Facebook Marketing: An Effective Way to up your E-commerce Store Sales

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We leverage a host of mediums to promote our online commercial products, don’t we? No matter whether they’re through websites, e-mails, cold calls, or direct texting, they generate more or less values for us undoubtedly. If you are an e-commerce store owner and looking to elevate your sales, you have to operate intellectually. What do we mean by that? Let’s clarify. You invest a boatload of money to scale up your e-commerce business sales on various channels whether it’s SEO, SEM, or other mediums. Right? But have you considered Facebook marketing for it?

Imagine you get a paid promotional tool that enables you to showcase ads to your ideal audience. What’s the benefit of it? Obviously, it will save you plenty of time and money by counting out the non-profitable audience. Your ads will show up only to those who are likely to convert. Isn’t it cool?

No doubt, it is! We are talking about Facebook marketing through which you can not only blow the mind of your audience but also nail your online business. Currently, plenty of e-commerce entrepreneurs including Shopify store owners is making use of this tactic and multiplying their reach and conversion.

Let’s dilate upon why you should avail of Facebook marketing to skyrocket your online shop sales.

Why Go for Facebook Marketing to Boost your Online Sales?

The question if we rephrase, why shouldn’t you go for Facebook marketing? When a platform has a huge potential to draw clients’ attention, it always makes sense to invest money there.

An Opportunity to Reach a Large Pool of Audience

As per the stats of Statista, Facebook reported nearly 2 billion daily users during the 4th quarter of 2022. Depending on your niche, your target audience will be specific no doubt. But yet you can target a huge audience from this social media platform certainly.

Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of this voluminous presence to up your online store sales?

Absolutely, you would fancy taking this golden opportunity.

Elevates your Brand Awareness:

One of the crucial things to engage people with your brand is to acknowledge them about your brand. There are multiple ways to do that certainly. But one of the effective ways you can do it is Facebook marketing. How?

For example, if you run a compelling Facebook ad campaign for your store products, it will reach many people on Facebook. Many of them would fancy clicking the ad and once they click on the ad, it will direct them to your website.

Some of these visitors will check out if everything clicks and the rest of them won’t go in vain rather they will be brand-aware and their visits will help your site rank higher in search engines.

Enables Segmentation

If you want to conduct successful online marketing, targeting the right clients is very pivotal. When your products reach the right people, the chances of conversion automatically rise. Hence, you have to segment your clients based on their demographics, curiosity, past behavior, and so on.

This segmentation benefit you can easily acquire running Facebook ad campaigns. For example, if you want to sell cosmetics, you have to target young and middle-aged ladies. So, in your ad campaigns, you can set the metrics accordingly.

Likewise, if you know the purchase history or past behavior of certain clients, you can easily dig what products they fancy to buy and you can load your store accordingly.

Performance Assessment is Hassle-free

In order to measure the performance of your Facebook ad campaign, all you have to know is the impression, reach, engagement, and conversion. Now, the question is how to track the results? Just install a conversion pixel to your Facebook ads.

After you install it, you can view and track all the activities related to your ads. It’s so simple and straightforward, right? Absolutely. You can then deploy the Facebook page insights to monitor the analytics, how people interact with your page content, what works best for you, and what more to do to derive the maximum sales.

How to Run a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign?

Above we have discussed the importance of Facebook marketing campaigns for online sales but what’s the use of knowing the importance if you don’t know the tactics of operating it? That’s why we will walk you through the most fruitful Facebook marketing strategies that you can adopt to generate leads and maximize online sales.

Figure out your Target Audience:

Figure out your Target Audience

The first and foremost thing to do as part of your Facebook marketing campaign is to identify your target audience. That means who actually needs your products and who will benefit from your products.

Based on the products you want to sell, you have to filter your target audience in terms of age, gender, marital status, location, education, job, past purchases, etc.

Facebook offers you a tool called Audience Insights that will let you get this type of relevant data about your prospects. So, don’t hesitate to make use of it.

Create a Facebook Business Page

Create a Facebook Business Page

When your target is to run a business on Facebook, you have to have a Facebook business page. That gives your business an identity on Facebook. Creating a Facebook business page is absolutely free of charge. All you have to do is sign up for a business page by visiting Facebook.com/business.

At first, you have to provide your business page name and then select the types of your business including local business or place, brand or product, and cause or community. Thereafter, provide all the necessary details about your business and add a profile picture, cover photo, and business logo.

Following that, inject a short description of your business to catch the attention of your customers. You can increase the description size later at any time. Don’t forget to provide your location and once you are done with that, you are good to go for your first post. Publish your first post and your Facebook marketing campaign kicked off…..

Develop Engaging, Creative, and Actionable Content

Develop Creative, Engaging, and Actionable Content

Do you think all types of content can hook your audience? Not at all. All the brands that are successful in their marketing campaigns always come up with something compelling, inspirational, and innovative. Take a look at the tagline of Nike- Just do it.

What this tagline does is automatically inspire the audience. It arouses curiosity in the mind of the audience to take action and this is how Nike is nailing its business. Likewise, the slogan of a cosmetics company L’Oréal is- Because you’re worth it.

Even if a person has no plan to make a purchase, this type of copy will automatically pitch him/her. Another point to focus on while creating content is to introduce creativity. For example, if you have a visual with a particular character expression, you can write a spellbinding caption to explain it and ask a question thereafter.

What it will do is scale up the post engagement and create brand awareness.  This is how you have to craft hook-grabbing, motivational, and original content to ace your Facebook marketing campaign.

However, don’t forget to share your content on various Facebook groups related to your business besides posting on your business page. This will engage as well as convert your audience, we bet.

