50 Best Free Fonts for Wedding [Updated for 2022]

free wedding fonts

Wedding sounds an overwhelming plan and involves a lot of preparations such as Wedding Photography. Wedding invitations are also a crucial addition to the arrangement. To invite people, beautiful wedding cards with the best wedding fonts can increase the whole aesthetics of the occasion.

So, while creating high-quality wedding invitations, graphic designers should be careful in searching for the most suitable wedding fonts. To pick a wedding font, you need to make sure it is easy to read, and also the fonts must be matched with the wedding setting and style.

The wedding font print should look gorgeous on the paper as well as display on the digital screen. Bold and italic type font is used in most of the calligraphic and script work to make the wedding cards more sophisticated with elegance. If you are having a more unplanned wedding then this will look fun to go with something a little more playful font that doesn’t look so stuffy.

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Where to find the best fonts for weddings?

We want to help you to avoid the hassle of sorting the outstanding wedding type font out of tons of free fonts. It will reduce the risk of having a clumsy font face and time-consuming. Adding free fonts to your wedding invitations, programs, and other wedding-related stuff is a great way to distinguish and add some spark to them. Below is a list of our 50 best free wedding fonts for invitations in a variety of classes so you can find one that you’ll like.

1. Alex Brush


wedding fonts

Alex Brush is designed by TypeSETit and available in font squirrel. It is one of the free wedding calligraphy fonts that basically defines bold classiness. This free font looks very attractive and while still a formal script font and easy to read. For any casual wedding, it is suitable.

Download Alex Brush


2. Affair

wedding fonts

Affair typeface is a free font designed by Alejandro Paul available in fontsgeek, this beautiful script font is tricky and gigantic that is perfect for wedding invitations and other occasions alike. It is an easy to read font and better for multi glyph work.

Download Affair


3. Aphrodite

wedding fonts

This font is amazingly beautiful and suitable for wedding cards with many ligature forms that fill a unique and wonderful combination of the font. It is designed by Sabrina Lopez and Maximiliano Sproviero. It is usually a professional font but available for free download.

Download Aphrodite


4. Aleo Light

wedding fonts

It is a free font designed by Alessio Laiso and available for download in font squirrel and 1001fonts.com. It has partial rounded details and a slim structure, giving it a strong personality while keeping readability more easily. The design pattern of Aleo is Sans Serif font structure and it is very suitable to adjust in any wedding invitation card and display screen.

Download Aleo Light


5. Alina Hands Regular

wedding fonts

Alina Hands regular is a free version of Alina Regular, it is an easily readable and typically condensed font design, and it consists of many lace forms. This font looks dynamic and very stylish perfect for wedding invitations, logos, and other design elements. It is available for free download.

 Download Alina Hands Regular


6. Alana

wedding fonts

Alana is a very amiable font with a unique design of lettering format. It is designed by Laura Worthington for giving a fabulous look to wedding invitations and elegance in banners. It is freely available for download with 341 alternates.

 Download Alana


7. Adios Script Pro

wedding fonts

This font is a very stylish font with a romantic blend of decorative nature. For wedding invitations, it has hundreds of ornaments and swashes to offer which are all resolutely design. Usually, most of the time scripting type invitations are used by Adios Script Pro, it is designed by Alejandro Paul and it is available in cufonfonts.com.

Download Adios Script Pro


8. Alimbar

wedding fonts

It is a calligraphy type script font and perfect for wedding invitations. Due to its elegance and very vivid style, it is also used in logos, menus, and another design usage.  Alimbar font has perfectly thin swashes, and it is designed by Manuel Eduardo Corradine. This is available for free downloading.

Download Alimbar


9. Arabella

wedding fonts

Arabella is an artistic handwritten type scripting font created by Dieter Steffmann. It is a perfect font with easy to read capable design for wedding invitations. It is used in many invitation cards, logos, and banners for a decent look.

Download Arabella


10. Black Jack

wedding fonts

It is a casual type scripting font designed by Typadelic and is free to download from font squirrel.

