Amazon Best Sellers: A Comprehensive List Based On The Most Popular Items

Amazon best sellers

Amazon best sellers

Amazon is undoubtedly a hugely successful online retail company that is running its operations for several years with a positive reputation in many regions around the world. As per the recent Statista report, it’s recognized as the most visited (more than 2 billion) and largest e-commerce property by revenue ($280.5 billion) on the planet. Do you know who the key players behind these? Well! One of the most important criteria is the product quality and it’s maintained by the sellers.

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Amazon has over 2.5 million sellers currently and it’s increasing each year. Most of the overall sales are generated by the top sellers generating a large volume of sales each week. Today in this article, we are preparing a list of Amazon best sellers who are holding the highest rank in 2020. Before that, let’s know how the rank is defined!

Essential Factors To Define the Best Sellers Rank on Amazon

Best Sellers Rank is a measurement of defining the top sellers in Amazon. It is calculated through some indicators in the most recent times. There are some factors to be included in this case likely competitive products, promotional activities, and the history of sales. The value is not constant as it’s being updated each hour.

Suppose a product is ranked #1000 in the Amazon Clothing category and it recently sold 10 pieces in an hour. On the other hand, another product is ranked #2000 in the same category and sold 4 pieces at the same time. But in the next hour, the sales ratio becomes vise-versa with one another. In this case, the sellers rank for the first product might reach #1200 position and the second product’s position might go to #1800.

So, we got to know that changing the best sellers rank doesn’t depend only on the instant fluctuation rather than also the historical sales. Another important factor here to be considered is the promotional or discount offer for the products that help to increase sales.

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Amazon Best Sellers Based on Most Popular Items

Here, we picked the world’s top Amazon best sellers in the present time. You will find the list in terms of their categories, reviews, sales history, etc.

Toys & Games

  • Darice: Darice is one of the trusted and most affordable manufacturers in the industry of Art & Craft supplies. With over 60 years of experience, it’s inspiring creativity with jewelry, paper crafts, wood, and many more for art-loving people. It also has amazing home decor accessories like marquee letters, lighting, flags, candle, frames, and hangers. Darice offers 45000+ unique artistic products for its customers at affordable prices with a more than 99% order accuracy rate. Apart from the Toys & Games category, it also ranked 1st in the listings of Pre-Kindergarten Toys and Bubble Blowing Products.


Amazon Seller Page Darice
Official Website
Established 1954
Headquarters Strongsville, OH, USA
Products Type Arts & Crafts
Average Ratings 4.5/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #1


  • Aqua Leisure: Aqua Leisure is a licensed brand that manufactures quality consumer products for relaxing, playing, and swimming. To ensure the maximum comfort of water, it offers items like swim goggles, masks, swim training aids, beach accessories, pool lounges, and floats, etc. Apart from these, it also provides a developed swim training program, especially for children. As per the recent sales statistics, it got rank #2 in the Toys & Games category and #1 in Pool Rafts & Inflatable Ride-ons.

Aqua leisure

Amazon Seller Page Aqua
Official Website
Established 1970
Headquarters Avon, Massachusetts, USA
Products Type Sporting & Leisure
Average Ratings 4.4/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #2


  • Crayola: Crayola is another USA-based handicraft company which was founded in 1885 as Binney& Smith Company. It sells products that help to bring arts-infused learning for the children. It’s unique and innovative ideas behind the products will definitely help teachers and educators to raise creativity among the students. Some of their amazing items are likely Chalk, Crayons, Markers, and Colored Pencils. All the artistic creations of Crayola can be found at an affordable price. In the category of KID’S Coloring Pens & Markers, it’s been #1 in the Amazon bestseller ranking& #3 in Toys & Games.


Amazon Seller Page Crayola
Official Website
Established 1885
Headquarters EASTON, Pennsylvania, USA
Products Type Consumer Good
Average Ratings 4.6/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #3



  • Amazon: Amazon is the largest and most popular online retailer in the world with a huge number of products and services as well. Founded in 1994, it reached the top in the industry of Cloud Computing, Ecommerce, Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Electronics, and Grocery. Mostly, it offers varieties of electronics products, including Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, TVs, Projectors, Printers, Headphones, Kindle e-readers, Fire Tablets, Fire TV, and many more. In this category, Amazon itself ranks number 1 to 7 as the Best Seller.