Visuals are Key to your Campaign:

Visuals are Key to your Campaign

Your Facebook marketing campaign should revolve around visuals. Having said that, we aren’t negating the importance of texts. No doubt, texts many a time are needed to explain and inform various ideas. But visual content proves extraordinarily efficient as compared to text-only content.

Brands including e-commerce companies are thriving with the leverage of visuals ever than before. So, take advantage of professional photography and videography to spice up your visuals. Don’t hold back to take professional photo editing services if needed.

Along with that, let the audience and clients engage with your business activities by allowing them to share relevant materials on your page. Besides posting photos, emphasize on video posts as the traction of video marketing is escalating at a lightning pace.

Decide properly on the share ratio of promotional posts and other informative posts. As per the 80-20 rule, 80% of posts should be informative and 20% should be promotional.

Additionally, the Social media rule of thirds dictates, one-third of the posts should be idea and story-based, one-third should be personal interaction, and the rest of one-third should be promotional.

Product Images should be Catchy:

Product Image should be Catchy

We recommend sharing social and informative posts profusely for brand awareness but your engagement and conversion will rise mainly from leveraging compelling product photos. After all, your business revolves around your products and so the product images that you upload should be fascinating.

All your other efforts will go in vain if customers find flaws in product visuals. No matter what type of posts you share, the product photography showing up in those posts must have a wow factor. They should have enough charm not only to draw the attention of the shoppers but also to pitch them. Additionally, don’t forget to add a call to action in your posts.

Follow a Posting Schedule:

Follow a Posting Schedule

If you want to thrive with your Facebook marketing campaign, there isn’t any alternative to sticking to a posting schedule. Just imagine you are posting some mind-blowing posts at a time when your audience isn’t active on Facebook. What’s the point? Your posts will go unnoticed, won’t they?

So, you have to schedule your posts during peak hours. Set a calendar upfront with notifications so that you don’t forget about posting. You have to also decide on the frequency of posts. How many posts you are gonna share a day? At what times?

Many people prefer sharing posts on weekends thinking that most people will be active then. But the optimal time of staying active entirely depends on the types of products you sell. Additionally, focus on the content of your posts. If it’s a promotional post, it should have the elements to push buyers. But if it’s an informative post, it should properly educate them. So, tailor your messages accordingly.

Display Social Proof and Offer Discounts

Display Social Proof and Offer Discount

It’s a human tendency to make a purchase of a product if others have already made it. You know why? Because it shows the genuineness of the product and creates credibility in the mind of buyers. So, you can easily make use of this sentimental inclination of your target audience.

Just share the pleasant stories, experiences, and comments of your customers concerning your brand with your Facebook audience. In addition, don’t forget to share the promising conversations of your customers in other social media channels too to boost engagement.

But what about sales and conversion? One of the most effective ways to boost sales and conversion is to offer plummy discounts. When you offer discounts, it not only draws the attention of the audience looking to buy but also persuades many others who don’t have any plan to make a purchase.

However, the content and ads that you design to offer discounts must have the charming factor to stand out from your competitors.

Don’t Forget to Announce a New Product Launch:

Don't Forget to Announce a New Product Launch

Engagement is key in Facebook marketing. The chances of conversion increase with the rise of engagement. One of the ways to scale up your engagement is proclaiming a new product launch. When you share a post about your new product, it automatically arouses curiosity in the mind of your target audience.

They will click the post, try to know the features of it, explore to find uniqueness in the product, and finally engage with your brand. On top of that, the time required to create and share a post is scanty. But the outcome you will get is phenomenal.

Utilize Facebook too to Sell your Products:

Utilize Facebook to Sell your Products

Being an e-commerce businessman, your primary channel to sell products is the online store. There isn’t any doubt about it. But if you have other channels to expand your sales, why shouldn’t you take advantage of them? We aren’t instructing you to invest your time, money, and energy in useless stuff.

But surely, you can deploy Facebook for augmenting your sales. How is that? All you have to do is create a Facebook shop on your Facebook page. If you click the “Shop” tab on the page, you will be directed to Commerce Manager’s “Sell on Facebook” page. There you can add your products to the Facebook catalog.

Facebook Marketing and no Ad Campaigns!!!

Facebook Marketing and no Ad Campaigns!!!

Yeah, paid ads are one of the most fruitful ways to elevate user-engagement and conversion. But to achieve the fruit, you can’t run paid promotion to everyone rather you have to select a target audience. To kick off your ad campaign, you have to open a Facebook ads account wherein you have to pay to post your ads with your target audience. This enables you to reach the people who actually fancy buying your products.

Another key thing that you should do is install Facebook Pixel on your website. It’s basically a code snippet that tracks customers’ behavior and conversion on your site. The question may cross the mind that how this data would help in Facebook marketing? Yeah, this data can optimize your Facebook marketing.

In fact, even you aren’t running an ad campaign currently, this data has a lot to do in your marketing campaign. When you install this conversion-tracking pixel on your checkout page, you can know what actions your visitors take after clicking on the ad and gauge the ROI too. This precisely directs you on how to target your audience and what to monitor while targeting them.


Over to You

So, are you all set to go for Facebook marketing to beef up your online sales and conversions? Hopefully, you won’t hesitate to run Facebook marketing after knowing so many advantages of it. The edge that you get in this channel is that you have got plenty of things to experiment with and explore. You can avail of a number of tools to gauge data and metrics. Even if some of these tactics don’t work, no worries as others will work and bring out the desired fruit.

If you are a starter in an e-commerce business, utilize your creativity along with some of the fruitful ad campaigns that we listed above. We talked about leveraging eye-catching visuals as one of the Facebook marketing strategies.

You can leverage carousel ads for example to lure buyers. As time progresses, you will pick up what to do, how to go ahead and finally, you will nail your e-commerce business with the Facebook marketing campaign.