Color Correction – Beautifying Your Image


There are different types of Photoshop based photo editing services. Color correction is one of those. It, along with others, is the most popular and essential image editing work. Actually, color correction is a process of playing with colors to correct an incorrect image, to make perfect an imperfect image in the Photoshop regarding color problem.

At the time of shooting photos, there may have shortage of light, inappropriate perspective and atmosphere, a defect in the camera setting etc. which result imperfect images. So here, color correction may be needed. However, natural color can be obtained using various techniques, color combinations, filters of Photoshop color correction etc. In fact, Color correction techniques are applied to model photographic, fashion and natural photography etc.


Why is Color Correction?

There are many reasons, natural or intentional, of being necessary for color correction. During photography, in most cases, there is a possibility to have imperfect images with various defects which are unavoidable. Besides, to take photos frequently is costly as well as time consuming for the project. That’s why, naturally color correction is needed. Again, sometimes designers have to change the color to beautify images intentionally regarding customers’ demand to make the products more attractive and glowing.

However, this technique is applied depending on the product and environment types, for different types of lighting effect and for brightness and contrast, warm up, sharpening etc. as example. Another reason of color correction is to increase the quality of the image. Images for business purposes must be in proper quality.

Damaged images such as over or under exposed can be brought into a normal state by color correction technique. To get the initial state of image, the adjustment of RGB color balance, color strength and its vibrant are essential.


How to Color Correction

Suppose, you have taken photos of your glowing moments in the past with your friends and family members. But it is a matter of great regret that all of your images are getting damaged by the razor of time. Beside this, your favorite images may have color combination which you don’t like. In these cases, you need color correction service.

The professional graphic designers provide this service by maintaining some processes and by using different types of tool. To change or correct any individual parts of images, the designers select those parts by multi clipping path. They use different tools to fulfill the purpose of color correction in Photoshop.

For instance: Hue saturation, selective color, color balance, vibrant, curve, level etc. are used for color correction. Besides, the designers must have a vivid conception about the color combination with Photoshop pondering the sensitivity of the task. They have to understand the proper color ratio of the products after looking at them.

They should have experience of two basic color modes of modern digital images such as CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and RGB (Red, Green, Blue). Because in all kinds of offset printings, CMYK mode is used, whereas RGB is used for all types of digital images.


Benefits of Color Correction

There are innumerous benefits of color correction in different sectors in different ways. In Photoshop, it is performed to throw correct color on the image and to differentiate. To saturate and increase sharpness of images, color correction is a compliment. For controlling the white offset, shadows and lighting, there is hardly any exception. In different businesses, ideal color is undoubtedly a must. To attain the target, color correction is done on images.

Sometimes your personal old family pictures may be damaged and you may be sorrowful for this because in the most cases, it is impossible to get back those images. Besides, someone of the image may be no more. In this case, you need not to be frustrated else, because here is a solution to get back the image as it was through color correction process.

In business, the importance of color correction is beyond description. The owners have to present their products making attractive and glowing to the customers. Besides, they need different product images of the same size in different colors. Plus, it is expensive to make products as it is necessary. So, they can take the opportunity of color correction to solve this problem. In Photography, to increase glowing effect, color correction is inevitable.

Color correction in glamour world is for confidence and success. Here is a great Scope for color correction. The models appear in photo shot with maximum make up and glamour. But, yet there is a chance to be captured imperfect images for improper camera setting, lighting and more. To make these images usable, color correction in Photoshop is needed.

In fine, color correction is a retouching work as well. If you feel any problem regarding the color of the image, don’t utter “aha!” Rather find a graphic designer to get the problem solved by the process of color correction.