How to Set up a Studio for Model Photography

Set up a studio for model photography

Set up a studio for model photography

Apparently, studio set-up maybe a walk in a park. But there are many formalities involved with a professional studio set-up other than taking a camera and turning on some lights. You have to have a solid idea about the perfect location, how to position the lights, what props to use, and many more.  When it comes to the studio set-up for model photography, the procedure is almost identical to other types of photography except for the fact that the model is the center of attraction in this genre of photography.

In model photography, an individual whether a boy or a girl poses for a photographer. A model can specifically work for a photographer’s portfolio but he/she can also promote a particular product let it be a dress, fashion item, electronic item, or other types of product. When a shutterbug intends to take a shot, he wants to give a “wow” impression to his shot; he wants his audience to find his shot amazing and mind-blowing. This is where a model comes into play as a model can create the “wow” factor in photography bringing realism and glamour into it, no matter whether it’s studio photography or on-location photography.

We will specifically shed light on the studio or indoor photography in this write-up. No doubt, for a photographer to showcase his photography appealingly to the audience, he has to craft it with perfection. When it comes to studio photography, he has to set up the studio properly with the necessary tools and accessories. Thinking wisely, the best is to set up the studio even before the model arrives in the venue. This will not only save your valuable time but also help you to shoot mesmerizingly with more focus.

Let’s put forth the key tips for setting up a studio for model photography.

Pick your Space:


Pick your Space

Scoping out an area for setting up a model photography studio is the primary job. What’s the best area for shooting? In which spot, the model’s pose will bring out the intended outcome? Is it better to set up the studio beside an open window or closed window? All these matters a lot in setting up a studio for cracking model photoshoots. In case, you fluff to select a befitting spot for model photography studio set-up, you will end up shooting flawed and shoddy model photoshoots.

Curate the Background:


Curate the Background

Background plays a major role in ornamenting photography including model photography. So, you have to be choosy about selecting the background or backdrop. You have to make up your mind whether you want to shoot against one solid background or you want different backgrounds. Surely, model photography is electrifying and so snapping against one background will be one-dimensional. So, moving the model around and capturing against different backgrounds can spice things up.

Emphasize on the Props:

Emphasize on the Props

In the case of rapid shots, you may brush aside utilizing props. But if you wish to stand out in model photography, there is no alternative to taking advantage of props, no matter whether it’s a quick or long-running shot. Props can be any object including a glass, flower-vase, decorative box, bag, doll, or any showpiece that glamorizes your shots. They may not be essential parts of model photography but they can do wonders in crafting model photography masterpieces. But surely, wrong placement and use of props can wreck your photoshoots as well.

Proper Lighting is Key:

Proper Lighting is Key

If the ambient lighting is imperfect, your model photography is likely to turn out substandard even with the use of a high-end camera, high-priced lens, and other essential stuff. So, lighting is pivotal and in indoor photography, you have to go for a different lighting set-up technique unlike outdoor photography. To ensure perfect lighting in the studio, you can measure the existing light with a light meter and then adjust the aperture setting as per the requirements. Not only that even you can also spot the reflection of light with a mannequin even before the model turns up in the studio.

Make use of Photography Lighting Kits and Accessories:

Make use of the Kits

As much as you take advantage of photography lighting gadgets, the better output you will achieve. You can use light diffusers and umbrellas for scattering and softening the existing light without even adding or dispelling flash and big spotlights. Once you are content with the outcome of one location, think of shots in some other spaces, maybe in front of a window, a corner of a room, or amid a massive space. Measure the light again for the location with the light meter and tinker around the existing room light if necessary. Utilize mannequins again to ensure proper reflection of light.

Finally, the Model Lands:

Finally, Model Lands

After the model turns up, you will tend to be just chill and pumped up as the bulk of your task is already done. But surely, it’s unwise to shoot straightway just after the arrival of the model. Instead, you should have a healthy interaction with the model. Try to pick up his/her comfort zone, the poses he/she prefers to give, take suggestions from the model about the backdrop, lighting, and props settings. On top of that, double-check the camera settings along with the model including aperture, shutter speed, and speed light. Don’t forget that collaboration with the model can help you make a better and confident decision about your model photography studio set-up, thereby producing mesmerizing photo shoots.

We have put forward some concise but handy model photography hacks and techniques. No matter whether you are an amateur or a seasoned model shutterbug, you will certainly benefit from following the above tips. Remember, anyone even without having ample skills can do model photography with few clicks of a camera but his photography is unlikely to catch the attention of the viewers.

But when you will follow an effective and established guideline, you will not only nail your task but also show professionalism and that’s a key feature of an ace photographer. Just think of a situation that you are setting up your studio and your model is waiting there for hours losing all his/her stamina. This will undermine the model during the process of photoshoots and bring out low-quality results. But if you show a little bit of professionalism and execute certain tasks before the model arrives, it will not only save your precious time but also produce brilliant and bewitching model photography masterpieces. This is exactly what we focused on in this brief guideline.

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