How to Warp and Distort Text in Photoshop (Easy Steps)

How to Warp and Distort Text in Photoshop

Text is one of the key elements of any sort of design, isn’t it? You will hardly come across any design without the use of text. No matter whether it’s a social media post, banner, artwork, or logo design, inserting text is salient in all sorts of designs.

But only adding texts won’t jazz up your designs. Rather, you have to stylize your texts with different fonts and effects. As much as font choice is crucial for an aesthetic design, a cool effect is equally crucial. One of the cool and mesmerizing effects that can be applied in a text is warping.

Tons of ways you can adopt warp text to spice up your design. But most of these methods aren’t appropriate for smooth and slick warping. In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to warp and distort text in Photoshop.

Text Warp Defined

Simply put, text warp means bending or twisting a word or group of words to a particular shape. Usually, this particular method is used for enhancing the aesthetic of designs and adjusting texts within a particular shape or space.

For example, text warping can be utilized in a design of a circle with text around it. Apart from that, if you have a particular shape, maybe a rectangle with limited space, you can warp and distort your text to fit it inside the shape.

How to Warp and Distort Text in Photoshop?

So, now we will pick up how to warp and distort text in Photoshop. It’s freaking simple and easy to apply warp effects on your text in Photoshop. The best part of applying warp effect in Photoshop is that it offers many warp effects, letting you make the best choice to spice up your design.

1. Open Photoshop and Type Your Text

First off, open Photoshop and create a new background layer of your preferred dimension. Then, type the text that you wish to warp. You can also modify your background layer color and pick a suitable one.

Open Photoshop and Type your Text

2. Warp Your Text

Now, move on to the menu bar and click the “Type” tab. A number of items will show up straight away. Select the “Wrap Text” from the list of items.

Warp your Text

A small window will pop up instantly after that. From there, a list of warping effects will appear. You can choose any of the warp effects that suit your design needs.

Warp your Text2

3. Modify Your Warp Text

The window will show many other parameters like Bend, Horizontal Distortion, and Vertical Distortion. You can move the sliders to modify and adjust your warp text.

Modify your Warp Text

4. Experiment With Different Warp Effects

Move on and try out different warp effects like arc, arch, fisheye, flag, wave, etc. to get an idea of how different warp effects look. Then, you can choose the best warp effect for your design.

Experiment with Different Warp Effects

5. Edit Warp Text Live

Now, select your existing warped text to edit the text live. For that, move to your layer panel and double-click the text layer.

Edit Warp Text Live

Afterward, you can delete the existing text and write a new text which will show up in a warped shape.

Edit Warp Text Live2

6. Rasterize the Warped Text to Distort

You are done warping the text and now it’s time to rasterize the warped text in order to distort. Without rasterization, you can’t distort the warped text.

Rasterize the Warped Text to Distort

7. Distort the Warped Text

Now, move ahead to the “Edit” tab and navigate to “Transform”. Thereafter, select “Distort” from the list of items.

Distort the Warped Text

8. Text Warped and Distorted

Now you are good to go with twisting and distorting the text as per your need. You can fit the text to any shape by applying the distort effect.

Text Warped and Distorted

So, that’s all we had for you in this simple and easy tutorial. Now, we are cocksure that you can easily warp as well as distort text on any design to bring out a captivating look, thereby nailing your design project.

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