E-commerce Growth Hacking Strategies: Secrets of the Giants that you don’t know

E-commerce Business Generation Tactics

Growth hacking! Yes, it’s a buzzword in the field of both conventional and digital marketing. It hasn’t been long since the term has been coined solely for the purpose of business growth. Growth hacking, recently, has caught fire among the marketers as the performance and success of marketers largely count on it. Emphasizing fast-tracking business, growth hackers apply effective strategies to develop business extensively with low-budget. When it comes to e-commerce growth hacking, it’s not a cakewalk due to the scores of tricky activities involved with it.

Growth Hacking


With the passage of time, business-oriented folks are launching their e-commerce companies. But everyone with their enterprises is unable to flourish due to various commercial deficits and the escalating global competition. Many of these entrepreneurs keep investing money without even having a transparent idea about online business. Some of them even get forced to shut down their businesses after a considerable period without making a jot of profit.

Selling a product online isn’t a walk in the park. Why should a visitor purchase a product from your site when there are a number of similar sites available? So, surely, you have to do something unique and extraordinary to convert them into clients; you have to adopt diverse tactics to pitch the site visitors. As we know, e-commerce sites are page-heavy and pages take time to load which amps up the uploading time and slows down the speed. But customers always crave rapid, smooth, and conducive shopping experiences in e-commerce sites. So, you have to emphasize highly on a swift and bankable e-commerce platform.

Let’s highlight some of the killer e-commerce growth hacking tactics that are likely to lure visitors and ultimately persuade them to buy your products.

Figure out your Best Seller:

In order to nail the e-commerce business, it’s pivotal to know and identify the products that are in demand; products that sell high in number. You have to get engaged in profound market research to have an idea of it. Various factors are reliant on products to be the best sellers including production cost, product quality, solid profit margin, production complexity, stock availability, shipping difficulty, etc. Your best selling products are the tools for your e-commerce business to capitalize on.

Best sellers


Focus on the Site Speed:

Can you speculate the outcome of a sluggish e-commerce site? Surely, it will scale down your sales by a high percentage. If you want to maximize your site traffic, the loading time has to be less so as to pull the users to your website. Slow loading time besides impacting your turnover also affects search engine ranking in Google. Presently, the number of e-commerce sites are excessive due to the massive demand for e-commerce business. So, if your site speed is lower than 95% of other e-commerce sites, your site is likely to undergo page indexing issues, thereby dropping in Google ranking.

Maintain Regular Communication with Clients:

Having one-to-one communication with your customers to provide relevant information and answer their queries is pivotal to boost your conversion rate. Instead of e-mail which is time-consuming, you should go for a live chat as it will enable you to interact directly with the customer. This feature will allow instant messaging between you and the customer, thereby clarifying the queries and doubts of the clients. Try to elaborate on each and every aspect of your product ensuring maximum-customer satisfaction. Additionally, you can also add a FAQ section to your website with accurate information on your payment policy, shipping policy, return policy, warranties, etc.

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Emphasize on the Publication of Product Reviews:

Product reviews play a significant role to maximize the conversion rate of your e-commerce website. Even though negative reviews can affect customers’ decision to snap up your products, high-quality products are certain to have positive product reviews. But the point to be noted is, the reviews that you publish have to be original. If you publish fake reviews, it will undoubtedly tarnish the reputation of your e-commerce company. Besides publishing product reviews periodically, update them regularly as well. You can also persuade your regular and trusted customers to write reviews for you.

Keep Home Page of your Site Simple:

Any idea about the e-commerce webpage with maximum visitors? Yes, it’s the homepage as it provides the basic information about your business concisely and comprehensively. So, you have to keep your business homepage as simple as possible. Remember, visitors shouldn’t get confused with useless texts and links. This is because the cluttered homepage will annoy your visitors and they will be reluctant to know more about you, resulting in a high bounce rate. You should also make use of modal windows on the homepage as it will sharpen the user navigation experience.

Website Home Page


Don’t Forget to Offer a Free Website Tour:

Many online users have a phobia that online products may not be reliable and they may get hoaxed buying their desired products. So, a risk factor haunts them in the case of online purchases. You have to take the onus of dispelling their fear and concerns. You can invite visitors to have a free tour of your website. In that case, you have to showcase the entire manufacturing and packaging process of the product embedding behind the scene photos. This will enhance the customer credibility of your e-commerce site, building positive rapport with you.  

Make Use of Videos and Dynamic Content:

Both videos and dynamic content are compelling tools and are likely to boost the conversion rate. To flourish in your e-commerce business, you have to incorporate enlightening and enchanting videos on your site. The videos should showcase the product holistically and explain various features of your products. In addition to that, you have to also take advantage of dynamic content which changes based on user-interaction, timing, and various other parameters. This type of content can also be shared on social media platforms, allowing you to do complete the marketing of your products.

YouTube video


Pull in Clients with Catchy Notice:

Another cracking way to draw the attention of a customer is to shoot an e-mail with an eye-catching notice. Just think of a situation where a client eagerly looks for a product but for some reason, the product is out of stock. Now, the concern is to retain the customer and what can you do about that? As soon as the product gets back in stock, you can easily dispatch a well-organized e-mail with a back-in-stock e-mail. Mind you, don’t let your valued customer slip through your fingers.

