Thinking about launching your own e-commerce website or making your images more glamorous and beautiful? Are you feeling tensed to process a large volume of images by yourself for your pre-press work?

Then you have landed on the right website of 30 years experienced company on image manipulation services. Color Expert International (CEI) with its more than 250 experts and professional graphic designers provide the quality image editing services on clipping path, photo retouching, creative graphic design, web design, ad design, raster to vector (R2V) and other image conversions, CAD conversion, digital pre-press work and video editing. Our clients include many world class media houses, companies, famous photographers, fashion houses and many others. Those glittering names are the testimonials of our work and skill. If you are interested in judging our quality, you can get our free trial service where we offer our clients to process their images at free of cost up to 2 images. Here we will show you our service details and few samples of our works. For more you can go to “our work samples” category.

Color Experts Mockup Presentation

Clipping path service is an Adobe Photoshop Pen tool based photo manipulation service which is widely used to remove image background. This service is very much essential for e-commerce sites or for professional photographers. We use Photoshop pen tool for clipping path. Doing hand drawn clipping path needs an expertise knowledge and image clipping skill. Our graphic designers do clipping path at 1 to 2 pixels inside from the edge of the image.

neck joint service

We offer various image manipulation services among which Neck joint (Another name is Ghost Mannequin or invisible mannequin) service is very much popular. Normally two or three photograph are taken from different views, i.e. front, back, sleeps, inner shot etc. Then the inner view of the image is used to create the neck part for a complete view of the real image is created. It is generally applied to garments items like T-shirts, shirts, pants, sweaters, etc. E-commerce sites and garment industries have needed this service and very much useful to promote their garments products.

Among others, Photoshop image masking is used with clipping path technique to knockout the background of complex images to be placed for advertisement displays in e-commerce website or catalogs. Photoshop masking is further useful when clipping path alone is not adequate on hair, fur, or semi transparent or translucent images like glasses, feathers, smoke, flames, highlights, lighting, chiffon, muslin, etc.

color correction

Color correction is one of the most popular and essential Photoshop based editing services. This service is applied to different types of photography like model photography, fashion photography, natural photography etc.

image retouching

Obtaining the perfect picture depends on good exposure. However, the quality of the image can be enhanced using retouching. Often, damaged photos, torn images, faded or under exposed images need restoration or repair services. Under this service category, CEI technicians make color and exposure correction, photo restoration, color filling, image cleaning and cloning, digital cosmetology and glamour retouching, photo enhancing etc.

CEI provides highest quality catalog production services with a pool of experienced and skilled graphic designers providing product catalog designs that includes jewelry, accessories, fashion, medicine, and variety of other products at an affordable cost.

Photography post production service is one of the most important services which has an increasing demand day by day. Color Expert International provides this service along with its other image manipulation service. Our service includes clipping path, Photoshop image masking, color correction, photo retouching, photo

Raster to Vector (R2V) Conversion is a creative graphics & CAD design option which requires the designer to manually replace vector drawing   with various lines, border, rectangular, square, round shaped, oval shaped etc. To do this task, extreme care and attention is necessary. Experienced and Professional Raster to Vector converters can save time without compromising on quality of the conversion. Moreover, our production unit works 24 hours, which can ensure you quicker turnaround time.

3D modeling

In Color Experts International with all image manipulation services, we are providing world class 3D modeling service for any kind of projects.

natural shadow

Photoshop shadow service is one of the most important image manipulation services. There are some products which look unusual and unattractive.

Digital images can be stored for several years in the form of soft copy, but it is not possible to store images in bromide or printed form. Because these images were printed on special paper coating on which there is a mixture of ink and chemicals

Advertising Design is undoubtedly the best instrument for promotion and brand recognition. However, advertisement has a life of its own and single advertisement cannot serve all time purpose.

The print media is not dead and it will not be for another decade. For the print media,Desktop Publishing & Prepress Services has great importance. However, currently Desktop Publishing and Prepress services also has been adopted by the electronic media.

creative image manipulation

The creative photo manipulation service is one of the most innovative and thought provoking image manipulation services. This service does not only need skill and experience, but also the capability of creative thinking.First of all a graphic designer thinks that what he or she wants to create. Will these images convey any message to people? Creative photo Manipulation makes it possible to bring your imagination in real.

video editing

Welcome to Color Experts International. We will turn your video clips and personal recordings into full phase Hi-quality films, quickly and effortlessly through our video editing service. You have to just send the video to us and our professional video editor will take care from here. We edit, organize, fix, add effects, caption, background music and whatever else you like.

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