How to Remove Tattoo in Photoshop: Tutorial

How to Remove Tattoo in Photoshop

An era of fancy and fashion is proudly going on and we are experimenting with hundreds of things to present us elegantly. We always want to be different and to present ourselves differently. And so, in terms of fashion consciousness, we are trying various fashion materials like fancy clothes, jewelry, hair colors, makeup, and tattoos.

What is new today will be outdated tomorrow. To run with the pace of time, the new generation is changing the things they like today. But, some of the fashion materials which are easy to change, and of course there is also stuff like tattoos that are not possible to change or modify.

Images are the part of fashion and while you shoot images for many purposes, they may contain tattoo, but you don’t want it. In that case, what you can do. You cannot delete tattoo from your body instantly, but you can remove the tattoo from images leveraging Photoshop tools when you want.

Step by Step Guide on How to Remove Tattoo in Photoshop

So, how to do it? Follow the way bellow we have shown step by step. You can do it yourself at home.

1. Open the original image in Photoshop and duplicate it. Creating a duplicate file is important since there is a possibility for the main image file to get damaged. If it really happens, you can get the original again.

Image 1-removing tattoo in Photoshop


2. Take a new layer so that you can work on it separately. Get the Clone Stamp tool to remove the tattoo. You can use the Spot Healing brush as well. While working on a new layer, ensure you have selected All Layers from the Sample option that you will get the top area of Photoshop interface.

Image 2


3. Apply Clone Stamp Tool and remove tattoo spending time. If you are not a novice photo editor or graphic designer, you must know the use of the Clone Stamp tool. For your information, take Clone Stamp Tool from the left toolbar of Photoshop, click on a fresh area to take sample color holding Alt key, and then click on the tattoo or other spots that you want to kick out. If you do it rightly, you will have a tattoo or spot removed.

Image 3


4. To get more perfection, apply some other retouches. Add Photoshop shadow and color correction It depends on your requirement. For achieving the highest quality image, do everything you need. Keep in mind that the area you have removed tattoo doesn’t get lost texture. Try to maintain the texture the same as the original. See the other similar parts of the body as a reference while checking and applying texture.

Image 4


5. This is the final image that we achieve after removing the tattoo. Look at the above snapshot, we have taken some layers and add different types of shadow to make the area original. We have taken an adjustment curve for appropriate lighting utilizing the Layer mask. It creates the arm area that looks like 3D instead of flatness.

Image 5- tattoo removal in Photoshop-done


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