Image Retouching, Video Editing, & 3D Modeling: What Software Professionals Use

Image Retouching, Video editing, and 3D modeling software

In the age of darkroom photo manipulation, photo editing, and retouching were performed by hand and mixing of chemicals in the lab. But now, digital image manipulation and creation are based on the use of different powerful software. It is easier and lesser risky than that before. You can undo or redo if your image gets distorted and that was impossible in the darkroom.

To become a pro image and video editor requires being familiar with multiple software. Once you will be experienced handling their tool, options, filters, etc. it will be deemed easier for you. To be a professional in this area, you must know using different software. Spending enough time and fruitful practice can make you a performing expert.

Best Software for Image Retouching, Video Editing, & 3D Modeling

For becoming an expert in the photo editing and retouching industry, you should have a clear knowledge of what software and tools the professionals and image editing companies utilize to service their clients. Head over, we are going to focus on a list of tools that the experts have been leveraging.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the best photo editing software ever. You will hardly find anyone who never hears the name Photoshop. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows. For novice graphic designers, Photoshop is ideal. It is a powerful tool for serious designers and editors. In an updated version of Photoshop, you will get hundreds of tools, options, filters, effects, plug-ins, etc. that will enable you to create anything efficiently. Its automation tools will energize you to keep creating new designs and making old photos newer shortly.

Adobe Photoshop


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Expert graphic designers and photo editors use Photoshop to provide services to their customers. It is so powerful and futuristic tool that an entire industry got established depending on it. Photoshop has made photo processing digitally fun and creative. It’s an incredible amount of learning resources is available on video streaming websites. Anyone can learn and choose graphic design as a career.

You can do anything with Photoshop. Professionals and companies utilize this tool for creative graphic design, image processing, photography post-production, and many more.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is the most creative tool for creating a logo, icon, billboard, product packaging, book illustration, drawings, typography, etc. For producing vector-based non-destructive high-end 2D marketing and advertising elements, Illustrator is the best tool. Millions of creative graphic designers and artists love it for its capacity of generating industry-standard vector graphics.

Adobe Illustrator is sophisticated with a bunch of high performing tools, options, filters, and more that provide the experts more freedom to think and create the newest innovative graphics. Though it is a bit tough for the novice, if you practice regular, distortion-free graphics creation for the clients will be sportive.

Adobe Illustrator


Want to know the key differences between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator? Here it is-

Differences and Similarities Between Photoshop and Illustrator

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is popular among photographers for its quick image processing capacity. It is not as capable to edit images like Photoshop, a multi-purpose image editing tool. It works on light primarily. You can also work with LR to edit red-eye and some little spot-fixing. Lightroom is the best tool for exposure correction, shadow fixing, yellow tint removal, making eye-soothing black & white, etc. Making an image clear and noise-free is fun in the lightroom. Photo culling is another sportive work you must enjoy with this lightweight tool. If you want to work faster on color management, you will get some default lightroom presets. Not only that you can create your own presets as per your needs.



Want to know the key differences between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator? Here it is-

Adobe Photoshop Vs Lightroom: Compare & Contrast

The photo editing experts, image editing companies, busy photographers, kinky, and hobbyist photo shooters depend on Lightroom for having quick image editing results. It is user-oriented with an easy interface and an ideal fix the photo tool for amateur graphic editors to understand the basics of lighting & shadow crafting.

Adobe After Effects

The first choice of the animators is the After Effects application. For extraordinary scientific and technical achievement, the award-winning After Effects is an industry-leading video and animation tool that is amazingly well-integrated and powerful to perform stunning visual activities. After Effects has brought about a different approach for creating the movement of various digital elements, videos, photographs, and creative still effects apart from the traditional animation practice. It provides hundreds of tools and options to manipulate and edit digital properties like hand-drawn media, photographs, and videography. Using its wide scale of tools, coding, and user input, you can rotate, twist, scale, move, and more to your photos and videos.

Adobe After Effects


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After Effects allows its users to produce extremely impressive 2D vector and 3D basic animation. Utilizing AE’s state-of-the-art technology, visual effects have got a new solidity in the movie industry. Character animation and kinetic typography animation have reached a fancy expansion of uses. UI/UX mock-up animation is dominating the design sector getting the new-fashioned dimension from After Effects.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro, available for Mac and Windows OS, is a comprehensive video editing application largely used for manipulating video clips, TVC films, online videos, etc. Its potent tools will enable you to craft video footage into extremely impressive films and videos. The sophisticated Premiere Pro software is exercised by renowned video production houses, digital marketers, news stations, ad agencies, design companies, and individuals performing a role as a video editor, production manager, multimedia manager, and freelance video editing professional.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premier pro lets the video editing experts perform all the basic video tweaking tasks that require for creating broadcast-quality HD videos and films. You can here import videos, audio, effects, and graphics.

Pen Tablet (Wacom)

Professionals and design companies use a graphics tablet that is popularly known as a pen tablet. This computer input device is used as a replacement for a computer mouse for pointing and navigation. It has a flat surface and a stylus that looks like a pen that works as a drawing tool. When a user draws something, it gets displayed on the monitor. Some pen tablets incorporate an LCD screen that offers a more realistic experience.

Pen Tablet (Wacom)

A pen tablet enables a user to draw images, animation characters, complex vector graphics, etc. Experts use it for mage masking, selecting thin and stray hair or fur, capturing data, image fixing, input hand-written signatures, raster image tracing, and more.

3DS Max, Maya, and Blender

Professional individuals or design companies that provide 3D modeling and rendering services use 3D software. They use mostly 3 applications out of the hoard of 3D tools that are massively influential to the 3D industry. Let’s have a look at the major 3D modeling tools-

3DS Max is one of the significant and most used 3D modeling applications. It deals with design visualization, 3D animation, and gaming props & characters. Max gives a rich and flexible toolset. Its full artistic control offers you a scope of creating best-in-class designs. The tool is famous for producing gaming elements, architectural renderings, furniture & interior design props, character modeling, animation, and VFX.

3DS Max for 3D modeling

MAYA 3D software is useful for modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering. The expert 3D artists use the comprehensive creative tools and features of Maya application for gaining highly extensible productions. Maya offers next-generation display technology, accelerated modeling workflows, and tools for managing complex data.

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Blender is a free and open-source 3D application that offers modeling, animation, rigging, rendering, simulation, sculpting, motion tracking, and compositing. You can use it as a video editing and game creation tool. However, Blender is a cross-platform tool compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac. It’s a community-driven project under GNU public license and so, its features are developed frequently for better usage. Its slogan is “Blender is your own 3D software” since it is free, with no price tag, but you can invest.


Expert designers, artists, and companies use a lot more tools and software for providing their clients 100% flawless designs. This is a shortlist of some professional applications that are used widely and enough to offer high-end services to make the customer satisfied. Hopefully, it will assist you in different ways to establish your career in the field of photo editing, video editing, and 3D modeling as well.