Photoshop vs. GIMP

Every invention gets challenged by an equally good or slightly better another invention.  It is the law of the world.  The sphere of graphic styles is not any exception. Photoshop and GIMP are the two graphic editing software which appears to be on an equal footing for anyone who has a glimpse at both the programs.


GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a free graphic editing program. Image editing, image cropping, free-form drawing, retouching, image resizing, multiple image combining and getting ready basic animated pictures square measure a number of the options of gameness. This program was originally created for UNIX, however it works well with different in operation systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, mac OS X Solaris, and Free BSD. It’s used 3 Graphical computer program tool kits since its origin



Adobe Photoshop is that the graphic editing software developed by the Adobe systems. Older version Photoshop is offered in 2 versions- basic and extended. However with the event of Photoshop CC, Adobe decides to travel with only 1 version of Photoshop which has all the options. Because the name itself indicates, the extended version incorporates a ton additional options than the essential version. Photoshop is used for editing the media, animation. A Photoshop document (PSD) is ready to store a picture altogether the offered formats in Photoshop. The formats are often layers like masks, color areas, transparency, spot colors, alpha channels, text, Interstate Commerce Commission profiles, duotone, and clipping path settings. This makes Photoshop much better than .EPS and .GIF formats. Photoshop may also scan and write vector and formation image formats like Adobe pyrotechnic, .EPS, .GIF, .JPEG and .PNG. This fact makes Photoshop more advantageous than GIMP.

Some other differences

GIMP easy for all users beginner or advanced. GIMP very small 25 MB Photoshop 1GB. GIMP do not need large RAM, PS need High RAM Photoshop is proprietary while GIMP is open source. Professional photographers prefer Photoshop over GIMP. GIMP is best for hobbyists or amateurs as a free alternative to Photoshop or as a learning tool before buying the expensive Adobe Imaging Suite.


Use GIMP if you’re on a Budget

While Photoshop isn’t a chic app — Photoshop and Lightroom along value simply $10 a month — it’s an in progress commitment. If you don’t would like what Photoshop offers or solely use it sometimes, it will be onerous to justify the expense. There are plenty of other awesome ways to spend ten dollars (like saving up for an adventure) that can offer far more bang for your buck.

On the other hand, almost anyone can stretch to paying ten dollars a month for a tool they use every day, but if you don’t use Photoshop that much, or are conserving money for other reasons, then GIMP is the better app simply because it’s free.


Use Photoshop if you’re a Professional

Adobe’s tools are also the ones of choice for other professionals. If you’re working with someone else, they might send you a PSD or other Adobe proprietary format. If you don’t have the tools to handle the files, you won’t be working with them very long.

If you’re a professional, unless you fall into one of the other categories, there’s no reason to GIMP and plenty of good ones to use Photoshop.

Use GIMP if You Don’t Need it All the Time

GIMP, despite its limitation, is a more powerful tool than many of the other free photo-editing apps. It might not be the simplest tool to use but you can do a lot with it. If you occasionally need powerful tools then GIMP is probably the app for you. Plenty of apps will let you crop images or add some brightness or contrast, but with GIMP you can do some real edits. For most people, apps like Apple’s Photos or even Instagram will be enough for their editing needs, but if you want more, you can’t go wrong with GIMP.

Use Photoshop if you’re a Designer

If you’re a designer, then GIMP really isn’t an option. While GIMP can be a decent replacement for Photoshop for some uses, it doesn’t hold a candle to Illustrator or InDesign — two of the other apps in the Creative Cloud. Also, if you’re designing for print, GIMP’s lack of CMYK support is available in Photoshop.


Selection between GIMP and Photoshop gets a lot easier if you consider what you need it for. If you’re a professional or someone who is going to use all the extra tools then Photoshop is the obvious tool. If you have a Linux machine and you are on a budget, or only need to use the app occasionally then GIMP is the app to go with.

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