Video Editing FAQs for Beginners – Facts, Myths, and Best Practices

Video Editing FAQs

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Video editing has been a hot and trendy topic in the era of modern technology. It’s been an essential fact whether you want to promote a service or business globally. Many of the giant companies, as well as many professionals, use this as a fruitful resource and media.  In this article, we bring a short but easy solution on some basic video editing FAQs for you. If you are working in this sector, it may help you make the editing life more comfortable.

General Queries

General Queries about video editing

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These are some common queries from the beginners to get an introductory idea on video editing. We picked the basics from several sources to provide a clear concept on this.

Why video editing is important? When should you hire a professional editor?

Video editing has been a turning and specialized technology that impacts different sectors globally. Once you create a video, it needs to go for the editing process from professionals for the betterment of the video quality. Firstly, as a professional video editor, you need to review all the footage along with the audio. Besides this, it may require to edit or modify the file. As a result, it will be easier to get a better quality and professional video to focus on the service you prefer.

What is DTV?

DTV means Digital or Desktop Video Editing that approaches the editing through your computer directly. As a video editor, you can capture and edit files with the effects, sounds, and many more elements using DTV.

What should be the specifications for video editing tasks?

Whether you are going to work on video editing in high resolution, it needs particular system requirements to achieve high-quality results. The ideal specifications are likely

🔸 Processor of i7/i9 models

🔸 16/32 GB RAM

🔸 Video Card- GTX 1050 Ti or GTX 1660

🔸 Hard Disk- 256 GB SSD

🔸 High-Resolution Display (1280*1080 or larger)

🔸 CPU Cooler.

Define Full-Screen Video?

Full-Screen Video refers to the video with a screen size of 720*576 for PAL and 720*480 for NTSC. This is known as the ideal resolution in this case. You can enlarge the capture size to get a higher resolution. But the smaller size may interpolate by your device to the existing information.

How to clip a video file into segments?

A video can be clipped into several segments using any video editing tools. It includes a button or option to make the separation of a part or section. Besides sectioning the parts, you can also merge them together in a sequence.

What is CODEC?

CODEC defines a Compression or Decompression algorithm that helps to digitize and compress data to achieve faster transmission. It also works for rendering titles and special effects. The most popular formats for this are likely MPEG, MJPEG, DV, etc.

Which one is better- soft or hard CODEC?

In general, Hard CODEC refers to the hardware codecs or chip. It supplies the compressed video file from a raw one in real-time. It’s been used as an expensive system rather than a soft codec.

Soft CODEC refers to the software module that can do the same things as the previous one at less cost. It also does the processing in real-time in a faster way.

How long it takes to edit a video?

This answer is not constant like the common queries. It depends on many technical factors along with the skills of the video editor by whom you are going to take the service. In some cases, video editing can take a few hours only. And, some files can take over a week.

What is Linear and Non-Linear Editing?

Linear video editing is a process assembling the video files in an ordered sequence. This is comparatively a simple and inexpensive way to make the video editing task. If you wish to join two clips together in order, linear editing can be a good choice.

On the other hand, Non-Linear Editing refers to the method that uses random access to video storage. It helps to get access to the files immediately and randomly. You can load and manipulate the necessary files in a non-linear mode using this method. Also, it allows adding plugins to create interactive effects and transitions.

What is a video capture card?

A video capture card is a special chip or board that enables recording video from the device and keep it to hard drive. It also defines the quality of your video. This device can be connected with a computer system with the help of USB or PCI Express technology.

What it means by Rendering?

Rendering is a technical term that refers to the process or method to bring the video footage to the final form. It’s an essential thing in video editing to achieve excellent quality. To do so, you need a high-configuration machine with powerful RAM and processor. The reason is that it takes more power and time.

How can I put the video clips on the internet?

The answer to this query is- it depends! It’s upon you who will decide the way to showcase the video to your audience. It can be codecs while exporting files to make them downloadable in high quality. Better you keep them compressed into different formats likely RealPlayer, Apple QuickTime, Microsoft MediaPlayer, etc.

Service FAQs

Video Editing Service FAQs

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Here are some essential frequently asked questions from buyers/customers, who may need video editing services. Let’s have a look to let you know the FAQs to gather some knowledge regarding this.

I have a video that needs to be edited. How can you help me?

We have an expert and dedicated team to assist you in video editing and motion graphics tasks. It’s so simple to work with us. We keep it simple for our customers. Just send us your requirements with the video. After making the editing, we will inform you and take the suggestion if you have. Our video experts will make the necessary changes according to your wants.

How much it may cost for a project?

Cost differs from project to project. There are various criteria to define this query. It depends on video and audio quality, number of frames and panels, inking and coloring, animations, number of concepts, sound effects, and more. So, to submit an exact reply, you will have to send us your video and needs. But one thing to add here- we take the most affordable price compared with other service providers. So, no need to be panic!

Which materials do I need to submit?

You will need to submit the video along with your expectations that have been shot by the videographer.

Can you do corporate video editing?

We have many corporate clients with whom we have been working for several years with trust and reputation. Our specialized team will take care of your video to prepare it professionally.

Do you have other services besides video editing?

Color Experts International has varieties of services related to graphics design, photography post-production, and 3D modeling. We have a great team to assist you in the sectors at competitive rates.

I have some pieces of raw video files. Can you make it done?

Yes, we work on raw files done by videographer. You just share the files with us and our expert team will make the modification according to your demands.

For which area do you provide your service and support?

Besides video editing tasks, we provide all types of photo editing and retouching services. It includes clipping path service, ghost mannequin service, image masking service, color correction service, catalog design service, photography post-production service, raster to vector conversion service, 3D modeling service, image restoration service, and some more.

Finishing Lines

So, we have put the most used video editing FAQs for both customers and knowledge seekers. Hopefully, it will be a great asset for you to learn the basics in the area. Although it’s not all the things that you may take this as a bible. It’s just a beginning. We will come with much more necessary stuff for you in the near future. Till then, stay tuned with Color Experts.