Use Color Experts International as your Image Conversion service provider

Use Color Experts International as your image conversion service

We are talking about raster to vector conversion. Raster to vector image conversion service is an essential service you may need. You may need it for various purposes like – to recreate a company logo, to make a sketch or artwork ready to be used in a vector based CAD software. Even you may want to convert a photo or other kind of graphics usable to a bigger sized display like banners, billboards etc.

How can we convert a raster image to a vector image?

Hmm… it’s a tricky and expert work. We have 2 ways to achieve this. One is using a software and another is to do it manually.

Automatic Conversion

Automatic Conversion

Conversion using the software or automatic conversion is a speedy and easy process. It’s easy, but with quality issues. Most of the time you may not get what you want, if you rely upon a graphic software for the conversion. Sometimes, it may be acceptable. This depends on the other 2 factors – the nature of the source image, and what you intend to do with the output. There are many software and tools to use for raster to vector conversion. But Adobe Illustrator produces better results and options.

For automatic conversion using Illustrator –

  • Open a new document – from File > New or Ctrl N.
  • Place the image file in the document – from File > Place…
  • Select the object or placed image and then – from Object > Image Trace > Trace. Image Trace was called Live Trace prior to CS6.
  • When you select the Trace from the menu, the tracing is done.

You can adjust the settings on the control panel to get the desired output. You can change the presets to view the look when you select different options from the presets list. Illustrator keeps the source image as a reference for different outputs. Different preset is suitable for different source images and the type of output you require.

Manual Conversion

Manual Conversion

If you require more accurate and better result, then you are left with the option of doing the conversion manually. To get an output that matches closest to the original raster image we need to do it manually. Hand traced outputs are easy to work with and edit. Because, these contain only the necessary paths, no excessive paths like the automatic tracing. Hand tracing or manual conversion requires professional expertise. Generally, it requires more time to produce the output. For colorful outputs like logo and other artworks accurately matching color and gradients needed to be applied carefully. So that it matches properly with the source logo. So if you want better and easily editable results, you have to spend a little bit more, and go for the manual conversion option. In some cases, a mixture of automatic conversion and some manual tweaking may be the efficient way. There are many graphic design firms out there to provide this service. But which one to choose from the crowd?

The Answer Is Not As Confusing As It May Seem

“The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.” Yes, it’s not that hard to choose a quality graphic design service providing firm, as it might seem to you at first. Just make a small checklist of criterion –

  1. Is the company existing in the market for a substantial amount of time? An old company generally has more expertise to do your job satisfactorily.
  2. Quality of work – hand tracing is a job for expert personnel, who can reproduce your graphics, logo or artwork using a vector based graphic design software like adobe Illustrator.
  3. What is the cost? We need to be sure if the company can provide image conversion service at a low price.
  4. Turnaround time – Can they provide the output quickly so that you can meet your deadlines comfortably.
  5. How is the customer service facility? Can I I communicate with them easily and on my convenient time, so that I can convey my instructions regarding the job promptly?

You Can Choose Us For Your Image Conversion Work

We, Color Expert International can be your raster to vector image conversion service provider. We are a 30 years old graphic design company based in Virginia, USA. We have offshore establishments in Dubai, India, and Bangladesh. Being a well-established and old company, we have many expert professionals who can provide you high-quality outputs in any kind of graphic design and image manipulation work. We can offer you competitive prices. For bulk order, we offer discounts. Our turnaround time is one of the quickest in the graphic design industry. We have a dedicated customer care team working 24/7 for any kind of queries and instructions you may have. You can try our free trial offer up to 2 images.

Try us today for all kinds of design and image conversion works…