You heard about Amazon, right? Yeah, you certainly did. Not only you heard about the world’s largest marketplace but you might have purchased your preferred items from there as well. But what about Amazon FBA? You perhaps didn’t hear about it. But no worries! We will talk about Amazon FBA at length in this write-up and hopefully, you will have a clear concept about it. You will also get to know the fruitful ways to find products to sell on Amazon FBA from the write-up.

What’s Amazon FBA?

Let’s shed light on Amazon FBA. What does FBA stand for? Fulfillment by Amazon, that’s the expansion of FBA. It’s a service offered by Amazon to provide storage, packaging, and shipping assistance to the vendors. Under this program, a seller can send his merchandise to an Amazon fulfillment center. Once the merchandise is dispatched there, the items are stored in the warehouse until they are sold. After a customer places an order, Amazon employees prepare, package, and finally ship the ordered product/products.

how to find products to sell on amazon fba

Don’t miss the opportunity to make use of the Amazon FBA as utilizing this service, you can grab the Amazon coveted customers and boost up your sales. By enrolling for Amazon FBA, you can easily automate the order fulfillment with the help of Amazon’s advanced shipping and fulfillment services.

How Does Amazon FBA Work?

The functioning of Amazon FBA is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is have your regular Amazon selling account and then follow some instructions to get started. With very few clicks and a short space of time, you can expand your business cost-effectively and effortlessly.

Let’s take a look at the steps of the FBA process:

Amazon FBA Steps of the Process

  1. At the very beginning, set up an Amazon Selling Account. This will let you sell products on Amazon. But if you already have an account, incorporate FBA in your current account.
  2. Then, add all the products from your inventory to Amazon’s catalog. You can execute it individually, in groups, or by integrating your Amazon inventory management software with Amazon’s API.
  3. After you are done with all your products’ addition, package them properly to ship in Amazon fulfillment centers where they are stored. Make shipping plans with Amazon’s partnered carriers to avoid a high shipping charge.
  4. Finally, your products are all-set for order and purchase. Once an order is placed, Amazon receives the orders, repack them with Amazon’s brand packaging, and ship them to your clients.


No matter whether you are an amateur vendor looking to break into the Amazon FBA or an established vendor looking for new ways, finding new products can be tricky for you. If you want to succeed on Amazon, you have to pick the right products besides focusing on a reasonable price. Now, how do you find perfect products on Amazon FBA?

We will walk you through some shortcuts to assist you to expedite the process.

Get to Know the Reason you are hunting for Perfect Products:

Products exist around us in large quantities and so it’s not a tricky job to find products for sale. But unless you know why you are picking the product and how to leverage it, you are unlikely to get any benefit from the product. Selling on Amazon, what’s your goal? Is it just like a product sale? Surely, it’s not. Selling on a marketplace like Amazon, your main target is to cultivate a healthy business and create your own brand. So, running after low-cost products perhaps won’t work out in this case. That being said, it’s not that you can’t go after cheap products rather you have to pick products establishing your business instead of generating mere sales.

perfect products to sell on amazon fba

What the Perfect Products Look Like:

How do you find the perfect products? You can do brainstorming to find some product ideas. But get to know some features that you can relate to identifying perfect products for Amazon FBA. What are those features? Follow the checklist underneath and ace your business.

Products that are usable all year round instead of seasonally.

Something that is robust and durable but people are likely to buy several times.

Items that can notch up multiple keywords.

Products that don’t have a brand name on it.

Products that can be easily upsold or cross-sold with other products.

Items that can allow for product descriptions to be optimized in the future.

Last but not least, products that won’t cost you over 25% of the sales price to produce.

Check out the Amazon Hot-sellers List:

One of the effective ways to have an in-depth idea about the perfect and trending products is to refer to the best-sellers list. Based on your category-interest, you can pick the items that catch your attention. In order to get on-demand as well as less-competitive products, the best is to look for the best- sellers’ ranking between 300-5000. It’s also important to know the best sellers ranking of a product’s top-level category. The way you can know if you’re looking at a top-level category is you will see the words, “see top 100” displayed after that category on the product page.

amazon best-sellers

Go for a Product Having Decent Number of Reviews:

When your objective is to create your own brand, it’s very important to act wisely and intelligently. You have to choose trending products that have a modest number of reviews so that you face less competition. Not that you can’t compete with the products that have scads of reviews. But it will take extra effort, extra money, and a longer time as well. When you are starting out, you have zero review and surely it won’t be a cakewalk to contest with those having thousands of reviews. So, we recommend a benchmark of 1000 or fewer reviews as this will reduce the extent of competition.

Source Items that are Tiny, Lightweight, and Durable:

Wanna prevent shipping costs from eating into your profit margin? Well, don’t go for big and heavy items. Going for large-size and heavy products automatically raise the shipping cost. But when you choose small and light products, Amazon employees can easily pack them and that scales down the shipping cost. On top of that, durability also matters as the chances of receiving customer-complaints decline when products are long-lasting. Besides that, many Amazon employees may be sloppy while packaging products. When you go for durable products, their negligence won’t affect your products.

Amazon small lightweight and durable products

Look for Products that are Easier and Cheaper to Produce:

Choose products for sale that are not only facile but also low-cost to manufacture. In that case, the chances of notching up higher profits escalate. The best is to set a perfect price range within which you will choose products to sell. We can recommend a range between $15 and $70. That means any product out of this range will automatically be filtered out. This moderate product price range will help you to generate maximum profits without costing you excessively in inventory reorders. You can even add a price range filter with any product research tool to view the products only within the range of $15 to $70.

Be Flexible about the Products’ Choice:

One mindset that is destructive when it comes to choosing products for sale is a rigid mindset. That is, you just want to sell trending products that you like without thinking about their demands. In this way, you are just missing the opportunity of selling products that can expand the share of your Amazon FBA pie. Hence, it’s not a good practice at all rather you should look at a product from various angles, explore it, and evaluate whether this product can really make a difference. After you shortlist your products for sale in Amazon FBA, it’s time to build awareness through sales and reviews. When it comes to your products’ reviews, you can find many Amazon-oriented content marketing agencies that can help you out fruitfully.

Final Thoughts

Eventually, we would share a trick with you regarding how you can get and boost sales on Amazon FBA. Ideally, you would aspire to have trending products to sell that are better than your competitors. For that, you can pick products, make necessary tweaks into existing products communicating with the manufacturer, and finally launch the products with high expectations of success. In this way, you don’t have to reinvent any product rather you can attach your brand name without violating the patent or trademark of anyone else.

On top of that, you might have observed that most of the Amazon products are generic. That means, sellers just put their brand name and logo on products and try to sell them. Some sellers swap certain parts of a product and add additional features to the product to spice up it.  Hence, if you find a supplier producing generic versions of your ideal product, you can just put your brand name and logo on it. Then, it will be just a matter of time for you to be one of the best sellers on Amazon FBA! Thought, you got the point about how to find products to sell on Amazon FBA.

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