries, strawberry, white board or table, and more if you like.


You also need water and the most important thing is that this type of image demands high shutter speedy camera. Now, arrange the fruits on the white backdrop and keep ready your photographer with the camera. Finally, splash water on the fruits and at once shoot the photo.


The shutter speed of the camera must be high and the shutterbug must also be very fast and tricky. Anyway, the image below is the result.


Credit: https://youtu.be/hEGuYKpxCrw?t=95


  1. Fake Background:

In this hack, we will capture images with a fake background. To do this, we have taken a photo album or book, two dolls, table, and a camera.


You can get such an image by your phone camera. Open your photo album and set on the table vertically, keeping open the image same as the below image-


Now, set the dolls on the table just in front of the image book. Make your camera ready and capture the image.


Credit: https://youtu.be/hEGuYKpxCrw?t=158


But, as with changing background, this is every day task for us. You can shoot at any angle and send us the images for changing background. So, even if you can’t find a good background for photo-shoot, just send us your photos and desired background.

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  1. Shoot Through Water Droplets

For getting such a stunning image, you can use some James chocolates, glass, two boxes, camera, etc. like us.


Set the glass on the two boxes and keep the James under the glass. Keep water drop on the glass.


Now, capture image through the water droplets.


If you capture the image in this way, the result will like the photo below.


Credit: https://youtu.be/hEGuYKpxCrw?t=184


  1. Shooting Water Droplet Dynamics

For taking such an amazing image, you need to have water pot, stand, water bag, camera, color, etc. Your camera must have higher shutter speed.


Set the water pot on a table. Hung water bag with the stand and lick the water bag to fall water drop in the pot. Capture image at once when the water drop falls in the water in the pot.


Usually, you will get a white droplet image. To create a colorful droplet image, you can mix various colors with the water. The faster you capture images, the image will be wonderful.

Credit: https://youtu.be/_nBZyHOT9rk?t=396


  1. Splash Photography

For this photography, you should have a camera, tripod, water, glass jar for keeping water, light, object for dipping in water, etc.


Set the environment and capture the image. By your one hand, drop the object into the water and by another hand, press the capture button from your camera.


If you get someone else to help you, it would be better. However, the outcome will be same as the below image.

Credit: https://youtu.be/JUtrNJN_4zY?t=262


  1. Water Balloon Speedy photography

This photography demands a high speedy camera, balloon, rope, water pot, stand for hanging the balloon with water, light, and pin.


Ok, for capturing this image, place a water pot. Hang a balloon with filling water by a rope with the stand. Then set your camera just parallel with the balloon. By your one hand leak the balloon to blast it and keep other hand on the camera to capture the image at once when you blast the balloon.


You will get an image same as like the below one.


Credit: https://youtu.be/sn01RmVjNOE?t=310


  1. Panorama Sequence

Learning this trick, you can capture panorama or 360 HDR image with your camera or phone. To do that, you need a model who can run around you.

into shot

To get such a 360 degree image, press the option in your camera. Keep moving your camera from left to right slowly and make your model running round your back into the frame. In this way, capture a panorama photo.

The result will be like the image below.


Credit: https://youtu.be/fTz4Nhgm_SQ?t=10


  1. Rainy Day Portrait in the Studio

For getting a rainy portrait you need a model, glass, water, sprayer, camera, and stand.


Set the glass before the model. Spray water on the glass to create droplets. After creating a lot of water drop on the glass, capture the image of the model.


The result will be same as the images below.



Credit: https://youtu.be/L4USUxcL49A?t=192

Try out these hacks. Some may be a bit advanced, but none are rocket science. When get along with these hacks, your creative mind may also bring out new witty ideas. Let us know if you came across any innovative hacks.


8 Cool DSLR photography Hacks & Tricks !