Amazon logo

Amazon Seller Page Amazon
Official Website
Established 1994
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, USA
Products Type Consumer Electronics, Grocery
Average Ratings 4.5/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #1-#7


  • Fitbit: Once again, Fitbit is a California-based retailer company that sells products to help transform people’s lives. Two technology and health enthusiastic Eric and James founded Fitbit in 2007 and brought some amazing products for health and fitness. Generally, it manufactures various items like activity trackers, smartwatches, fitness wristbands, Wi-Fi Smart Scale, and some other tech accessories and apparel as well. For its longevity and popularity, it got a huge sale and ranked as one of the best sellers on Amazon. At present, it’s holding the #8 position in Electronics, #2 in Activity & Fitness Trackers, and #1 in the Smartwatches category.


Amazon Seller Page Fitbit
Official Website
Established 2007
Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA
Products Type Consumer Electronics, Fitness
Average Ratings 4.4/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #8


  • Roku: Roku is a publicly-traded company that manufactures varieties of electronics and entertainment products. It was founded in the year 2002 by Anthony Wood, the founder of ReplayTV. Roku deals with smart streaming players and TVs, OTT advertising, Licensing, Audio, Operating System for TV, and more. Since it enlisted on Amazon as a seller, it got a huge sale with mostly positive customer reviews. As per the Statista report, it crossed the number of 32 million active users in the US. In the Electronics category, it got rank #9 and #3 in Streaming Media Players.


Amazon Seller Page Roku
Official Website
Established 2002
Headquarters Los Gatos, California, USA
Products Type Consumer Electronics, Broadcast Media
Average Ratings 4.6/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #9


Camera & Photo

  • Wyze Labs: Wyze Labs is a team tech enthusiastic who make smart and beautifully designed home products. It loves to innovate something that reduces time and effort. It’s actually a customer-centric technology company building the smartest objects for the customers at great prices. Some of their featured products are likely smart cameras with HD video, smart motion and sound alerts, lock keypad, scale, smart band, sensors, and many more accessories. Wyze Labs got #1 Best Seller Rank in both Camera & Photo and Dome Surveillance Cameras categories.

Wyze Labs

Amazon Seller Page Wyze Labs
Official Website
Established 2017
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, USA
Products Type Consumer Electronics
Average Ratings 4.4/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #1


  • SkyGenius: SkyGenius is an international seller that deals with varieties of digital electronics, accessories, home supplies, and many more in different countries. Founded in 2003, it has expanded its market to Brazil, Russia, Japan, Spain, Italy, Germany, and more. Some of its key products are likely Binocular, Battery Fan, Heat Therapy, LED Lighting, and other accessories. Besides the default product, they also take custom orders according to customers’ requirements. In Amazon Best Seller Rank, it’s holding #1 in Binoculars and #2 in Camera & Photo category.


Amazon Seller Page SkyGenius
Official Website
Established 2013
Headquarters Suite A Brighton, CO, USA
Products Type Digital Electronics
Average Ratings 4.6/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #2


  • Gskyer: Gskyer is a specialized seller that has been serving with their advanced and well-designed diagonals, refractors, spotting scopes, binoculars, and various telescope accessories. Gskyer has varieties of products for both beginners and professional users. It’s been less than one year since it got listed on Amazon and got a huge response from hundreds of customers worldwide. It got ranked #3 in the Camera & Photo category as well as #1 in Telescope Refractors.


Amazon Seller Page Gskyer
Established 1992
Headquarters Germany
Products Type Digital Electronics, Telescopes
Average Ratings 4.6/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #3


Video Games

  • PlayStation: PlayStation is a global brand in the area of digital entertainment. Founded in 1994, it reached millions of people through cutting edge experience and incredible games. With a workforce of thousands of developers, designers, and artists, it has expanded its teams to North America, Europe, and Asia. It provides gaming products and supports at reasonable prices. With most of the positive reviews, it got ranked #1 as the Best Seller in Video Games category.


