20 Killer Strategies to Boost Your Online Sales!

Killer Strategies to Boost Online Sales

Online shopping has added a new dimension in shopping trends all over the world. People seem to be very much interested in selling and buying online more and more. For that reason, there is heavy competition among the various eCommerce companies globally and regionally.

Once upon a time, it was quite unbelievable that without looking at the product and touching it in the real environment, how a customer can take his/ her decision to buy it? As in traditional shopping, people are habituated to touch the products, judge the quality by observing it. But in the case of online shopping, the entire scenario is different.

If you are interested in creating your own eCommerce stores and create a buzz among the customers, then here are some exclusive suggestions from us which we believe, can give you a clear concept.

Before starting, you should know that to boost your online sales, you will have to depend on various issues such as website, product image, SEO, digital marketing, etc. We will discuss it one by one.

Let us start!


Optimize E-commerce Product Images

Images represent your product on your website. And it also plays a great part in influencing sales. So, strategies for images are equally important as the strategies for the website.

1. Bring a Professional Look

As in the case of online shopping, customers do not have the opportunity to touch or smell the product. So, the only tool that will increase the possibility of product sell is- image. Try to give the best images of your product. Keep it crystal clear and easy to watch.

2. Use Cropped and Transparent Background for Images

Use cropped and transparent background

Do not upload the photographed image directly. Retouch it to match your eCommerce site. Some of the techniques you need to adopt are:

  • Use clipping path to crop out image background (handmade clipping paths are better than automated tools)
  • Use drop-shadow or reflections for images that suites your website theme
  • Concentrate on how your thumbnail will look like. Make sure the thumbnail is equally representing your product
  • Crop out the empty spaces in the images, but leave a bit of breathing space to highlight it properly

3. Understand User Experience

You have to understand the user experience of your buyers. For a product to be more appealing, take photographs from different angles so that a customer can clearly see the product.

Facts to notify regarding product image:

  • Different angles
  • Zoom in
  • Product test, or in action
  • A video
  • A 360-degree view of the product
  • professional look

Enhance your image to give the right expectations to your customers. Sometimes, site owners raise expectations by enhancing the image in the ecommerce site. This can be more order generating, but this can actually ruin your reputation.

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4. Scale-Up and Speed Up Your Image Processing Needs

Sometimes you need to work with hundreds and thousands of product images, which can lag you behind. And if you are an eCommerce service provider, then your project may fail to deliver in time. But, you can save both time & money by giving the headache away to other bulk image processing companies like this. Before you plan to use them, always opt-in for a free trial to judge their service quality.


First of all you need a well-organized website. Build a website which is user-friendly, easy to access, and tech-savvy.

5. Optimize Your Landing page

In online marketing, a landing page is referred as “lead capture page” or a “lander”, or a “destination page”. It is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. The landing page generally shows directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link.

Landing pages are the primary source of lead generation. The actions that a visitor or potential customer takes on a landing page is what determines an advertiser’s conversion rate.

You can send paid traffic to landing pages for products, not to the homepage. You can also send paid traffic to categories which match the users’ intent. Optimizing landing pages is a must. If you do not do it, it will surely backfire.

6. Implement Products Descriptions and SEO

The product description is very much necessary for boosting your online sales. Use product descriptions, and make sure they are interesting, alluring, engaging, and original. There are many rules and strategies for fulfilling these targets.

Product text description gives search engines the opportunity to index. A well-chosen set of keywords determines that whether your product will be found or not in the google search. DO NOT copy-paste the product description. A unique description prevents you from being accidentally filtered out as spam by search engines.

7. Optimize Site speed

Optimize site speed to boost your online sales

You will never able to gain the desired result if your website is very much slow. When customers enter homepage/landing page, it is not the right time to slow down. Do not make your home page overly complex and lengthy. Keep the sign-in process simple. By this, you can attract new customers and old visitors will return to your site.