Black Jack is a very attractive and simple font that can be used in any wedding invitation. The readability of this font is good and it includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Download Black Jack


11. Baroque Script

wedding fonts

This font is a free wedding font designed by Jose Alberto Reyes Galvez and it is freely available for download on 1001freefonts.com. The font is very uniquely blended for a beautiful and formal look. Baroque Script is easy to read so it is used in many wedding invitations.

Download Baroque Script


12. Bodoni

wedding fonts

It is a modern font with high contrast between the thick and thin strokes where the serifs are flat. The font is a very standard typescript which is usually used for official wedding invitations. Bodoni is designed by Casady & Greene available for free to download.

Download Bodoni


13. Bickham Script Pro

wedding fonts

This beautiful script font is based on writing masters’ lettering way back in the 18th century. This font is rendered for George Bickham’s engravings and has a very lavish style which is perfect for wedding cards. Bickham Script is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. It is freely available for download.

Download Bickham Script Pro


14. Brannboll Fet

wedding fonts

This font is a bold type and has many ligature forms that offer a great font design for wedding invitations, logos, and other uses. The curves and details of each character are perfectly matched for any design element. It is designed by Måns Grebäck and it is free to download.

Download Brannboll Fet


15. Breath

wedding fonts

This incredible font is a mixture of great flourishes and swashes, designed by famous font designer Maximiliano Sproviero. Breath is a stylish and totally beautiful typeface for everyone who wants to play with their letterforms. For this reason, it is one of the perfectly readable free wedding fonts for invitations. It is available for free download.

Download Breath


16. Belinda

wedding fonts

It is a classic and one of the most general script font types being used for wedding invitation cards. It is designed by Mika Melvas. The attractive and modern style will surely give you the look you want for your greeting cards. It is available for free download.

Download Belinda


17. Brotherhood Script

wedding fonts

This font is a beautifully scripted font designed in a womanly typeface with a personal touch. It is great for wedding invitations, greeting cards, scrapbooking, and any other girly stuff. It is made by Youssef Habchi and can be downloaded for free.

Download Brotherhood Script


18. Coneria script

wedding fonts

Coneria Script is a free wedding font and it works as the best all-around wedding font. It’s slightly sophisticated without trying too hard, making it go with just about any style of wedding. The Coneria Script can also be downloaded as a slanted format which gives it a more formal look.

Download Coneria Script


19. Carolina Mountains

wedding fonts

Carolina Mountains is a free wedding font and used as a calligraphic font that’s perfect for a rustic, unplanned, and outdoor wedding. It has a feeling of attraction and relaxation and is easy to read while being a truly pretty script. This font includes both uppercase and lowercase type. It is designed by Billy Argel and can be downloaded free.

Download Carolina Mountains


20. Chopin Script

wedding fonts

This font is very charismatic and has many details with many emphasized letterforms and beautiful ornaments. This typeface is based on Polonaise and looks a very creative match for any type of wedding cards. It is designed by Dieter Steffmann and Kreuztal and available for free download.

Download Chopin Script


21. Charlotte

wedding fonts

Charlotte is a calligraphic font designed by Genesis Lab.  This font is completely handwritten typescript with a modern blend of classic style. It is used as a wedding font for invitations for its aristocracy. The font is easily readable and can be downloaded.

Download Charlotte


22. Dear Sarah Pro

wedding fonts

Dear Sarah Pro is a typical hand-written font similar to vintage style fonts in writing letters. It has numerous ligature forms and variations that fully support long handwriting, it is designed by Christian Robertson. For its beautiful style, it is used in wedding invitations and can be downloaded.

Download Dear Sarah Pro



wedding fonts

Debby is a hand-written type brush font to make your works look natural. It is designed to feel peculiar and imperfect; the irregular springy characters and the rough shapes express for themselves. You can use it for anything from wedding invitations, quote posters, logos, greeting cards, etc. It can be downloaded.

Download Debby


24. Edwardian Script

wedding fonts

This font is full of many swashes and curly ends. It is designed by Edward Benguiat. This type of font is flawlessly created for wedding invitation cards with numerous features to offer that will give external style to your creative work with a glimpse of perfection. It is available for free download.

Download Edwardian Script


25. Emily Lime

wedding fonts

Emily Lime is a very ornamental creative script font designed by Emily Conners. This font has 79 elements with over a thousand combinations matched for making the best wedding invitation cards. It is also known as the frame builder. This font is available for free download.

