Photoshop Masking Service

There are many sophisticated images that require delicate touch and years of professional experience in order to extract from the background or remove from background. Hair, facial hair, fur, woolen cloth, skin hair, and other furry texture demand further attention. Clipping path isn’t just enough for these special images. Photoshop image masking is needed to support clipping path technique when these special cases come to our expert hand.

Clipping path technique is efficient for the hard edges until there is any soft edge. When it goes beyond clipping path’s ability, Photoshop mask technique is executed to separate the soft edges from the background.

As mentioned earlier, masking services are delicate and require expert hands. There are several types of masking services. Hair and flesh masking, alpha channel masking, transparent or translucent object masking, collage masking are some of the sub-categories of image masking services.

One of the fascinating tool used in Photoshop clipping mask is Pen Tablet. If the image has soft edges and close background color, pen tablet tool is the best option to extract the image hundred percent accurately. Pen tablet is a specialized graphic tablet with a Bluetooth pen which is used to draw subtle lines to sketch out the original images with soft edges. The tablet is virtually connected with the computer and work efficiently in collaboration with Photoshop. The airbrush of then pen has several size. The size and handling pressure of the airbrush influence the accuracy of the masking. Therefore, it is always better to let it handle by someone with previous experience.

Hair and Flesh Masking

hair and flesh masking

One of the toughest parts of Photoshop masking service is extracting hairs and furs because these have thinner and soft edges. It requires time and patience to complete these kind of jobs. Untied hair, flying hair, and any other frizzy hair is easily masked and extracted using hair masking techniques. Same thing goes for any kind of flesh masking as well.

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha Channel Masking

This technique of masking reduces the size of the file which saves time in uploading or downloading any image. Also, image manipulation becomes easier and faster. Alpha channel masking makes it convenient to edit the brightness, exposure, contrast, and any other color detail in order to extract the image from the background. Alpha channel masking is a self-sufficient tool for image editing. Sometimes it doesn’t need clipping path or regular masking to extract an image or remove the background. In many occasions, alpha channel masking is enough to get the job done.

Transparent or Translucent Object Masking


Any transparent object image is critical to handle because it needs transparent mask. It is essential to retain the transparency intact while masking it to get the natural look. If the transparency is interrupted, then the appeal of the product goes away. Therefore, it needs very careful attention to retain the natural look of it. Color Expert International has a group of professionals who execute this easily with expert hands. Whether it’s glass, bottle, plastic packet, transparent cloth, window shield, or any other transparent object, masking is easily done by the experts within a minimum time frame.

Similarly, translucent or glowing objects also need extra attention. Gleaming objects need special care while extracting from the background. The appeal of gleaming objects should be retained the same or better while masking. Therefore, transparent or translucent masking is a challenging job that requires a professional touch to look outstanding.

Collage Masking


As the name suggests, in collage masking, images of different objects are edited together to make a collage. This gives birth to a whole new image. Making a collage is easy, at the same time though. Anyone with some basic knowledge of image editing can make collage pictures. However, very few can make up for the professional quality of a collage. Our expert group of editors makes exceptional collages as per our client’s demand by using Photoshop collage masking.

Who needs it? How can it help you?

Image masking is a creative work. Anyone who is in the field of creative business will need it at some point in their life. Photographers- be it professional or casual- will always need their images tweaking. Yes, it’s true that photographers can handle their own masking best, it is almost impossible for someone who has a bulk of photos needed tweaking. At this point, Color Expert International will always be ready at your service for any kind of image masking service.

Even if someone is not in the field of creative works, still they would be needing it. For example, any garments company, buying house, apparel house, merchandiser farm, or any other relevant business regularly need image masking service. Besides, companies with different products- whether it’s a service or commodity-based company- if they want to manipulate images enlisting their products, surely they will need masking service on a regular basis.

Photoshop image masking in Color Expert International is an everyday job. Our experts are doing it on a regular basis for clients around the globe. Our company follows a policy of perfection which is to satisfy our clients beyond their expectations. There are very few companies who use Pen Tablets or have experts who can handle Pen Tablets. In Color Expert International, professional expert graphics designers have years of experience in handling Pen Tablet in order to execute any kind of masking. It doesn’t matter how hard the job is, our service will always be top and sleek in quality.

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