Mac vs PC for Graphic Design: Which One is Better?

The argument over Mac vs PC for graphic design has been roaming around for quite a long period. There was a time when graphic designers inevitably relied on MAC because of Apple’s supremacy in design software.

However, throughout the years there have been drastic changes in the operating systems of MAC & PC and now most software is obtainable on both. So now the debate on Mac vs PC, which one is better for graphic design works, is probably best understood by an individual’s preference of choosing a particular service.

In this write-up, we will provide the conveniences of both MAC & PC to help you know which is going to adequate your modalities of work better.

Basic Concept of Graphic Design

Before we share our particular opinion regarding the controversial competition of MAC vs PC, let us first have a simple idea about graphic designing.

So, what is graphic design?

Graphic design is basically the formation of visual structures intended to solve complications and communicate concepts through imagery, typography, color, and formula.

Basic Concept of Graphic Design

Of course, there is more than one way of doing graphic design. That is why we see several categories of graphic design, specialized in each field. Such as-

  • Visual image graphic design
  • Marketing and promoting graphic design
  • User interface (UI) graphic design
  • Advertisement graphic design
  • Art & Illustration graphic design, etc.

Functionality of Graphic Design Programs on MAC & PC

Adobe’s design programs are most commonly used by graphic designers all over the world demonstrating them as the standard for work. The performance of these programs is dependent largely on the hardware.

These essentials include the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), the RAM, and the hard disk storage capacity. That being said, the functioning of Adobe tools can be almost equal on MAC & PC.

Besides Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. work in order on PC along with finer hardware.

Picking MAC over PC

Although there have been a lot of advances in PCs, for many designers MACs have always been the odds-on-favorite. An American survey demonstrates that MAC users’ satisfaction level is quite higher in comparison with PC users.

MAC over PC for graphic design

Here, we have listed a couple of key advantages of MAC for graphic designing.

1. Silicon Chips

Apple provides silicon chips that are revolutionary and leave behind many powerful PCs in performance. These chips are generally known for signifying great potentiality.

Silicon Chips

If you are not using them for much demanding software you won’t need more than 8 GB RAM.

However, if want to design or edit videos on a professional level or use demanding applications on MAC you should go for 16 GB RAM or even more. Additionally, you will need over 512 GB of storage as well.

2. Well-ordered Pattern

Apple has been a renowned brand for its spick-and-span pattern of computers for over 20 years. And this is a major reason for many MAC users to stick with it.

The materials, exterior design, aluminium finishing, and high-quality display of MACs are the level of standard even now for most rival brands out there. Moreover, the silicon chips add more efficiency to its usage system allowing the battery reach to an extent of 18 hours level.

Henceforth, you can complete any time-consuming and difficult graphic design tasks with the utmost convenience and ease using MACs.

3. User Understanding

MACs are relatively functional, easily usable, and stable. You unpack the box and it’s basically all set to go.

The utility and interface structure is built into the macOS design which lets you handle it smoothly without any complications. As MAC, iPhone, and iPad have similar interfaces you can easily operate all if you are familiar with the usage of just one.

User Understanding

In case you have been using Windows operator and want to switch to Apple it may take a while to adapt to a new operating system. Nonetheless, the adaption process is quite simple and fast.

Another plus point of macOS is its minimalist design makes it easy for you to find and arrange your folders, files, and programs which leads to MACs being really helpful for graphic designing.

4. Production & Materials Quality

Despite the fact that some expensive PCs of recent times are no less than MACs regarding designing patterns, Apple always catches the eye when you get to the materials.

Production and Materials Quality

If you want quality supremacy, MACs are certainly unsurpassable. Such as-

  • Strong Exterior:

MACs are principally manufactured with aluminium intact which makes their external surface much harder than most other brands. A strong exterior prevents your MacBook from serious damage.

  • A Millimetre Interior

Apple offers an upgraded MAC interior with a thermal structural design. As a result, your device gets better exposure to air for its components. This lets you perform various complex designing activities using the software of Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Premiere, etc. regardless of a longer period without overheating.

5. Interconnection of Apple’s Devices

If you are a dedicated Apple user you get the advantage of linking other devices and gadgets of this brand along with a MAC.

Sharing and receiving photos, files, documents, etc. from one to another for completing your projects is thus easy and quick, via AirDrop. As data synchronization among devices is also fast, you can switch devices and carry on with your graphic illustration in no time at all.

6. Pre-installed Programs

MACs usually come with particular pre-installed software programs. These software programs are a cut above and of complete versions, not the bloatware type.

Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Photos, Font Book, iMovies, etc. are such tools that are running their tasks flawlessly. You can do basic edits of graphic design for free and thus, MACs prevent spending money on these programs on a yearly basis.

7. Security

It is actually a myth that MACs are totally free from computer viruses. This has caused many users of MAC are ending up with infected computers.


The main reason behind this problem is their absent-mindedness about taking necessary security measures. In truth, viruses can affect all types of operating systems: macOS, iOS, & WOS.