8. Leverage Site-wide search traffic

Site search traffic means the customer is on the site trying to make some purchase. Always remember that attracting customers to your site is only half the battle. You must have a user-friendly site which will help them to find the right product. The best way to do this is with an easy-to-find and easy-to-use search function on your site.

Try to use such a web design which can fulfill this target such as placement, color, cursor focus, and the all-important white space. Do keyword research and analysis by yourself.

It is a good strategy to target the product-search-visitors on your website with remarketing in AdWords, Facebook, and Bing Ads. It helps you to bring in more relevant conversions than usual generic remarketing campaigns.

9. Make your site mobile phone user-friendly

Make your site mobile phone user friendlyThere is a widespread assumption that with the gradual increase of smartphone users all over the world, the user of PC will decrease substantially. Although it is not actually happening, but it is true that smartphone gives people easy web access anytime anywhere.

If you are willing to start an ecommerce business or already have one, you must optimize your site for mobile phones and tablets.  Mobile site visits are increasing steadily just as PC sales are declining. A seamless mobile sales flow will help you secure your part of this crucial ecommerce business.


10. Encourage Upsell

Encourage upsell to boost your online salesBased on the existing product the customer is buying or have added in cart, you can suggest better products or related product to make more upselling. First of all, you should apply an upsell technique.

With upselling you can offer your customers a chance to purchase upgrades (better features, better specifications, more volume) or to get the more expensive version of what they’re buying, so you can maximize the value of their purchase (higher price). In addition, you can also upsell related and supplementary products (e.g. headphone with a smartphone).

For adding relevant upsell, you can add 4 main things into your store

  • Create a list of all the products which you want to sell.
  • Separate the products into two lists: regular and expensive
  • Conjugate the better products with the regular ones
  • Tell your web developer to add a section on your product page, where you show your upsells

After adding upsells to your website, you will have to wait for its effect. A daily checking activity is needed.

11. Find out your best selling product and optimize

Another important thing is, you have to identify the best selling and trendy products in your site. It seems to be very easy to identify but actually, it’s not. it helps you comprehend your clients better, and above all, it permits you to know which item you ought to offer more.

To learn which are your products which gain the maximum sale, my suggestion is for you to access your Google Analytics account and follow this steps- Conversions > ecommerce > Product Performance. In that report, you can choose to sort your products by units sold and revenue, among other metrics.

12. Understanding enhanced ecommerce report

For increasing sale, you must know the basic understanding of the ecommerce enhanced report. A regular monitoring of various report such as Shopping Analysis, Product Performance Report, Internal Promotion, internal Search Behavior Report, Coupon Code Performance Report is very much necessary.

13. Take the opportunity to cross-sell

It is not wise to show all the expensive products at the very first place of your site. Try to show the products with the mediocre price. It is termed as “cross-sell”. Adding cross-sells to a store is a difficult process because there are many ways to choose what products to cross-sell.

For instance, an online store that customers has many cross-selling options to choose from, such as socks, laces, jeans, other customers from the same brand, similar customers from other brands.

Two recommendations from us to make it easy-

  • Be patient
  • Depending on the ecommerce platform of choice, buy and install a cross-selling plugin for instance such as Shopify.

14. Take the help of the online influencers

There are many online influencers who have a large number of friends, followers, and fan-base. So, how can you take help from them? You may send free samples of your product to them.

These influencers are either within your industry or related to it in some way, provides you an opportunity to let them know you appreciate their work with a small gift. By this, they may promote you and your products to his friends and followers. This will increase your site traffic and friends-followers. As a result, your sale will increase.

15. Email marketing

Always use opt-in list for email marketing. Never send unsolicited emails that can ruin your reputation. Use your email list for:

  • Sending newsletter and content marketing for your blog
  • Wishing birthdays and anniversaries to individual customers
  • Wishing seasons greetings to all customers
  • Send general and custom offers, coupons, discount to customers
  • General and product update announcements
  • To revive sales and remind customers
  • For crowd-sourcing information from customers
  • And many more legit reasons.