Download Emily Lime


26. Exmouth

wedding fonts

Exmouth is a free font and it is more readable than some of the other script fonts. The slant style of the letters looks perfect for a wedding invitation. It is designed by Prima font. The elegant beauty of Exmouth font makes any wedding logo, menu, and card memorable. This font is available for free.

 Download Exmouth


27. Fidelia Script

wedding fonts

This vibrant font is designed by Melle Diete that has many string forms, substitutes, ornaments, swashes, and other beautiful details. This font style has a detached letter design which looks great for wedding cards. Although, it is not available for free in many sources but can be download.

Download Fidelia Script


28. Freebooter Script

wedding fonts

The Freebooter script is an elegant free wedding font that reflects beauty and love without being too hefty. It’s a nice and fashionable font that would work impeccably across all your wedding stationery. This is really general free font and it is one of the most common fonts used in wedding invitations. It is made by Apostrophic Labs and can be downloaded.

Download Freebooter script


29. Great Vibes

wedding fonts

It is a classic wedding invitation free font with a combination of cursive font paired with a sans serif. Great Vibes readability is very much easier. Its delicate slant, medium weight, and even x-height make it great accessibility in the form of elegant letterforms. It is designed by TypeSETit and can be downloaded.

Download Great Vibes


30. Jenna Sue

wedding fonts

Jenna Sue is a free wedding font and is a perfect match for a romantic wedding. It is full of beautiful flowers and smiling guests. This free font is a more casual type that will look great at any wedding invitation. It can be used from invitations to thank you cards. Jenna Sue is the author of this beautiful font and it can be downloaded from dafont.com.

Download Jenna Sue


31. Justin Road

wedding fonts

Justin Road is a free font with a regular brushy style. This attractive bouncy font is used as a wedding font because it makes your designs stand out from the crowd. Justin Road Font is suitable for any creative needs for weddings, special events, lettering needs, and more. It is designed by mycandythemes and can be downloaded freely.

Download Justin Road


32. Josefina

wedding fonts

Josefina is a romantic sans serif font with many swirls and styles in its scripts. It is designed by Mellow Design lab and can be downloaded for free from here. This font contains 242 glyphs with 10 unique styles recommended for any unique inscriptions. It is one of the premium quality fonts for wedding invitation card and perfect for any logo and menu for a sophisticated detail.

Download Josefina


33. Liebe fonts

wedding fonts

Liebe fonts are an extra thin and narrow type of script font designed by Ulrike Wilhelm. It is a handmade natural font character script complement with the famous font of dingbats. It looks friendly and polite which is perfect for giving your invitation a touch of personalization with over 500 glyphs available. Liebe Erika is their best font and it is used in most of the wedding card for lovely invitations. This font can be downloaded for free.

Download Liebe fonts


34.  Mishka

wedding fonts

Mishka is a stylish script font designed by Fenotype. It is a very decorative font with many curve details that will surely catch viewers’ attention. This font has clear and classy letterforms which are perfect for wedding invitations for a unique look. It can be downloaded.

Download Mishka


35.  Minna Drop

wedding fonts

It is a charming and charismatic font, designed by Vanessa Bisky. Minna Drop is a classy serif with a unique twist. Teardrop letter endings add a bit of glamour while maintaining an overall sophisticated look. The lovely style with delightful nature makes this font the perfect match for wedding invitations. Anyone can download it for free.

Download Minna Drop


36.  Nickainley

wedding fonts

It is a monoline script of a handwritten font with a touch of classic and vintage in uppercase, lowercase characters, numeral, and punctuation. This aristocratic font is designed by Senior Studios. It is used for various purposes such as logos, badges, and wedding invitations. This font is available for download.

Download Nickainley


37.  Pinyon Script

wedding fonts

This script is a classic type font for your wedding invitation. Pinyon Script is the font you’d find at royal weddings. It is designed by Nicole Fally and can be downloaded from here. You’ll get a classic wedding invite perfect for traditional weddings.

Download Pinyon Script


38. Pacifico

wedding fonts

Pacifico is a rare choice for a wedding invitation, but it works well for casual weddings. In this design, the connecting letterforms and overall liveliness of Pacifico require the tough, simple look of a font like Open Sans. It is designed by Vernon Adams and can be downloaded from here.

