50 best Free Calligraphy Fonts for Graphic Designers.

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To save time, you can take a pen/pencil and see the font you like in our video below and note them down.

50 best Free Calligraphy Fonts for Graphic Designers

We have organized all the fonts listed here in the above animation video. Take a pen/pencil and note down the fonts you like best.

  1. Before Rain: The font is free for personal and non-profitable uses only. For using business or profitable use, you should buy this typeface. Such type of font can be used on writing love letter and it indicates how admirable font it is. It can be applied in various cards, T-shirts, envelope design, calendar, shopping bags, product packaging, and many more.


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  1. Wedding-bells: The name of this font suggests that it can be used for wedding cards, invitation cards, and something like this type of designs. This feminine type of font is very decorative and suitable for enhancing the quality and beauty of the graphic designs. Use this fantastic font free only for personal purposes, not for profit making motif.

Mf wedding bells fonts

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  1. Hugs-&-kisses: It is one of the most loving and downloaded calligraphy fonts that is the evidence of how popular the font is. This font is worthy for designing various types of cards, posters, clothes, cover pages, and many more. It is free for non-profitable works. Its commercial license is available.

Hugs and kisses fonts

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  1. Some-weatz: There are many fonts for commercial uses and it is one of them. This is an outstanding font usable in any graphical works that are non-profitable. For designing various types inviting cards and envelopes, shopping bags, product packages, clothes, mats, wallpapers, posters, and more, the designers can apply this font that results to produce the unique, exclusive, and huge popular graphical works.

Some weatz fonts

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  1. Ampera font: This Donationware calligraphy font has a lot of characters, icons & symbols, letters, and glyphs which can enable a graphic designer to generate outstanding and adorable graphical masterpieces. This font is perfect for heading and its bold typeface worthy of presenting memorable speeches on the graphic designs.

Ampera fonts

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  1. Mardian font: This font is admirable for dreamlike cards and other graphic designs. It is free for non-profitable works, but for using commercially, you have to purchase it. You can apply this font for creating fabulous wedding cards, Christmas cards, poster for DJ party, concert, and something like this.

Mardian demo fonts

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  1. Respective calligraphy: This is also a paid font for commercial uses. The graphic designers can use this font for creating cards, poster, banner, T-shirts, inviting cards, and many more. You can use this font to create text based graphical works. It is perfect to add poetic speeches on various cards.

Respective fonts

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  1. Milasian-circa: Mans Greback presents this calligraphy font free for personal and non-profitable uses. It has hundreds of characters and glyphs that can be used in most of the graphic designs. Its bold typeface is perfect for heading, quotes, emphasized words or line and something like this. Graphic designers use this font in designing wedding cards, business cards, clothes designs, calendar, and many more.

Milasian circa fonts

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  1. Echinos-park: To use this font for commercial purposes, you have to buy its license. This loving and adorable calligraphy font undoubtedly one of the best looking typefaces. You can use the font in various card designs, posters, digital banners, wall mats and wallpapers, and so on. The font will add a special flavor in the graphic designers’ works.

Echinos Park Script fonts

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  1. Fontaine-de-diamant: The thin calligraphy typeface is free for using personally. To use profitable purposes, its commercial license is available. For various card designs, the designers use this font face in T-shirt design, shopping bags, mats, wallpaper, etc. This feminine typeface can be used in designing posters and text based cards with memorable speeches.

fontaine de diamant fonts

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Anyway, all the above mentioned calligraphy fonts have the pictorial feature which is capable to make your graphic design fabulous. All these fonts are free for personal use and some are also for commercial use. You can download from here for both purposes free.

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