50 best Free Cursive fonts for the graphic designers

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Here are 50 best free cursive fonts that can make your graphic designs extraordinary and eye-catching. You can select different cursive fonts for your different designs from the array below.

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Take a pen/pencil and select the fonts you desire, while the above video plays. You can fast forward to save time.


  1. Lie Me Cursive Font: It is one of Misti’s famous fonts that is very useful for designing any type of graphics. It best suits on card designs, T-shirts, posters, gift cards, etc. For graphic designers, this font can be one of the best parts of their designs. It has a lot of characters and glyphs that you will get after purchasing. That means you can use this font free only for personal and non-profit uses.
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  1. Yananeska Font: Billy Argel has presented this font for graphic experts who require always various fonts. They can take this free font for personal and if needs, they can purchase it. You can use this font on various designs like product packaging, cards, poster, T-shirts, and many more. This font looks pretty gorgeous on the wallpaper, wall mate, calendar, etc.
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  1. Nazeefa cursive Font: It is not free for commercial or any such profitable usage. But, yet you can use this font for personal uses. It is one of the most popular feminine typefaces that suits best on cards, clothing, wedding events, wedding invitations, CD cover, T-shirt, and more to what you like. It is also suitable for writing a poetic speech on various wall mate, wallpaper, and calendar.
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  1. Milton Font: It is a wonderful cursive font suitable for writing a love letters, wedding cards, gift cards, CD cover, book & magazine cover, T-shirts, etc. So, the graphic designers can take this free font to boost up the quality of the designs. For commercial use, purchase the license.
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  1. Handycheera Font: This cursive font can be best used on various cards, clothes, CD cover, book cover, magazine cover, etc. It is free for personal use only. For using commercially, you have to buy this font’s license. You can use this font as a graphic expert in your designs. It will help you to make your designs excellent, gorgeous, and engaging as well.
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  1. Molleat Cursive Font: This font is unique considering its typeface which is something comic and cartoon-like. It suits best in cards, CD covers, book & magazine covers, clothes, and more. The designers can use this font for getting outstanding graphical works. Anyway, this font is free of personal uses, purchase it for commercial uses.
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  1. Pamega cursive Font: It is one of the most popular modern cursive fonts that is featured with hand lettering. Such an engaging and good looking font suitable for wedding invitation cards, greeting cards, T-shirts, logos, or any other creative graphic designs. This font is free for personal uses only. But for commercial uses, you have to buy a license and then you will get a complete set of standard characters, glyphs, punctuation, and many more.
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  1. Heaven Matter Font: This elegant cursive font is presented by Billy Argel. It is suitable for various card designs like a wedding cards, gift cards, cover pages, etc. This font is free for personal uses and for commercial uses, purchase its license. You can use this font for making your design outstanding.
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  1. Bella Donna Font: This is also another highly used cursive font that can be used for several uses like card designs, T-shirt designs, book & magazine cover page design, and so on. This font is also designed by Argel and free for personal use only.
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  1. Sweet Sensations Font: These cursive fonts are also highly appreciated by the graphic designers. You can use it free for personal uses, but if you want to use it commercial uses, you have to buy the license. Then, you will get a lot more characters, symbols, glyphs, etc. for use in various graphic designs viz cards, cover pages, T-shirts, and so many such designs.
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