How to turn your New E-commerce Business into a Brand?

Turn your e-commerce business into a brand banner

E-commerce business is a trend nowadays, isn’t it? People regardless of their social class are opting for online shopping in preference to offline shopping. No matter whether they are dresses, groceries, electronics, or even jewelry, the rate of buying these items from online stores has climbed up significantly over the years. But do you think people buy their day-to-day goods from any unknown e-commerce shop? Absolutely, not. Rather they look for recognized e-commerce brands and incline to shop from these brands?  So, if you are an e-commerce business owner just starting up, you have to turn your new e-commerce business into a brand to notch up your venture’s success.

But the question is, how to do that? Is it a cakewalk? Well, it’s not. There are a number of factors you have to reflect to brand your online business. At first, you have to develop some effective branding strategies that can emotionally attach your buyers which we will discuss shortly. Then, showcase your business through visuals and texts. Finally, inform them how your products can serve them exactly how they want.

What’s a Brand?

To dig and enjoy this article, it’s very crucial to have a clear concept about a brand. Turning a company into a brand doesn’t just mean designing a logo, setting a name, and creating a tagline. It’s much more than that. When your e-commerce company becomes a brand, it should be able to create an emotional attachment with your audience. As soon as they hear your business name, they should start visualizing your products. They should start thinking about how it will feel when they will use your products. In one word, a brand leaves a lasting impression on the mind of customers.

Before we share some killer strategies regarding how you can build an e-commerce brand, let’s take a look at the stats. According to, digital buyer penetration is expected to surpass 65% of the Internet users worldwide in 2021. This shows how flourishing e-commerce business is at the moment. All you have to do is formulate proper strategies and execute them in your business. And then, what? You will start noticing a gradual boom in your online business!!!

Now, we will share with you some mind-blowing but fruit-producing tactics that you can apply to convert your e-commerce start-up to an outperforming brand. Let’s take a look at what are they-

Produce a Brand Logo, Name, and Tagline:

A while ago, we mentioned that logo, name, and tagline alone can’t brand a business. But to step forward towards branding, these parameters are very important. When it comes to the identity of a business, logo, and name play a key role. Availing of a powerful logo and brand name, you can initiate the process of your business branding. But there are various factors dependent on creating a logo that can serve the purpose. You have to reflect on the color, size, font, and uniqueness of the logo. You have to also see if it’s inspirational and reflecting the brand’s objective. There are various platforms you can leverage to design your logo like Squarespace, Logo Maker, Shopify, Canva, etc.

Logo, Name, and Tagline

Another key stuff that should be part of your branding process is the tagline or slogan. A tagline is basically a component of advertising. You have to deploy it in your promotion to amplify your product sales. Tagline describes what your company stands for and what its promises are. It shows the quality of your online products too. When you create your tagline, you should make sure that it’s concise, memorable, catchy, and reflecting.

Take a look at the Taglines of some brands:

Apple- “Think Different”

McDonald’s- “I’m Lovin’ It”

Subway- “Eat Fresh”

Google- “Don’t be Evil”

Walmart- “Save Money. Live Better.”

Kit Kat- “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”

Recognize your Company’s Target Audience:

Target Audience

Targeting the right audience is one of the elementary steps of your branding process. A bulk of your e-commerce business success depends on reaching out to people who need you. You may have premium products but if you aren’t audience-focused, you can’t resonate with people which is key to branding your business. To nail in targeting audience, you have to have a clear understanding about 4 W’s.

Who they are- Reach out to ones who are looking for your products. For example, if your products are cosmetics, you have to target young girls and middle-aged women excluding males.

Where they are- Locate in which platform they are active like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Forum, etc.

What they need- Figure out their needs and find a way to resolve their pain points.

Which search terms they use- Conduct research on your niche keywords and keyphrases to add them to your content.

Consistency is Key to Earn Loyalty:

Consistency is Key

What do we mean by consistency here? Let’s dive into a real-life example. Think about your favorite brand that you regularly buy things from. Did you switch to any other brand for the same products? Absolutely, not. You won’t even switch for a long period unless you have any bitter experience. Why? Because you got consistency from that brand. The quality that you got a decade ago, you are getting the same product quality now. That’s what makes you loyal to the brand. This is how if you can maintain consistency, you can produce an emotional effect on your customers’ minds.

