Image Masking: A Comparison Between Pen Tablet & Traditional Way

pen tablet comparison

Image masking is a process of background removal. The method is applied on the soft edge of the furry or hairy images, model image, doll or furry animal images, thin fabrics, and so on. To remove the backdrop from this type of image, only the application of the clipping path is not enough. In this case, image masking services come necessarily to do the job perfectly.

Traditionally, a graphic designer uses, a mouse, Adobe Photoshop, and its various tools such as the pen tool, brush tool, add a layer mask, refine edge, etc. He does the work manually and he has to do it very carefully for perfection. But, in the case of furry images, 100% perfectly masking becomes almost impossible. This type of image needs something more. And that is why the designers use Pen Tablet.

Pen tablet or graphics tablet is an input device. It works with Photoshop as a helper. The graphic experts use it during image editing instead of the mouse. It is very difficult to point out the flying hair by the mouse for image masking. But, the pen tablet can easily and perfectly perform this task. Moreover, the device enables a user to hand-draw images, animation, and graphics. It has a pen-like stylus, which gives a feeling of drawing images with a pencil and paper. The designers use it to capture various data or handwritten signatures. They also use it to trace an image from a piece of paper.

A Comparison Between Pen Tablet and Traditional Way of Maskingpen tablet comparison with traditional masking

The designers use a pen tablet during image masking because it can perfectly point out the hairy soft edge of the image. It is faster and more efficient than a mouse.

  • The designers’ hand can go from point to point on the screen in a single movement, but with a traditional mouse, it repeats slides.
  • Pen tablet enables more natural input for activities, for example creative drawing and image retouching.
  • The pen-like stylus has two buttons same as the right-click or other commands of the mouse.
  • Holding a pen is more ergonomic than using a mouse. Most of the users with repetitive strain injury (RSI) suffer less pain when using a tablet.
  • Working with a mouse requires repetitive muscle movements while the rest of the hand keeps still, creating uneven muscle fatigue. A pen, on the contrary, allows you to work in a more relaxed position.
  • Pen tablet keeps the natural texture unchanged. It is so much useful for model photography masking. The designers use it for changing image color tone, exposure, brightness, contrast, etc. more perfectly, but by the mouse, the task cannot be done like that of.

However, if you use a pen tablet or not, you have to be experienced and expert to get perfect hair masking results. Alternatively, you can go with a professional photo editing company to get a professional result for your masking related images such as model photos. Color Experts International is one of the best masking related photo editing service providers who use a pen tablet for perfect hair masking.