Ecommerce Product Photo Editing: The Secret of Boosting Sales


If you are an eCommerce business owner or have an e-commerce product store on famous eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc., and if you struggle to create a profitable online business, we will say that you have many things to do yet. If you cannot find the reason for not succeeding in the internet business, just follow this content to the bottom. We have tried to disclose many things that perhaps you have kept yet unturned.

Not only we but also many tremendously skilled digital marketers and successful eCommerce business owners think that high-quality product image is the precondition of being a profitable online product seller. Since online customers can see only the product photos before buying and they decide to get the products, so the images must be detailed, engaging, and business-oriented.

However, we think experienced eCommerce product sellers are already familiar with the secret of getting high-quality images. But those who are still now struggling to make a profit out an online business, you are going to get a detailed guideline of getting quality product images. You will get here some unavoidable product photo retouching ideas that must be helpful for making your eCommerce business journey profitable.

Perfect Photo Measurement

Perfect photo measurement

If you go through the eCommerce product photo uploading requirement of different eCommerce platforms, you will get a detailed outline where they have mentioned how should be the image measurement and other issues. In the guideline, they have said to upload the perfect images according to their website design and image field. Perfect shaped images are great to use for the potential customers so that they can zoom in the images for detail.

However, the right product images with right shape hold on the proper product aesthetic that attracts the customers and compels them to make the buying decision. So, to be a profitable eCommerce product seller, try to use the best-shaped product images.

Photo Straightening

Ecommerce product images must be straight and perfectly shaped. They need to be cropped in such a way that they will match with the website image frame holding beauty. Because of different reasons, while taking product images, the images may not be straight and get a fish-eye effect. As a result, they lose quality and appeal fish-eye correction. This type of image is not appreciated in the eCommerce business platform. So, as an eCommerce store manager, you have to take photo editing services to straighten the product images.

Use White Background

Clipping Path Sample Image

Major eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay prefers white product background to another background. But, while product photo shooting, we cannot achieve the eCommerce quality white background photos through the product photographers try to use white background. In that case, you need to take background removing service and use a white background. This background cutout service will increase the beauty of your product images and thus spending on photo editing, you will get more return. So, to get more sales, you have to take image background removal service and apply the white backdrop.

Photo Color Correction

Color Correction for Wedding Photos

Product images containing perfect color will boost your product image attractiveness and eventually will maximize your business. So, your images must be pop regarding color. Due to various reasons like environment, camera setting, amateur shutterbug, etc. Your product images may not be captured with perfect color. Besides, you may need to create different versions of the same type of products. So, here we recommend receiving Photoshop color correction service. It will help you to gain product photo color exactly how they should be. You can take this image editing service to make your product photos more appealing and thus get more sales with the desired profit margin.

Remove Background Objects

object removal

Sometimes, it may happen that the image background is fair enough and you want to keep it, but there are some objects you dislike and feel the necessity to withdraw those. Perhaps, the objects are disturbing the fairness of the entire product and you feel that the image quality is not up to the mark. However, you can remove the background objects and improve product image quality taking background object removal service. The image editing personnel will kick out the unwanted objects or replace other objects from your product images as you desire. The beautiful product photos make the products three times more salable and thus your business can be profitable.

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin

For displaying clothing images on eCommerce websites, you should use images with 3D effects, because they are more salable with a handsome profit. To create this 3D hollow effect, the photographers use mannequin while photo shooting. But, with these plastic doll, the product images are not allowed in eCommerce platforms. Such images fails to draw attention. So, you should take ghost mannequin service to remove mannequin from the clothe images maintaining the hollow effect. Using this photo manipulation service, you can amplify the sales.

Realistic Shadow Creation

Shadow Effects

Photoshop shadow creation is crucial for making any product realistic presentation. Without a perfect shadow, your product will assume as it is floating and unnatural. But if you apply proper shadow, it looks real. Not only that when you remove the background and apply a white background, but you should also use shadows. Different types of shadow you can apply, such as drop shadow, reflection shadow, transparent shadow, translucent shadow, natural shadow, etc. Your products will demand the necessary shadow. Shadows will give your product ground and increase the image beauty. So, making a product image real will catch customers’ concentration and eventually, you will get more sales and profits.