Utilize Hook-grabbing Buttons and Texts:

Designing an e-commerce site isn’t a big deal rather it’s a walk in a park. But to lure visitors, you have to add something that levels up your site. To do so, you can add different types of call to actions such as “Grab the opportunity”, “Don’t hesitate and take a step”, “Hurry up!”, “Last chance available”, etc. Along with that, you can add a stimulus and the best stimulus can be “Add to cart”. You have to place the button in such a position so that it’s clear and visible. A well-designed website containing this enthralling stuff can do the trick for you.

Buttons and Texts


Incorporate a section with Recommended Products:

Your online store will naturally contain a plethora of products. Different clients have different needs and based on their requirements, they will look for products. So, you have to provide them the opportunity to explore through your website and find the products that they want. But there are certain products that are on-demand and are likely to pique the clients. So, you can easily create a section including and highlighting these products to skyrocket your sales.

Don’t Err in Payment System:

Just imagine an e-commerce website where everything is well-organized and perfect including product display, adequate information, engaging materials, etc. but the payment system is flawed; you don’t have sufficient payment options for the customers to choose from. Surely, you will lose your valued clients due to this type of flaw. Maybe, a customer doesn’t have a credit card but is willing to make the payment through his debit card. To retain this customer, you must have different payment options like PayPal, wire transfer, cash on delivery, etc. allowing the customer to make his payment.

Payment System


Use Product Images with Handy Descriptions:

When the goal is selling products, you have to use product images in your e-commerce store, no doubt. But don’t restrict yourself to using a single image for each product. You have to try to use multiple images of each product to help buyers make up their mind easily. When a buyer will view a product from different angles through crispy images, he/she is likely to buy the product if it fulfills his/her demand. Along with product images, a useful description is also key for the buyers to have an idea about a specific product. The description shouldn’t be too long to piss them off. It should be concise with comprehensive product information.

Showcase your Media Presence:

It’s indispensable to carry out your site marketing in various media platforms including print, electronic, and social media. You can also take advantage of web publishing paid ads in Google to draw the attention of your potential clients. Don’t forget to highlight if you have received awards and testimonials from trusted media outlets. On top of that, you can also supplement the recommendation and endorsement of celebrities if you have any.

Social Media


Leverage Customization Strategy:

If you sell high-quality products, you are likely to have many loyal customers. So, why not make an attempt to retain them longer? But for that, you have to keep track of some crucial metrics like website traffic, customer location, engagement time, purchased product, etc. These pieces of information will assist you to get valuable information about your loyal and valued clients. Based on this, you can offer personalized products to them, facilitating you to retain them as regular customers. On top of that, you can get first-hand information about them with this technique.

Introduce a Customer Loyalty Program:

Don’t you want your customers to buy products from you regularly? Certainly, you want. Hence, you have to institute a system of rewarding points to your valued clients. This is where a customer loyalty program comes into play. You can offer incentives, rebates, free merchandise, coupons, and access to unreleased products based on the points they earn. No doubt, you are entitled to set the threshold for the clients to have these amenities. Beyond doubt, introducing point and reward systems will prompt your clients to stay loyal to you.

Image 8


Product Landing Page is Vital:

What’s the goal of a landing page? A landing page serves the purpose of converting visitors into customers. It should be designed to keep the client’s requirements in mind. After a visitor clicks on the landing page link, he should view the key features of your product. You have to showcase the features of your product appealingly to make them glued to the page. A perfect product landing page informs product value, provides answers to the visitors’ questions, and contains an effective call to action.

Not having a Blog is a Downside:

In today’s competitive e-commerce market, if you don’t maintain a blog with a regular content publication, you are doomed. Conducting a blog on your e-commerce site has a myriad of benefits. It will provide visitors and potential buyers with additional and useful information about various e-commerce products. In addition to that, a blog also works as a trust-building medium for visitors who love to go through blog content before buying a product. Blog also helps to build a brand persona along with ramping up website visitors multiple times. But surely, you have to keep the SEO factor in mind to rank top on the search engine result page.



Provide Hassle-Free Navigation:

Once your customer makes up his mind to purchase a product from your product list, it’s your job to facilitate the checkout process. It’s very key that your customer finds the required form fill-up and payment system easy and smooth. This will provide your customer with a positive and satisfactory buying experience that is likely to make him a return customer. If you clutter your product with pointless links and information, the buyer will get pissed off, leading to a poor buying experience.

Last but not least, A/B Testing:

It’s very pivotal to carry out A/B testing as it will provide you the room to pick the right products for your site. You have to place those products in your store which have demand and are likely to sell. You can create a version of your product page and offer new products, seasonal products, and old products. This will give you an avenue to notice in which types of products, your visitors and potential buyers show eagerness. It’s not that your clients will be always inclined to purchase new and seasonal products rather they can show more zeal towards old branded products as well. So, you can decide that through A/B testing easily, without any hassle.

A/B Testing


To wrap up, we can say that growth hacking pertains to the overall customer journey, that is, customer acquisition, conversion, and retention. Most e-commerce store owners look to fast track their growth. Surely, there is no golden recipe to generate online business at a fast pace but that doesn’t imply, we should brush aside the ingredients. We have presented to you some of the proven, tested, and conducive e-commerce growth hacks above that will surely add value to your online business. Wishing you find the right strategies for your online business growth. Till next time, just chill!