Typography in Photography: Essential Tips to Beautify Photoshoot

Typography in Photography

What can enhance the beauty of a photograph with less effort? Simply a text! But most beginners don’t know how to do justice in this case. In this article, you’ll get some ways to make images more meaningful through the power of typography in photography.

So, is typography all about complex things? Not at all, especially not for those who are creative enough in this area. But keep one thing in mind. If the picked typography goes wrong regarding the relevancy and design, it may hamper the entire beauty of photography.

When to Use Typography in Photo?

Not necessary, you’ll always need to use typography with your photos. Actually, it depends. There are certain places where the utilization of this may bring some extra attention and value as well. On the other hand, it may look disturbing if you try putting typography in almost every picture you shoot.

So, what’s the ideal place to use it? It can be for various social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Apart from this, you can also implement this on YouTube thumbnails, wedding or photo albums, marketing materials, and branding.

Tips for Using Typography in Photography

If we start listing the tips for better typography, we wonder where we would end. There are indeed many different ways you can use the typography though all of them can’t bring perfection. We always suggest going simple and straightforward. The following tips will help you learn the best ways. Don’t miss them anyway.

1. Use the Standard Font

Use the Standard Font

Yes, the first thing you have to remember always is to use a standard font. You might love to use a very tangled and decorative one. But are you sure that others can read what is written there easily? After going through the printer, the tangled font can be even more sulcated.

So, always make sure to use a clean and readable font. The beauty of the typography won’t get the viewers’ notice if they cannot read it. However, it is also essential to use one that fits your project perfectly.

Standard typography exposes both aesthetics and beauty. Your taste and personality will be exposed by your choice as well. So, you have to be extra careful while picking typography for your project.

2. Fewer Fonts in One Project

Fewer Fonts in One Project

A project with many different fonts just loses its perfection. Always try to use one or two types of fonts unless the project is a big one. And make sure to be wise while choosing different fonts for one project. Indeed, choosing multiple fonts is one of the most challenging parts here.

Two or three fonts similar cannot get a perfect match. You shouldn’t go for three or more if it is not too much necessary. Also, it is important to use a big and more noticeable font for the keyword as well.

If you have a big project, it is better not to use much different typography in one small place. Indeed, using many typographies in a big project like a book doesn’t always look great at all.

3. Check the Contrast When Use Two or More Fonts

Check the Contrast

As we mentioned right before a moment, contrast is very much important to check if you are using two or more fonts at a time. You have to be picky when selecting multiple fonts for a single project.

Keeping the fonts simple always looks overwhelming. Two overly tangled typography can never match side-by-side. If you have a part to prioritize, you should use a better font for that.

4. Look at the Color

Look at the Color

And now, it’s about the color of the typography. In this case, you have to check the color of the project surface. Simply, you cannot use deep navy blue on a black surface. The color of the typography must be noticeable and looks great on the surface.

Very strong color contrast is very important just like the style of the typography. Generally, a black or any dark color seems legible and noticeable on a white or light bright color.

You can spend time on experiments in this case. Just apply different colors one after another and find out which one suits the surface color the most. The more you experience, the better your work will be.

5. Consistent Format Seems Good

Consistent Format Seems Good

Once you are done with the typography style, contrast, and color, you should check out the format. You must be aware that typography can have different formats like bold, light, Italic, etc. The size of the typography in photography also matters a lot.

For all the fonts and parts of your project, you have to select the appropriate format. For that, you have to read and understand what is written down there. Indeed, you have to find out the most important part of it and make it even more noticeable.

We also suggest not to make it too small. Remember that the smaller font cannot get the viewers’ notice so easily. Also, you should learn the rules of using the Italic form when it is about an educational project.

6. Check Out the Alignment

Check Out the Alignment

Not just checking the format is sufficient. You have to make sure that the alignment of the text is perfect. The alignment means the side where the text starts. It can be left, or right. And also, how the body of the text is aligned with the project is essential to give a check.

If you ask us what to do, we always suggest going straight and simply. People may not get to the different alignment many times. So, you better make it straightforward and easy to read.

7. Hierarchy Is Important

Hierarchy Is Important

If you manage to learn how to create a hierarchy on your project typography, people will appreciate your work for sure. The visual hierarchy is all about the different types of color, style, and format on different parts. It’s just as we said a minute ago. You have to read the project to find out its important part.

You can simply check out different projects to get more ideas about this fact. Just look through the newspaper, magazines, or journals. Having more ideas will help you get a sense of a better hierarchy.

Some Examples of Stunning Typography Photoshoot

Let’s have a look at some of the famous and ideal examples of typography where it’s been used smartly and professionally. Here’s a shortlist given below!

blog accessories on white background

Image Title: Composition blog accessories on white background. Blogger workspace.

Source: AtlasComposer


Happy mothers day composition

Image Title: Happy mothers day composition. Flowers on white background. Studio shot.

Source: halfpoint


Thankful,creative floral typography

Image Title: Thankful, creative floral typography made with flowers.

Source: twenty20photos


Final sale glittery shopping typography

Image Title: Final sale glittery shopping typography.

Source: Rawpixel


HAPPY HOLIDAYS beads text typography

Image Title: HAPPY HOLIDAYS beads text typography

Source: Rawpixel