Image Masking Service: A Pen Tablet Introduction!

image masking service

In computer graphics, when an image is intended to be placed or replaced over a background, the transparent areas can be specified through a mask. This way, for each intended image there are actually two images in bitmap format: the actual image, in which the unused areas are given a pixel value, and an additional mask, in which the correspondent image areas are given a pixel value with the surrounding areas.

It is not very much easy to mask an image. It is a time consuming, eye-straining, and professional’s task to achieve desirable output.

Photoshop masking service becomes very important to process complex images, especially for product catalogs, various brochures, magazines, calendars, posters, photographs use for online shops. These require each and every image that need to be clear so that users can actually feel that they look at the original products.

Normally, designers use Photoshop pen tool to remove background from an image. But to separate a product from its background with natural soft edges, graphic designers use Pen Tablet. With this method, they can easily blend the hard area and the soft area.

What Is A Pen Tablet?

What is a pen tablet-01

A pen tablet is a PC input gadget that empowers a designer to hand-draw pictures, animations, and representation, with a common pen-like gadget called stylus which is like the way a man draws pictures with a pencil and paper.

The gadget comprises of a level or flat surface whereupon the client may “draw” or follow a picture utilizing the connected stylus. The picture is shown on the PC screen, however some realistic tablets now additionally consolidate an LCD screen for a more reasonable or regular experience and ease of use.

Advantages of Pen Tablet

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Pen tablets are normally utilized as a part of the visual computerization or picture related world. Utilizing a pen-like stylus on a realistic tablet joined with graphic software, for example, Illustrator or Photoshop by Adobe gives planners a considerable measure of exactness while making computerized drawings or fine art.

Photographers can also find working with a graphic tablet during their photo editing can really speed up tasks like creating a detailed layer mask or dodging and burning.

Check out this checklist of the most popular tasks in Photoshop that benefit from the pen tablet:

Retouching with Clone Stamp tool: Using this tool with a pen tablet gives you the advantage of pressure sensitivity in a way that is ideal for removing an element in a picture which gives it a natural, professional effect.

Pen tablet Improves brush work: Using the Brush Tool and a soft edge brush, a graphic designer can use pressure sensitivity to improve skin tones, brighten eyes, and soften features.

Selections can be made with a pen tablet: It is very much tough to use the selection tool more precisely in Photoshop. But in the pen tablet, it is very much easy.

Compositing tasks: Natural and intuitive masking helps a graphic designer to create composite images that look natural and intentional, thanks to the pressure-sensitive pen tablet and stylus.

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Why Will You Choose Us for Pen Tablet-Based Image Editing Service?

Are you a busy photographer? Or an e-commerce shop owner who needs a lot of images to be edited such as image masking? You may have heard of a large image-retouching project, working with a mouse, usually makes it a less-than-precise and laborious endeavor. After years of experience using a mouse, we have refined our ability to use a mouse to edit images. However, there are better tools than mice out there to make your image editing quicker, easier work with noticeably better results- that is “Pen Tablet”.

why will you choose us for masking

Working with a mouse can be tedious because our wrist is flat, and we can only work using crude dragging motions that involve our entire hand. Usually, a mouse is imprecise and clunky in our hand, and after prolonged use, our hand will start to cramp. A mouse is fine for surfing the web, scrolling, or doing simple work, but a drawing tablet allows you to complete more detail-intensive much more comfortably.

With a stylus, a graphic designer can tilt the pen and his/her hand and wrist into a natural drawing position. This allows him to have much more control over the strokes that he makes. You can literally sketch with your computer. Stylus enables a designer to paint digitally inside of Photoshop, and the completed work will have a more natural appearance because pen tablet offers hand and finger flexibility which a mouse can not.

If you want your images to get liveliness and have an organic, natural, professional look, then our pen tablet-based masking service should be the ultimate choice for your image editing and design-related work.

Image masking is creative work. Anyone who is in the field of creative business will need it at some point in their work. Photographers- whether he is professional or casual- will always need their images attracting. Yes, we agree that photographers can handle their own masking best. But it is almost impossible for someone who has a bulk of photos needed masking. At this point, Color Experts International will always be ready at your service for any kind of Photoshop masking service.

Even if someone is not in the field of creative works, still they would be needing it. For example, any garments company, buying house, apparel house, merchandiser farm, or any other relevant business regularly need photo masking service. Besides, companies with different products- whether it’s a service or commodity-based company- if they need more customers for their products, surely they will need masking service on a regular basis.

Photoshop masking in Color Experts International is an everyday job. Our experts are doing it on a regular basis for clients around the globe. Our company follows a policy of perfection which we surely believe will satisfy our clients beyond their expectations. There are very few companies who use Pen Tablets or have experts who can handle Pen Tablets. In Lazy Mask, professional expert graphics designers have years of experience in handling Pen Tablet in order to perform any kind of masking. It doesn’t matter how hard the job is, our service will always be top in quality.

Please visit our website for more details. We have a free trial facility where you can judge our quality and discount offer for a large volume of order. Moreover, 24/7 customer support team and 250+ graphic designers are ready to give the best service you have ever experienced.