10 Killer Video Marketing Tips to Expand your Ecommerce Business

Video Marketing Tips

It won’t be an exaggeration if I say videos are one of the effective mediums to convey your brand’s message. Not only that, it’s also a killer tool to promote your business fruitfully, no matter whether it’s an ecommerce business or a traditional one.

Videos can do what texts and images can’t do at times. Guess what? Videos have the power to connect audiences with a brand. They can spark emotion way more emphatically as compared to text and pictures. Not a bad idea to cash in on this amazing medium to lift ecommerce businesses, right?

But just pumping out promotional videos isn’t sufficient to hook your potential clients. You have to build proper video marketing plans to create a buzz. How to do that? We have rounded up 10 crackerjacks and fruitful ecommerce video marketing tips in this write-up.

These tips, hopefully, will be inspiring and result-generating either. All you have to do is execute them properly to get desired fruit. Before this, you can also go through our previous article where we mentioned the benefits of video marketing in business.

Before we round up the productive video marketing tips, let us share a stat to inspire you. As per the stat of wyzowl, 94% of marketers state that video has helped them increase their understanding of a product or a service.

10 Killer Video Marketing Tips to Grow your Ecommerce Business

Videos are such a medium that you can capitalize on in a wide variety of ways. But surely you can’t nail it without any blueprint. We believe these tips will ease you to build a blueprint for your video marketing campaign.

Let’s take a look at the 10 effectual video marketing tips underneath-

Specify your Video Marketing Goal

What do you think is the first step of creating video marketing strategy? Is it outlining video goals? Yeah, it is! Your aim will determine the type of video you should make, its content, its target audience, and where you publish it.

If you’re just starting off, we would suggest creating limited goals so you don’t mess things up. Itching for an example of a video marketing goal? Promoting a new product or creating brand awareness can be fine examples of video marketing goals.

You must be already aware that there are different stages in a marketing funnel. And it’s crucial for you to make out which stage is perfect for you to target. Let’s take a look at how videos can leave an impact in different stages of the marketing funnel.

Specify your Video Marketing Goal

Awareness: In this initial stage, audience realizes they have a pain point. Targeting with videos in this stage is likely to hook users and you can introduce your brand to a new prospect at the same time.

Consideration: The audience now is hunting for a solution to the problem they have encountered with. They are carrying out research, looking for recommendations, watching product reviews, and striving to find worthwhile solutions.

Decision:  Now that they are almost there to get solutions. It’s time for you to put forth your solutions to their problems in a convincing manner. Produce your products in front of them and highlight how your solutions outpace others. Put forward proof of customer satisfaction with genuine reviews and feedback.

Define and Set your Target Audience

You have already deciphered the purpose of creating your videos. Now, it’s time to move on and specify your target audience.  Wondering about the particulars of target audience, right? Ideally, you should consider your target audience based on gender, age, profession, interests, etc.

Define and Set your Target Audience

You have to figure out the people that can actually benefit from your products. And then provide solutions to their pain points with proper illustrations. You can also develop a buyer persona for your video—a semi-fictional representation of your ideal viewer/buyer.

This will help you make more filtered videos for your target audiences. So, the chances of bringing out positive outcomes will also be redouble.

Deciphering the Theme of your Videos Matter

Any idea about the next step? Well, it’s the theme of your videos. Top-hole content will continue to win the hearts of people only if it reaches the right audience. Once you come to know about your intended audience, it’s time to start working on the theme and content of the video.

You can create videos on a plethora of themes including how-to tutorials, DIYs, company policies & culture, documentaries, leadership talks, client testimonials, demos, webinars, and so forth.

What we would recommend the most is tutorials and demos in your video marketing campaign. This is because these types of videos will demonstrate how to use your products and sometimes can unlock many secrets.

If any question crosses anyone’s mind about your products or services, they can view your videos before picking them up. Tutorials and demos ease clients’ familiarity with a product or service as they can easily know the procedures of using a particular product or a service from the demo videos.

For example, if you buy a DSLR camera of any brand from an online store, you will naturally go online to find out and watch demo videos of the camera to know the setup and other functionalities. These videos will give you a holistic idea of the overall functionalities of the camera and you will be in a better position to leverage the device.

YouTube video

Don’t Err to Choose the Right Video Marketing Platform

Prior to developing your video content, it’s salient to decide on the platform/platforms you will post your videos. Remember all types of marketing videos won’t work on all the platforms as people behave differently on different platforms.