No Compromise on Customer Service:

Customer Service

Your business revolves around your customers. You have to put every effort to serve them well. So, what can you do to improve your service towards your clients? At first, you can segment your customers in a list. The benefit you will receive through it is you can dispatch personalized offers to your clients through e-mail. Keep a track of your customers’ behavior like what items they are purchasing and how much they are spending. Respond to the queries asked by customers immediately and with the utmost care. Besides that, don’t hold back to focus on the experience of your past clients with your products. That will help you too to optimize your customer service.

Develop your Own Style:

Develop your Own Style

There are many companies who are selling the same products that you are selling with good quality at a reasonable price. Then, why should people buy from you? Well, that’s why you have to establish your own style. You have to provide your customers something that others aren’t offering. Bear in mind that buyers don’t buy products from you just because they love the products. They focus highly on their experience with you and decide their journey with you. So, you have to emphasize the user experience. For example, you can develop a shopping app with all the features that customers want and need. This is how can you make customers stick to your brand.

Jump in All sorts of Content Types:

Jump in All Sorts of Content
















In this competitive age, you can’t just stick to one type of content. Different people have different tastes and to hook all of them, you have to prepare content in all forms. There are people who like to view products with depth. For them, you can prepare 3D product images by hiring a 3D artist. Some people wish to watch Vlogs, product demo videos, explainer videos, motion graphics, etc. Others like listening to audio to know about your e-commerce company. Considering these types of people you have to make videos and podcasts. In some of your textual and visual content, you can draw a comparison between you and your competitors and highlight where you topple your competitors. Don’t forget to design infographics for those who fancy creative and unique content.

Don’t Hesitate to Share your Story:

When you are trying to transform your e-commerce business into a brand, it’s really crucial that your customers know everything about you. Right from your origin and core values to mission and vision, everything you should inform your clients. This will create an avenue for your customers to connect with the aim of your brand. If you look at all the global brands whether it be Google, Tesla, or Apple, all of them started up with a mission & vision. They aren’t just merely companies looking to sell their products or services. They shared their mission and vision with the people through websites, various forms of media, live events, and whatnot. This is how they created an emotional bonding with their customers.

Share your Story

You can do the same for your e-commerce business. Incorporate your company’s key details into your website’s About Us page. You as a founder can even record a video of yourself detailing everything about your company since the origin. Additionally, you can share your story in product packages, labels, tags, and every physical interaction you have with your clients. Press release is another way through which you can communicate your story as it’s targeted for higher reach.

Deploy Social Media Platforms:

Social Media Platforms
















When we are talking about converting an e-commerce business into a brand, there is no way we can ignore leveraging social media platforms. Given the reach different social media platforms have, integrating them into your online marketing is a must. If you invest some money for paid advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, you can enhance your product sales besides raising your brand awareness targeting the right audience. So, how to utilize social media for branding? Here you go-

  • Interact with your audience on their favorite platforms
  • Show your constant presence on social media with regular content
  • Pay attention to what they want to say
  • Emphasize engagement over followers

E-mail Marketing is Fruitful Too:

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is another tool that can do wonders for your e-commerce business and help immensely in branding. Many businesses fail in their e-mail marketing campaigns but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. Rather, they lack a knack with regards to running the e-mail marketing campaign. They don’t know exactly how to approach customers, what to incorporate in the mail, and when to send the mail. But if you know how to conduct an e-mail marketing campaign, you can derive plenty of benefits from it for your e-commerce branding. Let’s browse through some of the key benefits of e-mail marketing-

  • Cakewalk to get started
  • Cost-effective
  • Scope of targeting and retargeting
  • Opportunity to reach a vast audience
  • Facile to gauge the results
  • A way to offer rewards and offers to your customers

As a matter of fact, the total number of e-mail users in 2019 was amounted to 3.9 billion and is set to grow 4.48 billion in 2024 as per This data shows how effective e-mail marketing can be for your e-commerce business if done perfectly.


Final Remarks

We hope the above tactics that we shared would benefit you immensely to turn your new e-commerce business into a brand. Bear in mind that good branding is essential if you want to make a lasting impact with your business in your customers’ minds. Without appearing as a brand, your e-commerce business will remain just an ordinary company selling products occasionally. Your customers won’t stick to you for a long time. So, build their trust in you by implementing all the branding strategies that we cataloged above.

Initially, your investment has to be high but once you establish your brand name, people will no longer buy products from an unknown business rather from a recognized brand. That will also set you apart from your rivals besides scaling up your sales. Till we show up with another killer write-up, stay safe and just chill!!!