However, despite everything, MACs have a low chance of getting attacked by viruses. This is generally because most virus developers create more malware for PC than MAC. So while you are working on graphic design a MAC can be a safer option to escape frequent virus attacks.

8. Apple Display

Even though there are variations among them, Apple displays are commonly admired for their sharpness, quality, and color accuracy. That’s why Apple screens are always in a superior position to the rest of the brands.

Besides, the incredibly higher resolution makes the pictures that you use for graphic designing appear realistic and sharp. Moreover, you can adjust the screen’s brightness to a very higher level as well.

Picking PC over MAC

PCs usually indicate the laptops &desktops running on WOS (Windows Operating System). Nowadays, graphic designers are being driven to use PCs. It is essentially because of the developments in the quality, power, and stability detected in PCs over the last few years.

Now, let’s have a look at the key advantages of PCs related to graphic design.

1. Lower Cost

Apple’s products are universally known for their expensive price. If you don’t intend to invest a large amount in buying a computer, you can simply opt for a PC.

Lower Cost

PCs are usually cheaper compared to similar featured MACs. Except for a few exceptions, this differential cost becomes even larger as we contrast more dynamic computers.

Therefore, in order to reduce expenses, many graphic designing studios and companies that previously used MACs, have been switching to PCs lately.

2. More Configuration Options

One of the most common features of PCs is that they come with a large number of configuration options and possibilities.

You have got tons of models and brands available to choose to buy a PC. These PCs are of several different prices and types.

More Configuration Options

Additionally, some stores let you arrange all the components of your PC. As a result, you can get a custom-made computer for a quite reasonable rate.

Thus, you can select only the particular elements you need, as per your requirements and budget. It is a plus point for graphic designers.

To elaborate on the point, you can configure almost everything including the processor, the hardware, the RAM, the audio adapters, the graphics adapter, the cable designs, etc.

3. Less Repairing Cost

Regardless of buying a MAC or a PC, you will surely need to repair it in the long run. So while keeping this in mind, it is better to get a PC rather than a MAC. Because the repair cost of PCs is much less rather than that of MACs.

Now, this difference in price is caused by the question of demand and supply. This is why you can easily find many mechanical centers to get your PC repaired while on the contrary, you will hardly find MAC repair centers sanctioned by Apple.

Moreover, PCs offer several insurance options that you are able to hire while buying. It is a more reasonable deal than what Apple’s AppleCare offers.

As a result, graphic designers can get extensive coverage through a few of these insurances including accidental damage as offered by PCs.

4. Innovative Design

If you are pondering how designs can be a reasonable cause to choose to buy a PC instead of a MAC, here’s our explanation. Over the last few years, many high-end PCs have emerged in the market which are also called “ultrabooks”.

Innovative PC Design

For example, Huawei, HP, Dell, Microsoft, etc. brands are manufacturing these ultrabooks which combine power, design, and performance. Therefore, we are now able to use PCs (e.g. Microsoft Surface or HP Spectre) with innovative designs for graphic designing that are no less than MacBook Pro.

5. Extra Programs Available

Since the number of PC users is much more than MAC users all over the world, the MOS or Microsoft Operating System has more software availability.

Although more or extra accessibility to alternatives doesn’t really mean greater quality, you can always have the opportunity to select from a larger collection of programs. This is another noteworthy perk of PC for graphic design.

6. Touch Screens

For graphic designing touch screens plays a very significant role. Maximum Windows PCs are associated with touchscreens. This facility is lacking in MACs.

However, not every touchscreen is the same, nor is the response period and color accuracy. So it’s better to get some idea about the touch functionality before purchasing a PC.

Again, if you have a particular computer in mind but its touchscreen is not so perfect, you can get a separate digital graphic tablet to solve your problem.

7. Windows 11

A different and fast version of the operating system for PCs is Windows 11 which requires only a few resources. It is quite analogous to Apple and is very much secure, stable, as well as frequently updated.

Windows 11

Some pre-installed bloatware or its numerous notifications may become an issue for certain PCs. Just spend a few hours uninstalling and unplugging these disruptions at the beginning, and you can do your graphic design work with ease.

8. Communion with Other Computers

For graphic designing, many devices are needed to be connected. These devices include hard drives, digital graphics tablets, cameras, etc. That’s why we require extra ports & connection slots.

Apple has removed nearly all ports from MACs. This might seem right in the sense of the long term, but it is unable to consider the contemporary requirements of professional graphic designers.

Thankfully, most PCs have extra ports & connection slots. Therefore, you can easily pick the one you need and be free of further troubles.

Wrapping Up…

The champion of the debate over MAC vs PC actually varies through your proficiency on macOS or Windows. Apple‘s computers are comparatively of high quality and a lot more beneficial in several aspects. As a result, MACs are somewhat expensive.

On the other hand, Windows are able to run on both powerful and relatively less powerful computers. So if you are just starting out as a designer or have better equipment for powerful units you are good to go with a PC too.

So, make your choice as per your requirements. And don’t forget that only choosing a particular device won’t perfect your design output. Your creativity in design matters too.