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Hunting for professional photography studios to shoot models, products, or commercials? It’s not rocket science to locate photography studios near you. But you have to do a little homework before you look for a studio. You have to know the vital factors associated with the photoshoot in a photography studio. How much will be the cost of studio photography? What kind of set-up and atmosphere you are looking for? These are crucial factors that you have to take into account.

There are a number of ways to find suitable photography studios near you. At first, you can take advantage of the online resources at your disposal. Depending on your location, you can search for the photography studios close to you. No doubt, you will get scores of resources to provide you handy information. Apart from that, you can make use of offline resources as well including advertisements published in newspapers and magazines.

We have rounded up some elegant professional photography studios located near you in New York and Los Angeles.

Let’s get started…

New York:

New York is a city of enchantment, beauty, and luxury offering oodles of studios for product promotional photography, shooting commercials, or video production. It’s a city that cradles you like a lover and takes away your pain no matter how severe it is. Living within the purview of the city gives you a feeling of the utmost comfort and ecstasy. Skyscrapers, glamour, and compactness, all of these entities make the city just worth paying a visit. But what sets the city apart from the other cities is the cohabitation of diverse and beautiful people.


Sandbox Studio

With client-oriented facilities, Sandbox operates 7 studios and production houses in different cities of the USA including New York. The studio caters to a dynamic and incredible atmosphere letting both clients and crews rejoice collaborating with one another. The studio also has a post-production department and spacious studios drenched in natural light. One of the strongest reasons it comes at the top of the list is due to the wide range of choices it offers.


Drive-in access

360° city views

Scores of make-up stations


Canoe Studios:

Canoe Studios

One of the best photography studio services on offer in the city of New York. The facility is equipped to offer a myriad of stuff including digital photography, lighting, props, grip rental, catering, and so on and so forth. The studio boasts a huge inventory of equipment and maintains a healthy relationship with other rental houses to fulfill all the clients’ requirements. On top of that, the mesmerizing view that the studio accompanies along with the service, it’s a big miss not to go for it.


Top-notch Service

Futuristic Sound System

5 Studios Available with Flexible and Mind-blowing Layouts


Highlight Studios:

Highlight Studios

The name itself shows strong connectivity with photography. If you are looking for still photography with a strong focus on lighting for small-scale production, this particular studio is an ideal choice. Designed with a focus on improving continuous natural soft light while maintaining the power to regulate the amount and direction with remote-controlled window shades. If you are curious about open-air shoots, a 1,100 square feet deck can provide you with it.


Non-stop Soft Light

Mammoth Rooftop Deck

Full Kitchen and Bathroom


Contra Studios:

Contra Studios

The studio is a full-service one, designed to offer an array of services. It can accommodate any kind of media production regardless of the complexities and processes involved with them. The studio comes with a whopping 4,000 square feet open space, providing a complete avenue for photo and video shoots. Apart from that, the studio offers a post-production house and few additional services including animation and video production.


The studio used for photography, filming, video, and animation production

An Array of Creative Services

Premium Lighting Facility


Los Angeles:

Los Angeles is known as an entertainment city and so having scads of photography studio rental options are natural here whether for filming commercial or product and model photography. The city has a variety of faces from different countries and distinctive neighborhoods. The city has so much to explore that you will keep wandering every nook and cranny of it but yet you will find new things to feast on. Another noticeable feature of the city that will grip you is the surreal views. All in all, the city is a majestic one to dwell, rejoice, and experience the day-to-day activities.

Box eight:

Box eight Studio

The studio is a glorious one providing a plethora of production facilities to fulfill the demands of the clients. The space of the studio is divided into 2 segments with one having 4,000 square feet leveraged for photography and filming. The other part is an outdoor area with a garden having an area of 2,000 square feet. The indoor area of the studio has a 20 feet vaulted ceiling letting loads of natural light to enter inside. For top-class photography and video shooting, the studio is definitely a go-to one.


Well-equipped for Photo and Video Shooting

Tall Vaulted Ceiling

Massive Outdoor Garden Space


FD Photo Studio:

FD Photo Studio

An elegant and eye-catching studio with a convenient location in downtown, LA. FD photo studio boasts an affordable photography service option. The studio has 12 different offshoots and they are available for rent across their 3 different locations. Depending on the scale of the project, clients can choose the proper photography service. On top of that, no additional fee is charged exclusively for shooting kits as it’s included within the rental fee. Apart from that, they offer in-house photo retouching services as well.


Perfect Downtown Location

12 Offshoots Available

Gadget Fees Included


Studio 1444:

Studio 1444

A breathtaking studio, located in the heart of Hollywood, Studio 1444 provides sophisticated photography equipment rental and photo retouching services. Many iconic photographers have taken shots in this gorgeous location having scores of facilities including the presence of natural lighting all over the 2,500 square feet area, private parking area, etc. Along with that, the rate offered by the studio for equipment rental, production assistants, digital technicians is reasonable as well making the experience smooth and comfortable.


Location in the Heart of Hollywood

Photo Retouching Services Available

Futuristic Photography Gadgets


Smashbox Studios:

Chosen by the world-class photographers and directors to produce their content, Smashbox Studios offer 25,000 square feet huge space for photo and video shoots. The studio was reopened in 2015 with an entirely new look portraying grandeur and improved amenities. Along with that, significant technology upgradation was made as well making it a go-to studio for photographers. With 5 onsite studios and 1 offsite studio, Smashbox offers equipment rental, event hosting, and workflow management among many other services.

Smashbox Studios


Massive Area of 25,000 Square Feet

State-of-the-art Technology in Effect

6 Studios in Total


1906 Studios:

1906 Studios

A capacious space of 2,100 square feet providing city views through the windows on 2 walls is something spellbinding. The studio is located in the vicinity of all the major freeways which is a big advantage. An intriguing feature of the studio is that they don’t charge for furniture, props, and gadgets distinctly rather they are included within studio rental. Leveraging rooftop, however, is charged additionally. Aside from that, the studio boasts an in-house production team offering services like set design, hair styling, and photo manipulation.


A Massive Space of 2,100 Square Feet

The Convenience of City Views

Furniture and other Gadgets aren’t Charged Additionally



We anticipate to have introduced you with the eminent professional photography studios near you in New York and Los Angeles. There are plenty of well-known studios in these two cities but we have picked the ones that are worth mentioning. We want you to have a smooth experience with your photography and video shooting projects getting first-rate service quality at an affordable rate. We can guarantee that taking services from these studios will blow your mind.

If you are located in some other cities of the USA or any other country, you may or may not benefit knowing about these studios. But don’t worry and have patience! We will come up with new write-ups on professional photography studios near you shortly. Till then, chill and delight!