Photo Exposure Blending with Luminosity Mask

Photo Exposure Blending with Luminosity Mask

Shortage of lighting or enough exposure is a common problem the shutterbugs face during photography out of studio. At the time of taking images, irrespective of nature or urban images with sky, you don’t have to wait necessarily for convenient natural lighting for the best photography exposure. You can take photographs in under and over exposure environment and you don’t think of lighting, because photo exposure blending with luminosity mask in Photoshop will solve your all types of exposure related terrific experiences.

You may ask to know further about photoshop exposure blending and luminosity masking. So, to make you understand this photo editing technique, we like to say it is just a blending of two images- over exposure image with under exposure image and generating a new one that seems to be perfect as per your expectation. To make the image more glamorous and add high quality image editing effect, the designers apply luminosity mask method which brings about a dreamy look modifying the sky area. Now, you may think more about the step by step photo exposure blending process and that’s why, we have described the easy photo exposure blending steps below.

  1. Firstly, open your two under and over exposure images in Photoshop. Keep the over exposure image layer below the under exposure image layer. Please, follow the snapshot we have attached below.

under exposure image layer

  1. Select the layer one which must be the under exposure layer and go to Add layer Mask from the below of Layer panel. Pressing Alt, click on Add Layer Mask and you will see a black-mask on the first layer same as the below image.

Add layer Mask

  1. Take the Brush tool, if it requires, increase or decrease the brush size, and reduce Opacity upto 50% (though it depends). Select the Layer Mask Thumbnails and ensure your foreground color is white, and finally, drag the brush on the image’s portions where you desire to change or modify.

  1. Keep foreground color White to reveal dark shade and if you need or want to change too much and think to restore, change foreground color into White and drag the brush tool on the image, you can experience the output.


However, image exposure blending with luminosity masking is an easy DIY image editing process. If you can go through the process step by step that we have discussed above, you can do image blending at studio. But if you feel difficulty to blend photo exposures, you can seek our cordial help.

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