Perspective Correction

If your product images don’t look perfect prospectively, it will not be catchy. It cannot be salable. Your business will fail to make a profit. We think you know what perspective will be perfect for your products. Actually, camera angle during photo shooting defines the perspective. For various unfavorable issues, your product photos may get the wrong perspective. They may get leaned shape to one side. Such product image looks odd and fails to hold potential customers’ attention. However, to get rid of the wrong perspective, you should take perspective correction service in Photoshop. It will provide you the best perspective that suits your images.

Exposure Correction

If the outside environment is too sunny, your image may get ever exposed. If it lacks proper light, the image will get underexposed. In your studio, due to extra light or camera flash, the product photos may get over or underexposure. For exposure issues, the image loses details and cannot be catchy. In that case, you should take exposure blending service. Instead of photo shooting the second time, taking exposure correction is cost-effective. So, we recommend you to take photo editing services.

Real Estate Photo Retouching

Real estate

Without taking photo editing services, real estate business must fail to maximize profit. If you are not taking editing services for your real estate product images, you are doing wrong. It is not dishonesty, rather it is the fact. If you think about morality here, your business will get a step back. Then what are you thinking now? You cannot but take image retouching service to make the image more lucrative.

You will need different types of photo retouching services. Sky setting, greenery attachment, exposure correction, etc. services, you must use to create stunning real estate product photos. Such images are hugely used in real estate sectors. So, the secret of getting a good margin of profit, you have to take real estate photo retouching service.

3D Modeling

3D modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering are the most useful services for eCommerce products like electronics, machinery, toys, and many more. For getting a 360-degree overview of the products, 3D services are necessary. If you want to increase the sales of the eCommerce hardware products which need to be displayed from multiple sides, take 3D modeling services instead of taking numerous product photos from every side. 3D model images will help you to print the original products utilizing the 3D printers. Thus, you can increase the production of the products and maintain product availability in your store. Anyway, take 3D modeling services for increasing products’ production and displaying on the eCommerce platforms.

Video Creating and Editing

YouTube video

One of the most powerful media of marketing and advertising is the videos that you can also leverage for yourself. Different types of video creating and editing services, you should take for you, your clients, and your eCommerce products. The corporate presentation video, social media advertising video, YouTube product promotional video, real estate product promotion, wedding, birthday, product review video, etc. are the most useful tool for scaling up your eCommerce business. Not only that, video creation and edition service is influential for non-digital businesses. Since videos act as the direct promotional and advertising tool, the world leader-businessmen are leveraging them to create brand and to promote themselves and their products. So, if you are a profit-oriented business owner, you must take advantage of the video marketing that will support you to take the business to the peak of sales.

Creative Graphic Designs

To boost any type of business whether it is digital or analog business, marketing and advertisement is a must driving step. Without promotional activities, even a successful business may go lag behind in comparison to its competitors. Though for the startup, it is tough to run promotional activities maintaining the pace with the competitors, but if you are a little bit tricky with modern digital promotional materials, you must go ahead. We recommend you to use corporate identities like visiting cards, banner, logo, poster, flyers, product brochure, Infographics, and many more. These marketing and advertising elements will give you the advantage of disclosing your business opportunities. So, leverage these digital materials that will boost your eCommerce business.

However, the above-discussed photo editing services are the most taken services that help to boost the eCommerce business. If you utilize these product photo editing services, video editing, and creative graphic design services, you must get a big sale and a good margin of profit. We don’t know whether you are receiving these editing services or not, but if you have not used yet, we highly recommend you to leverage those. Otherwise, you cannot reach your sales and profit target. Here we can assist you.

We are Color Experts International, Inc. a worldwide renowned photo manipulation and video editing company. If you are interested to take your business to the next level availing these editing services, just contact us. All types of image and video manipulation services are being provided by the most skilled and experienced editing personnel at the best prices. Without thinking twice, send us a free trial, judge us, take a price quotation, and get the most professional services.