Try not to spam by sending large number of emails. If you have to, then get the email and mobile data and upload it in AdWords and Facebook ads and target them through advertising. It’ll help you to get only the customers that are in the right time to purchase.

16. Write Blogs regularly

Content marketing is the new boss of ecommerce selling strategies. Do not have a blog section on your site? A big portion of your profit cake is missing! But still you have time. Start blogging from today. By producing free, valuable content, you will create trust in your brand and keep people informed.

Blogging also gives you something to share on social media and helps you rank in search engines. Moreover, you can use your blog to offer tips, tutorials, and resources related to your products and the lifestyle around your products.

17. Take the opinion of your customers

Listen to your customersIt is always good to interact with your customers. To know what your customers want or not will help you to improve your service quality thus increase sale. Consumer survey is the most effective way for obtaining honest feedback.

Consumers have no qualms about hurting your feelings by picking at your web design or your marketing material as they are not your friends or family members.

You can use Google Surveys to get some feedback and also monitor the performance .


Apply social media strategies to boost your online sales

Facebook, twitter, linked in, instagram, pinterest, vine-social media has occupied our life. People love to spend a lot of time in these social media. So, a strong presence in social media can give you an easy access to a wider range of customers.

We have just tried to figure out some important strategies which may help you to boosting your online sales. But remember, the success of your online store entirely depends on yourself. Strategies may vary from one person to another. You have to set strategies which can bring business for you and make your customers to proceed with you further.

18. Follow 10+4+1=15 rule

10-4-1 is a very useful rule for attracting your potential customers through social media. Let me explain what this rule means.

10: This number means out of 15 social media post from your profile/page, 10 posts should be other people’s content. Is it necessary? Yes, of course. Continuous posting of your soul content makes your audience bore.

By posting content from other sources such valuable information, tips, tutorials, you can create a trusted adviser image among your followers. You can share links to relevant content published in various blogs, journals, newsletters and other publications. Do not forget to give the proper credits to the author.

4: Blog is very much essential for inbound marketing. Of your 15 social media posts, 4 posts should be blog contents of your own website.

These blog contents may contain product promotion, information related to your business and useful to your followers. Request your followers to share and re-share your posts from their social media profiles.

1: This post or message is for informing your followers the way you can help them through your services and products. Such post may contain a link to a landing page on your website. On the landing page, you can offer an eBook, a PDF file, a webinar, a sales brochure or even a video for your followers.

19. Social listening

Use social listening strategiesThis is a relatively new word for many. Social listening means to monitor what people say about your business and industry related to it. It can be monitored by using social media search tools. With listening you can get insights for your business.

You can use social listening for lead generation, problem-solving, attracting new customers, customer care improvement. It will also allow to prioritize and evaluate feedback taken from the public. Feedbacks can be used to create more attractive and effective offerings-product and services.

By social listening you can get a proper idea about what people are discussing about:

  • Your Brand Name
  • Your Competitors’ brand name
  • Your brand reputation and sentiment
  • Your competitors’ brand reputation and sentiment
  • Reputation and sentiment about your product and services
  • Reputation and sentiment about your competitors’ product and services
  • People, who are looking for your products or services directly (e.g. boudoir photography)
  • People looking for keywords related to your products or services (e.g. wedding photographers, event photographers)
  • Photography industry related topics and news
  • Your Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • People looking for solutions your product or service can solve

20. Consistent Quality Contents

If you ask me the question: How to impress a girl without spending a penny. The answer is a bit obvious: you can do it with words, talent, and consistency. However, what about how to get organic likes from social media? Doesn’t that sound same as the first question? And the answer here is the same as the first. But, if you translate “words, talent, and consistency” in terms of your social media page, then the term you get is “Consistent Quality Contents”

How can I get organic likes on Facebook? How can I impress a girl, w/out spending a single penny? #SMM #SMMTips #Meme pic.twitter.com/kCMNnsYaKe

Apply these 20 strategies. I hope they’ll help to boost your online sales. Please let us know if you have been successful by applying these techniques and let us also know if you’re not successful. Any comment and suggestion will be also appreciated.