Download Pacifico


39. Passenger Script

wedding fonts

Passenger Script is a handwritten typescript which is very suitable for various types of projects. It is designed by Pathero Studio. This font has a beautiful stand out typeface with classic touch built-in 300 glyphs. It is a very attractive font for Wedding invitations, logos, and menus.

Download Passenger Script


40.  Playlist

wedding fonts

This handwritten font is perfectly imperfect with dry brush styles. It contains 3 styles: Script, Caps, and Ornament, which you can combine to create beautiful designs. Playlist scripts can be used in many forms; personal and commercial. It is suitable for wedding invitations, greeting cards, illustrations, quotes, posters, t-shirt designs, etc. This font is provided by Artimasa and it can be freely downloaded from here.

Download Playlist


41.  Respective

wedding fonts

Respective font is a very clean and stylish typeface with many letter curves, decorations, and superior details. This is a perfect script for creating long characters with eccentric swashes. This free wedding font is one of those fonts which looks a perfect match for your wedding. Readability is so vivid that makes it truly a lovely wedding font. The Respective font can also be downloaded for free in both slanted and swashes forms at Colorexperts and it is created by Måns Grebäck.

Download Respective


42. Sophia

wedding fonts

It is a beautiful font with a very interesting design, this incredible handwritten brush script by Mats-Peter Forss and Emily Spadoni is attractive, but the crimson on top is that it comes with spare swirly decorations to take your wedding invitation to the next level. Sophia can be downloaded from here with personal usage rights.

Download Sophia


43. Simplifica

wedding fonts

This beautiful sans serif font created by KAIWA is easy to read, simple and polished format. It is the perfect choice for the text in a wedding invitation or the small print on a card. Just enjoy its simplification by downloading this free typeface.

Download Simplifica


44. Sifonn Pro

wedding fonts

Sifonn is a very simplistic font but with an enduring geometric design. It gives a very standard look in a wedding invitation, it is a perfect example of balance and contrast. This easy to understand font is designed by Rafa Goicoechea. Although it is available in a basic version, you can also download the pro version with 900 glyphs.

Download Sifonn Pro


45. Shit happens

wedding fonts

This font name sounds pretty weird, but this script is a very attractive-looking typeface with many discrete strokes that looks really cool, flawless for wedding invitations, logos, and other uses. This beautiful free font is designed by famous typographer Billy Argel. Shit happens script can be downloaded.

Download Shit happens


46. Shink

wedding fonts

It is a free font designed for a delicate and feminine nature. It includes plenty of alternates, which you can use to customize your designs. For wedding invitations, it will be a perfect font by the bride’s side. Shink is free for personal use only, it is available for downloading in Colorexperts. This incredible font is created by 7NTypes.

Download Shink


 47. Sugarstyle Millenial

wedding fonts

Sugarstyle Millenial is a handwritten design with love and authentically hand-lettered by Mats-Peter Forss. It contains alternates for lowercase characters to make it look freshly handwritten. Crafted to work perfectly in multiple designs like wedding invitations, website logos, Instagram posts, and many many more. It is freely available for personal use and can be downloaded.

Download Sugarstyle Millenial


48. Tuesday Night

wedding fonts

Tuesday Night is a hand-designed typeface made by Font Forestry for decorating many different applications & styles to personalize your products. This font comes in Regular weight with uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers. Tuesday night features extra-large capitals for a unique signature style which is perfect for wedding invitations, logos, apparel, decorative quotes, prints, scrapbooking, and much more!

Download Tuesday Night


49. Scriptina

wedding fonts

This font is a very cute elegant font with a calligraphic format. It is designed by Apostrophic Labs and can be downloaded for personal usage freely. Scriptina is a perfect match for wedding invitations due to its exceptional swashes.

Download Scriptina


50. Sverige Script

wedding fonts

 It is a decorative script with simplistic nature perfect for beautiful wedding invitations. It is provided by Måns Grebäck and can be downloaded for free. People prefer Sverige Script for a decent and readable wedding invitation due to its calligraphic look.

Download Sverige Script


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