For example, if you make tutorials and explainer videos, YouTube no doubt is the right channel. This is because people typically prefer YouTube for learning step-by-step processes. However, if you find your target audience is active more on Facebook and TikTok, you should go for short promo videos.

Apart from these, if you create listicle videos, they are more likely to work on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure that you keep your videos concise and snackable to make them work on these platforms. Besides, repurposing a video for different channels isn’t a bad idea either.

Come up with a Publishing Schedule

One of the essentials of video marketing is to post regular content updates as this is what your prospects anticipate. So, you can’t just publish videos haphazardly; instead, you have to build campaigns. Come up with stories that you can narrate and also break them into different segments.

Once you are done finalizing the content of your videos, create a regular posting schedule. When you do so, it acts as an incentive for your target audience to get back to you for more videos. Always focus on developing compelling video content so that this content brings out real fruit.

Feature User-generated Content in your Videos

People rejoice to watch themselves in videos. So, isn’t it a cool idea to make your clients the stars of the show? Certainly, it is! You can inspirit them to create videos while leveraging your products and services and then post those videos to your social media profiles and website.

Feature User-generated Content in your Videos

When these people view themselves in the videos, they are likely to share them with their kith and kin. And then what? Every time someone shares any of your videos, your brand will get exposure in the news feeds of umpteen people.

Remember to Add Call to Actions

One of the key segments of marketing videos is including CTAs on different parts. Naturally, if you want someone to head over to your website or follow you on social media, ask them to do so. If your video features any speaker, they can easily ask viewers to take the desired action.

Remember to Add Call to Actions

Apart from that, you can incorporate text in your videos linking to your website. This will encourage viewers to check out for more information and know more about you. Just imagine that you have made a marvelous video and your viewers have also enjoyed it.

But if they don’t know what to do afterward, what’s the point of reaching out to them? It’s just pouring time and money down the drain. At best, you just entertained them but commercially your output will be zero. Call to action in videos, indeed, is a powerful tool to induce conversions.

Don’t Forget to Optimize Videos for Search

Did you know that Google not only indexes website pages but also YouTube videos?  That means even YouTube videos need to be optimized to rank on Google. In order to optimize your videos, you can incorporate keywords in your video descriptions along with top-notch and relevant video descriptions.

So, if someone searches for solutions to their problems using any of the keywords related to your niche, your chances to show up on top of the SERP results go up. In the description box, you can add shortened links to your website with calls to action as well to direct them to your site.

Remember to make use of YouTube’s tagging feature that will determine your video relevance and groups similar videos together. As a result, your videos will show up as “related videos” when viewers watch identical content.

Adding Humor can be a Cool Idea

People love humor but sometimes people may fail to perceive the humor. This is because everyone doesn’t have the same IQ or understanding ability. So, you have to be meticulous before you inject humor into your videos.

However, if you are spot on in your strategy-making, a hint of humor within your video can help lighten the mood and cheer up people to develop a liking for your brand. The entire idea is to let your brand personality and brand voice reflect in the videos you produce.

One of the best examples of a humorous brand video is “Dollar Shave Club”. Even though the video is age-old, people still enjoy and chuckle when they watch the video. The video reflects the type of brand they are as well.

YouTube video

On top of that, making meme videos to add humor is a cracking idea too. You can inject humor into your educational posts and keep them fascinating for your audience without distracting from your relevant topic.

Make an Assessment of your Video Marketing Campaigns

How to know the performance of your video marketing campaigns? Did your video marketing campaigns work or fail miserably? You have to know these stats and evaluate the fruitfulness of your video marketing strategies.

Good thing is that many video hosting sites entail analytics and provide you an idea of your videos’ performances. You can know the total views, watch duration, engagement, number of times a video is played, percentage of visitors who clicked the play button, etc. from the analytics.

Make an Assessment of your Video Marketing Campaigns

Apart from that, you can integrate your videos on your website and monitor the results with Google Analytics. This will enable you to get the same level of insight with your videos as all of the other content on your website.

Have your Say…

In the current age of online shopping, the gravity of video marketing is optimum. You can’t think of growing your ecommerce business except through the right deployment of video marketing. Buyers want to have an immersive experience in the case of online shopping.

Videos have the power to fulfill that needs. But random videos, injudicious thoughts, and improper planning are likely to botch your entire marketing campaign. That’s why we have put forth this small effort of bringing together the top video marketing tips to expand your ecommerce business.

What’s your thought about the above round-up? If you think we have missed any key step, don’t hold back to suggesting to us by leaving your comments!