Amazon Seller Page PlayStation
Official Website
Established 1994
Headquarters San Mateo, CA, USA
Products Type Games, Entertainment
Average Ratings 4.6/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #1


  • Nintendo: Nintendo is a leading company in the gaming industry founded in 1889 by a Japanese entrepreneur Fusajiro Yamauchi. Since the beginning of its journey, Nintendo is committed to providing the best products for people who are obsessed with gaming entertainment. It sold thousands of times and got the Best Seller Rank on Amazon for their sales history and offers. Currently, it’s holding the #2 position in the Video Games category.


Amazon Seller Page Nintendo
Official Website
Established 1889
Headquarters Kyoto, Japan
Products Type Computer Games
Average Ratings 4.7/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #2


  • Microsoft: Microsoft is a renowned and American tech giant founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It has varieties of products and services worldwide, including software development, computer hardware, consumer electronics, cloud computing, video games, and many more. For the game lovers, it has built many free and paid games in multiple categories likely card & board, education, fighting, sports, racing & flying, etc. Besides its official website, it got listed on Amazon and thousands of customers love the games and products. It ranked #3 in the category of Video Games and #1 in Xbox Live Store Currency Cards.


Amazon Seller Page Microsoft
Official Website
Established 1975
Headquarters Redmond, Washington, USA
Products Type Video Games, Software, Hardware
Average Ratings 4.5/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #3



  • Kent Heckenlively& Judy Mikovits: One of the authors, Kent Heckenlively was a founding editor of Age of Autism and a former attorney. And, Judy Mikovits worked as a cancer specialist is the National Cancer Institute for 20 years. They together cover the book namely -Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science (Children’s Health Defense). The scientific terms it covered are treated as great assets for the present as well as for the future. It got the Best Seller Rank (#1)in Amazon in Both Books, Scientist Biographies, AIDS (Books), and Virology categories.

Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovits

Amazon Seller Page Kent Heckenlively&Judy Mikovits
Authors Kent Heckenlively& Judy Mikovits
Language English
Products Type Books, Children’s Health Defence
Average Ratings 4.6/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #1


  • Stephenie Meyer: Stephenie Meyer is a popular American Novelist and producer in the modern time, who is listed as the Best Seller on Amazon for her amazing book- Midnight Sun. She is also the author of the #1 bestselling Twilight Saga, and The Host that has been loved by millions of readers. As an achievement, she got the Children’s Book of the Year Award in 2009, British Book Awards, and more for her amazing creations. It also got Best Seller Rank in both Children’s Fantasy & Magic Books, Teen & Young Adult Fantasy Action & Adventure categories.

 Stephenie Meyer

Amazon Seller Page Stephenie Meyer
Authors Stephenie Meyer
Language English
Products Type Fantasy & Magic Books
Average Ratings No Rating for this item
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #2
  • Michelle Obama: Michelle Obama is a graduate of Princeton University who served as the First Lady of the United States of America from 2009 to 2017. She has also been an author of some amazing books likely American Grown, Michelle Obama: Speeches on Lie, Love, and American Values, and Becoming. The last one is currently ranked in the Amazon Bestselling item in multiple categories, including Women’s Biographies, Lawyer & Judge Biographies, and some more with a lot of positive reviews.


Amazon Seller Page Michelle Obama
Authors Michelle Obama
Language English
Products Type Books, Women’s Biographies
Average Ratings 4.8/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank #3


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Wrapping Up

Amazon best-sellers are defined according to their sales history as well as the ongoing performances. Each hour, the record is being updated. We took the name at the time of writing this article for our readers. So, it might not be the same as it belongs at present. Some of the sellers got the rank within a short period by making a huge sale. On the other hand, some have come to the list after being survived for a long time. It depends on some specific criteria along with strategies, customer demand, and competitor analysis.

Well! This is not the end of the list. Soon, we will come with some more. Till then, stay tuned with our latest articles!