Photo & Video Editing:

What software we use?

Color Experts International, Inc. is a professional bulk image editing and retouching service provider featuring with a lot of sophisticated image manipulation services, such as clipping path, background removing, image masking, color correction, image retouching, eCommerce product photo cropping and resizing, ghost mannequin service, raster to vector conversion services, etc. Other premium services that we offer are video editing, animation, motion graphics, 3D product modeling, and many more.

Over the last 30 years, Color Experts provides services to its hundreds of existing and new customers by the most recent technologies. To produce the topmost quality image files, we have been utilizing all the necessary photo editing and retouching tools and gears. We never compromise with low quality work and so, we always use the latest version of software. However, have a look at what software the designers of CEI use at the production house.

Adobe Photoshop


As a graphic design and photo editing company, we cannot think without Photoshop. Adobe’s product Photoshop is the industry-standard tool for photo editing and retouching. It has been developed over the years and in every update, new tools, options, filters, and plug-ins are introduced to perform high-end photo modification. Adobe Photoshop is a paid image editing software and most of the companies and home-based freelancers use it to work for their clients. For creative graphic design, Photoshop is unparalleled to other contemporary image manipulation software. However, we are providing image editing, retouching, cropping, resizing and all other services to our worldwide customers utilizing Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator


To create new graphics, Illustrator comes first. We, at our production house, use Illustrator for raster to vector conversion service. Our experienced creative graphic designers use Illustrator for creating corporate identities such as logo, banner, flyer, festoon, product brochure, catalog, billboard banner, web template, motion graphic elements, and many other creative works. We further use Illustrator for creating 2D images for animation. For 2D floor plan drawing, map creating, product usage manual making, product outlining and line drawing, etc. we are leveraging this creative tool efficiently. Adobe Illustrator is used best for producing print materials.

Adobe Lightroom


The name “Lightroom” is itself refers to its function and we use the software for correcting image light and color. According to the demand of the clients, we use Lightroom for image culling. To change image exposure, shadow correction, black and white color modification, tit correction, etc. our designers use it. Though all these works are possible to perform in Photoshop, for a quick result, our photo editing experts utilize Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. The best use of this tool is to correct image exposure. A dull and damn color old image can easily be updated using the various slides of Lightroom. Red-eye corrections, lens corrections, making black and white images are some of Lightroom’s featured work. Photographers like Lightroom for its capability of producing a quick result. Anyway, to reduce time consumption, very often we use Lightroom at our production house.

Adobe Aftereffects


Color Experts International, Inc. uses the latest version of Adobe AfterEffects for motion graphics animation. The tools are also used for rotoscoping, adding cool effects, transition effect, green screen removing and replacing video background, adding lower thirds and subtitles, removing shake, stabilizing video footage, video color correction, removing object and people, title animation, audio syncing with video, adding music, making video intro and outro, and more. Our experienced designers handle AE skilfully and create stunning videos for the customers. Taking top-notch AfterEffect services, our worldwide customers are so much satisfied so far.

Adobe Premiere Pro


We use Premiere pro for adjoining video clips and for cutting a certain part of a video. It helps our video editing personnel to animate titles, adding intro and outro, lower third, subtitle, and more. The video editing experts prefer Premiere pro because of its other adobe tools’ integration, board format support and lightweight, best in class color overflows, dynamic graphics and titles, variety of actionable tools, best performance, and more. These features have made the tool more functional and popular.

Pen Tablet (Wacom)


Image editing service with a pen tablet is one of the featured services that we offer to the clients. Human hair, animal fur, feather, blanket, and smoke images that have soft edges are not fit for the clipping path with the pen tool. Even image masking with a mouse is not possible with the desired quality. The designers cannot hold the detail of the flying or stray hair using the click of a mouse. For image masking advantage with Pen Tablet, we use the Wacom pen tablet instead of the traditional computer mouse. It gives the photo editing experts more flexibility and helps to bring maximum perfection in image masking.

Autodesk Max, Maya, and Blender


Color Experts International, Inc. has been offering high-end 3D product modeling and rendering services. The experienced 3D artists are handling multiple 3D tools for different work purposes. At the production house, we use Max and Maya for products and simple character modeling. And for creating professional gaming characters and props, we apply Blender, the monster of digital sculpting. Using these three pro-quality tools, we are producing world-class 3D materials for advertising & marketing, animation and motion graphics, gaming industry, etc.


Our main target is to offer all types of image editing services for our clients. With that in mind, we provide a slew of photo retouching services to fix the visual issues of our clients as well as to make them stand out from their competitors. Take a close look at our services below.